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  2. Good advice above and as mentioned sound is very subjective so listening yourself is always the best bet but since you're asking for opinions my go to brands are Hybrid Audio Technologies, Focal, AudioFrog, Hertz, Dynaudio, Morel etc. I will be doing a system in a clients truck soon who has the same objectives as yours and when I get asked for as loud as possible with clarity I start with "really good" speakers, install them "properly" and feed then as much power as they will take and then some. In this truck we're gonna put 8's in the front doors, 2 3/4" mids in the dash, tweeters in the sail panels and 6.5's in the rear doors. For subs we are doing 2 JL 13TW5's under the rear seat and close to 2,000 watts of "real" power. We are keeping the factory headunit and using a Mosconi processor but if you want a nice deck that doesn't require any cutting of your dash or factory wires tou might consider the Alpine x110slv 10" mentioned above. I have that in my truck and like quite it quite a bit but if my truck had the 8" screen I would have kept it and used a processor.. Second picture is another truck we did a while back with 3 JL 12tw3's, Audiofrog speakers and about 1800 watts of "real" power from JL HD amps.
  3. New Winnebago Travel Trailer!

    We looked at those, settled on a small Passport. There are far more camper options than truck options...that was probably the worst experience I had buying something. Start with short trips, get used to set up and tear down. Don't overload, it's easy to do. The other thing is that we catch ourselves overpacking...we used to take a few days to get ready with a slide-in, now we are ready in about an hour including hookup. After a while you realize just how little you need to take... Make a list of steps if you must...my camping buddy damaged the stabilizers on his camper when he forgot to retract them prior to jacking the tongue up to hitch up. He is one disaster after another...and he isn't new to camping. Most of our trips are weekends, I bought an emaciator pump so I don't have to wait in line to dump at the end of the weekend...just pump the sewage to a clean out at home. We bought a carport to store ours under...leaving them exposed to the elements (especially the sun) is the hardest on them. I expect to have this one a while...even if it has a leak, it will only leak when it's being used. Make sure you winterize early, it will always freeze before you do...found that put on the second one, buddy froze his badly last fall. The PEX tubing is very forgiving, which is a good thing. And don't leave a case of soda in over winter...it won't end well... 2012 2500hd 6.0l CCSB 4wd
  4. Usually a pushrod is bent from valve hitting piston. More common on manual cars that are over revved. Like missing a gear shift while racing. Not sure if cylinder 6 is a dod cylinder, but I would definetly be ready for more problems. Treat it as a perfect time to cam swap.
  5. I really wanna try these on my 17. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. I personally believe the old ways of tuning may be coming to an end and you'll have to rely on a "piggy-back" or in-line system which is why Banks is not cracking the L5P ECUs and is working on an in-line system himself. I also believe it will be a while before an in-line system will be on the market but hopefully I am wrong. There is also more pressure in the diesel world from an emissions perspective, particularly due to the bad press diesels receive hence the high-level encryption on the L5Ps. Will the T1s receive this level of encryption? It is highly likely, at least on the diesel's and possibly the gas engines particularly due to the new dynamic fuel management. GM will probably want to ensure the bugs are worked out before thinking about opening up those ECUs. Also, I've heard too many people say if you want a fast vehicle, don't buy a pickup as "that is not their purpose". My response to those people is "what's it to you?" GM may be more lenient on there performance cars but who can really say. Standalone systems on today's vehicles with the heavy electronic systems is not an affordable route if you want to keep all the creature comforts, etc. With the government meddling in areas that I don't believe they should be and putting pressure on manufacturers with all the EPA regulations, etc., I believe this is path we are headed for unfortunately. Never is a long time but I have been amazed with the acceptance of freedoms that people are willing to relinquish due to the perceived safety aspects, the convenience factors or that it's "for the greater good".
  7. Love the Centennial. That said, I'm gonna go with a guess of a disloged/spun/failed AFM lifter. We had a brand new 2018 do this with 40 miles on it, while our dealer driver was coming back with the truck on a dealer trade. That truck ended up with one whole bank of lifters, lifter guides, a camshaft and the valve lifer manifold assembly. Almost wonder if the two trucks had engines built at a similar time and date. They will fix you up though, and it will run great. GM will more than likely be wanting those parts back for evaluation, whatever the cause may be.
  8. Mine keeps breaking too and looks just like yours. Given up on it but now mine makes an awful screeching sound like nails on a chalk board as it falls down.
  9. Amazon is priced reasonably. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Maybe look into the power rectangular steps from GM? The power ones have the function with a "button" in the rear where the whole step swings back to that area where needed. Pretty cool funtion than just in/out. I'm sure this is a pricy option, but figured to mention.
  11. Instead of the foam your using try a D gasket from the hardware store. It should be right next to all the window and door sealing products. Much lower profile and still seals my tailgate effectively. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. I went with a company called AmeraGuard. I couldn't be happier with the quality! Regardless, if the company you choose offers a UV option, opt into it. I've seen bedliners without it and they fade in 1-2 years in South Texas heat.
  13. Eastwood supply. quality stuff, spray can, gallon , rubberized . Makes the frame, exposed metal look new, touch up is easy,
  14. I have Rockford Fosgate Power Series in my '15... 6x9s (T1693) in the front and 6.5s (T1650) in the rear. (I didn't replace the dash speakers because I can't find a pair that will be an easy replacement that is a noticable quality upgrade) I'm incredibly happy with them especially for the price. I am not exactly an audiophile but was looking for something that was better than the crap paper cones from the stock speakers. If you want the "best possible" sound, be prepared to shell out some cash as well as wiring with amps and whatnot.
  15. Thanks guys, will be reading more about Krown.
  16. Today
  17. I had these on my 2500 and installed them again on my 3500. I like the steps. There a big help when getting to the aux tank in bed from the side . I also had a set on my 1500 but they did not fit. I'll buy again even if I change truck brands.
  18. Its not the same as rolling dice. You can look at past years. GM often offers rebates at the same times each year. With a little research you can do much better then a crap shoot. I have been asking people lately about ordering trucks and it seems meany people do not know it is even possible to just order what you want. As for negotiating the best price before them thats easy. There is no real negotiating, never pay more then 500 over invoice and no dealer handling fees. If you cannot get that move to the next dealer. Once in a while you can find a fleet guy that will do $100 over but thats not always worth the effort.
  19. I am a few years behind the times... I dont like Focal. Never heard of herts and I have never used JL mids. I live there AMPs and Subs. I will be using JL sub and 5-channel amp in my Sierra.
  20. focal, hertz, and JL are pretty much the go-to good stuff these days
  21. 2018 Crew Cab Z71 LT (first lifted truck build)

    Thanks brother I really appreciate it
  22. No such thing as timing the order right. Future incentives are unknown. The manufacturer is constantly adjusting to inventory and market conditions as well many other factors. Ordering is a crapshoot in that regard - will the incentives be more or less attractive? You can, however, control how much you are going to pay the dealer before rebates, etc. It really surprises me how little seems to be known on a vehicle specific forum about the best way to buy one.
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