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Chevy sanctions frame twist test - Silverado HD...

Oct 15 2014 07:42 AM | Zane in News

By Zane Merva
Executive Editor, GM-Trucks.com
Chevrolet is putting the 2015 Silverado 2500HD head to head against the 2015 Ford F-250 Super Duty. In a recent test completed and certified by AMCI, the two heavy-duty pickups were subjected to a frame twist test. 

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2015 8-speed Silverado/Sierra fuel economy set...

Oct 13 2014 04:07 PM | Zane in News

By Zane Merva
Executive Editor, GM-Trucks.com
Despite an official announcement or press release, the official fuel economy figures for GM's new 6.2L & 8-speed transmission seem to finally be out in the open.

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2015 Chevrolet Colorado and GMC Canyon Sales Ha...

Oct 03 2014 11:12 AM | Zane in News

By Zane Merva
Executive Editor, GM-Trucks.com
Sales of the new 2015 Chevrolet Colorado and GMC Canyon have been halted. Automotive News reports that Chevy and GMC dealers received notice yesterday (Thursday, Oct 2nd) of a pending issue that may effect the airbags.

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Silverado 1500 has best monthly sales in 10 years

Oct 02 2014 06:45 AM | Zane in News

By Zane Merva
Executive Editor, GM-Trucks.com
The all new Silverado is a hot seller. Chevrolet sold over 50,000 of the new model in September. The truck now occupies 39% of the large pickup market. 

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2015 Chevrolet Trax priced at $20,995

Oct 02 2014 06:28 AM | Zane in News

By Zane Merva
Executive Editor, GM-Trucks.com
The entirely new Chevy compact crossover named the Trax will go on sale starting at $20,995. Sharing the same platform as the compact luxury Buick Encore, the Trax will be "the most affordable AWD model in the Chevrolet portfolio". 

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2015 Corvette Z06 launches to 60-MPH in 2.95 se...

Oct 01 2014 12:57 PM | Zane in News

By Zane Merva
Executive Editor, GM-Trucks.com
The new 2015 Z06 will be among the fastest vehicles on the road, ever. Today Chevrolet announced the new 650-horsepower Corvette flagship equipped with an 8-speed automatic will accelerate from zero to 60-MPH in only 2.95 seconds. 

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General Motors September 2014 sales rise 19%

Oct 01 2014 09:40 AM | Zane in News

By Zane Merva
Executive Editor, GM-Trucks.com
General Motors has announced that overall September 2014 sales increased 19% over September 2013. Sales of trucks, sport utilities, and crossovers lead the strong period. 

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Chevy shows off Colorado Sport SEMA Concept at...

Sep 25 2014 11:31 AM | Zane in News

By Zane Merva
Executive Editor, GM-Trucks.com
During media day at the State Fair of Texas Chevrolet debuted a customized mid-size pickup concept, the Colorado Sport. The brand also announced that the highly accessorized concept truck would be on display during this year's SEMA Show.

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First Drive: 2015 Chevrolet Colorado & GMC Canyon

Sep 24 2014 01:44 PM | Zane in Reviews

By Zane Merva
Executive Editor, GM-Trucks.com
Let’s be blunt. The state of the midsize pickup market has been pretty sad lately. Until a week ago, only the decade old Toyota Tacoma and Nissan Frontier remained available for buyers to choose from.  Have you been inside one of them lately? A general lack of features, refinement, technology, and comfort peg each as behind the times. There’s no wonder this segment of truck has floundered in the US over recent years as customers fled to crossovers.
Thankfully General Motors is shaking things up by reintroducing the Chevrolet Colorado and GMC Canyon. Reinvented, these trucks are bigger, more powerful, and have more features. We’re fresh from our first stint behind the wheel and here’s what we think.

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Polaris and Costco team up for powersports savings

Sep 24 2014 09:39 AM | Zane in News

By Zane Merva
Executive Editor, GM-Trucks.com
Polaris Industries and Costco have announced a partnership that will allow Costco members to obtain special pricing at Polaris Dealerships in the US. 
Starting today, Polaris will become the exclusive promotional partner for the Costco Powersports division. Costco members can take advantage of the promotional pricing through the Costco Auto Program. Polaris, Victory, and GEM vehicles will be also be on display inside Costco warehouses. 

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Recently Posted Forum Topics

Stripped Oil Pan 1988 K10 4x4 Std Cab 305

1960-1999 Chevrolet & GMC C/K Truck Today, 02:21 PM
My teenage son has watched me change the oil several times now in his truck.  Over the weekend, he did it on his own and cross-threaded the plug.  Options are the std over-sized self tapping plug, an over-size self tapping plug that has it's own inter plug(plug within a plug) or to replace the pan.    On a 1988 K10, std cab, 4x4 with a 305 can you drop the pan without having to jack the engine?  If so, is it as simple at changing a transmission pan?  I've done the tansmision before, but not an engine oil pan.  Thanks for all the help.
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enable Vehicle Locator Lights setting but disable headlights?

2014/2015 Silverado & Sierra Accessories & Modifications Today, 12:58 PM
With the Vehicle Locater Lights setting turned on, all of the lights (headlights, parking lights, puddle lamps, etc.)  turn on when you unlock the truck at night.  I currently have this setting turned off because I prefer not to light up the whole area.  But I wouldn't mind having the parking lights and puddle lamps only turn on, so would there be a way to disable the headlights with this setting, maybe with a diode or something?   Anyone ever look into this?
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2014 GMC Sierra 20" Wheels and Tires

For Sale/Wanted Today, 12:44 PM
Selling a set of 20 inch 2014 GMC Sierra wheels and tires. They only have 800 miles on them.Tires are Goodyear Wrangler SR-A 275/55/20.Wheels are chrome.TPMS are included.   Asking $1650. Located in Arkansas. Prefer local pickup.    
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rough idle/Stalling

Ask the GM Technician Today, 11:06 AM
About two weeks ago my engine light came on with a code of P0446.  I took the truck into my dealer and they diagnosed a faulty fuel tank pressure sensor, and replaced it.  the light has not come back on and the truck was running like normal.  This morning when i started it the idle seemed a little off but nothing really bad, about half way to work it started idling really rough at stop lights then stalled once coming off a red light.    Any ideas?  I am planning on taking it back in if its doing the same after work.   2003 Silverado 4.3.    
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2007 chevy silverado transmission shift problems

Ask the GM Technician Today, 10:49 AM
I recently bought truck and this problem started, when you are pulling out in first and moving along and it won't shift into 2nd until you back off on the throttle. Then it shifts up into 2nd and 3rd and 4th and lockup as expected. The fluid is clean and no burn smell. Had autozone read the comp. and it showed no errors. I am thinking about using lubgard aditive for transmissions to free up valves.
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2011 Tahoe bad towing mileage + premium gas = better mpg (temporarily)

Ask the GM Technician Today, 09:57 AM
Hi, & thanks for reading.  I have a 2011 Tahoe 5.3L (4x4 with 3.42 rear end) I bought used (30k miles currently) & use mostly for towing.   I have towed the exact same trailer & weight for 15 years so have a basis for comparison.    Previously towed same rig with a 2004 Suburban & got ±11mpg on the highway.  Hadn't before monitored mileage since getting the Tahoe (figuring it was similar to the Suburban) but intuitively it felt like it was progressively getting lower so I started monitoring. Turns out I was getting ±8mpg hwy when towing & 10mpg around town when NOT towing.    Took it to the Chevy dealer - no codes but they reprogrammed the ECU, they said something like "the alcohol % was reading high" (?) That reprogramming did little/nothing long-term. Decided yesterday to try Premium gas (why not) for a highway round-trip, towing, of about 500 miles. Fueled up from a 1/4 tank to full with 91 octane & proceeded to get 9.8MPG towing on the first 1/2 of the trip, It also seemed noticeably more powerful, with much less transmission hunting on hills.  (PS; this was an exact trip I had taken recently getting ±8mpg towing) - However on the return trip mil...
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Snow Chains on 2010 4WD 2500HD

2000-2006 & 2007-2014 Chevrolet Silverado & GMC Sierra 2500HD/3500HD Today, 09:00 AM
Making a trip to the mountains this winter and wondering if snow chains are needed with a 4WD truck.  I also read in the manual that for my size tires (275/55/20), snow chains are not recommended.  I've never used snow chains before, but it sure looks like there is plenty of clearance for them.  Anybody have any advice on this?  Thanks in advance!
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Tire Pressure Question...

2014/2015 Chevrolet Silverado & GMC Sierra 1500 Today, 08:52 AM
This morning, I stopped and put air in my tires.  I noticed that when I put air in the fronts, on the display, it showed as the backs getting inflated.  I have never seen this before.  First time I have had to inflate the tires on my Sierra.
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Efi live tuning 2014 Silverado

Performance Engine Tuning Today, 07:51 AM
Any tuners on here? Just updated my v2. They have more options on our 2014 trucks. What have y'all done that's help out on the tranny? Please PM though if your a tuner.
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FS Range AFM

For Sale/Wanted Today, 05:30 AM
I purchased a 2014 sierra, so I am selling a range afm disabler for the 07-13. $120 + shipping Unit was used for approx 7 months Thanks
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Newest 2014+ Silverado/Sierra/Tahoe/Suburban/Yukon Topics

Truck @ the dealer for a loud ticking noise

2014/2015 Silverado & Sierra Issues, Troubleshooting, & Recalls/Service Bulletins 23 Sep 2014
Well as much as it sucks I had to take my 9200 mile truck into the dealer this morning for a ticking noise in the engine bay that just started last night. I am no mechanic by any stretch but to me it sounds like a lifter tapping on the passenger side of the block. Oil pressure is good and no warning lights....not sure if that is a good thing or not. Service writer at the dealer seemed like a good guy. Told him my situation and reason for bringing it in without an appointment. He came out and started up the truck and his response was "that's definitely not right"....no kidding. Haha So waiting for word on what it is and the time frame for fixing it. Kinda bummed but I know it's just a truck and they will fix it.
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Color matched door handles

2014/2015 Silverado & Sierra Accessories & Modifications 07 Aug 2014
Best place to purchase them? are they just door handle covers?
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HID Headlight Bulbs / HID Projector Retrofit

2014/2015 Silverado & Sierra Accessories & Modifications 07 Jul 2013
**The Sierra & Silverado HID topics have been merged and edited, in an attempt to create one comprehensive HID topic**   This topic will cover HID information, HID headlight bulb upgrades, HID fog light bulb upgrades, as well as installing aftermarket HID projectors/bulbs ("retrofit").    This information was last updated on 04/18/14     -----DISCLAIMER-----   Automotive lamps, reflective devices, and associated equipment must adhere to the United States §571.108 Standard #108 to be legal for road use (http://www.fmcsa.dot...spx?reg=571.108). Your state or local governments may also impose standards and restrictions on vehicle lighting. If you choose to install HID bulbs and/or projectors, you alone are responsible for compliance and possible legal consequences.       -----HID BASICS-----   Lumen - a measure of the total visible light emitted by a source   Incandescent Bulb – The traditional bulb design which passes electricity through a filament inside a bulb containing an inert gas or a vacuum. The filament heats up and gives off light. Unfortunately, only 5 to 10% of the electricity supplied is converted into light,...
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Bluetooth question / problem

2014/2015 Chevrolet Silverado & GMC Sierra 1500 Yesterday, 01:12 PM
2014 GMC Sierra SLT - IPhone 5S   When I connect my phone to my truck VIA Bluetooth it mutes my phone. If I get a text, e-mail or any kind of update my phone is on full mute. I have called Apple and they say it is not them or the phone, that only leaves the truck.    It is a problem as this is a business truck and I sometimes need to reply to e-mails in a timely manner. I do pull over to do this so it is NOT a safety thing..... Anyone know why it does this and more importantly how to turn that off so it does not?   Thanks  
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Gasoline smell in cabin and engine.

2014/2015 Silverado & Sierra Issues, Troubleshooting, & Recalls/Service Bulletins 23 Aug 2014
I bought a 2014 GMC sierra a week ago and have been noticing a gas smell since the first day I bought it. The smell is inside the cabin and engine bay. It's really noticeable when I turn the A/C on and come to a stop. Has anybody experienced this issue? I need to take it in tomorrow. I first thought it was just the engine breaking in but not anymore. I lifted up the hood today after a 30 mile drive and it smelled of pure gasoline. This can't be normal right? 
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2015 Silverado 2500HD with vibration problems...

2015 Silverado HD & Sierra HD Issues, Troubleshooting, & Recalls/Service Bulletins 17 Apr 2014
I am starting this thread to document the persistent vibration problems I am having with my very new 2015 Silverado that I recently bought as a tow vehicle for a new Fifth Wheel toyhauler soon to be delivered.  I acquired this 2015 Chevy from Integrity Chevrolet  in Chattanooga TN in late Feb 2014.     For reference, the truck is as follows:  2015 Chevrolet Silverado Z71 2500HD 4x4 SB Crewcab Duramax, 3.73 rear end, Goodyear 20" Tires.   I have driven the truck close to 3000 miles since delivery and have towed two different trailers (both bumper pulled) on a couple of trips.  The first time I towed a lightweight trailer & load less than 2500lbs, a steady vibration showed up in the range of 55--65mph.  At 70+ the problem disappears.  The vibration can be felt in the steering wheel and visually seen in the shift lever shaking,  Braking or acceleration does not make noticeable change until you get out of the problem range.    I tow this same load behind my wife's Ford Escape with no vibration at any speed. Later, I towed a second trailer, a 7,000lb tandem Toyhauler, and the problem occurred in the same speed range.   When not towing, there is no vibration at all...
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Post Pics of Your 2014+

2014/2015 Chevrolet Silverado & GMC Sierra 1500 15 Oct 2013
Lets see a picture of your guys' 2014 Sierras and Silverados and what you've done.   Heres my SLT crew. Iridium metallic, loaded.   Tinted, GM 6' oval side steps, GM mud guards.  
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hollowing out the 3rd cat

Gen V Small Block Engine, Drivetrain, & Exhaust 26 Jun 2014
"As of a couple of years ago GM no longer makes the vehicles 49 state emissions certified, they are now 50 state certified (for California). The last cat in that picture is a cat, it is a unmonitored cat so it can be cut out of the system and wont affect the running of the truck at all since it is not monitored. When GM added them to the 2009 G8 cars the pup cat caused a 5hp change in the rating, so I would assume prob close to that on the truck as well."      
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LED Fog Bulbs & Lights

2014/2015 Silverado & Sierra Accessories & Modifications 23 Dec 2013
**If you're interested in changing stock cargo or reverse bulbs to LEDs, go here: http://www.gm-trucks...1-reverse-leds/**If you're interested in adding separate LED reverse lights (on or under rear bumper), go here: http://www.gm-trucks...2014-silverado/**If you want to change your stock fogs to LEDs, this is the right place. 
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ready lift 4"sst or rought country 3.5"?

2014/2015 Chevrolet Silverado & GMC Sierra 1500 17 Oct 2014
any thoughts or comparisons, pro and cons between the two.   whats nice about the RC is they use the moog ball joints,but have to usenew rear shocks whats nice about the RL is extra 1/2" and they give shock ext. to keep oem rear shocks   the 2.5 just didnt lift mine up enough in the front, i guess becuase its a 2wd, and a z71   http://www.readylift...t-lift-kit.html   http://www.roughcoun...kit-271-84.html   the ready lift however is TWICE as expensive.   if yall know of any other good lifts like this let me know.
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