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  2. Glad to hear it worked out for you, those of us that use our trucks rip the front valance off and bottom out regularly. Hit a bull hole doing about 40mph going across a pasture one time and you will wish you had more up travel and ground clearance.
  3. Hello all Just got a new travel trailer and will start towing this spring. My question is about tire pressure for the Silverado when towing. I will have close to 600lbs tongue weight, very little if any bed weight, and a good WD/Sway control hitch. Truck is stock as far as suspension and tires. Have the 265/65R18 Goodyear Fortitude on the Z71. Sticker says 35psi. I usually run 33 in the rear because I am usually empty or close to empty. Max pressure on the sidewall is 51. Manual says 35 is the minimum for the load truck is designed to carry. I will be significantly below GCWR and GVWR, but significant none the less towing about 5k. I am leaning to starting out with something in the 35-40 psi range in the rears, but wanted to see if there was any kind of consensus on something different. Looking for it all, most stable ride and tire life. Thanks
  4. Just throwing this out there. I recently took my truck hunting in north Idaho. I was a little worried because my truck is stock height and there are some fairly gnarly forest roads back where we hunt. Anyway, I didn't have any problems at all. My feeling is that you do not need to lift or level your truck unless you are really doing some offroading that is far beyond what most of us would ever consider doing with our trucks. I think a stock 4x4 will take you anywhere you want to go. That said, I take it some people may level or lift for looks, and aren't doing it to keep from getting stuck.
  5. I reused mine on my NP261HD. I spread it with a screwdriver (carefully, so the rubber boot and the clamp don't get damaged), and reclamped it using an end-cutter (not enough force to cut, just to pull the crimped part of it back together. Still holding fine after a year.
  6. I would agree the 4.56's would be pretty cool. Sent from my STH100-1 using Tapatalk
  7. Having installed Rancho 9000XL adjustable shocks on my old 96 Tahoe, adjustments were easy for my on-road, off road and trailer load duties. the (9) adjustments can and will give you your "Custom" ride qualities.. Now have 9000XL's on my 2016 RCSB in rear and their 9000XL / Level Strut assembly on front with adjustments still easy to control ride and load in back.. I will admit the Monroe, Gabrial, KYB, etc., type shocks do offer differenct ride qualities to to Non-Gas vs. Gas charged. For anyone who installs Rancho 9000's,, make sure you use heavy duty / trailer type bearing grease (Red Tacky) around the adjusters back site to seal out water and road salt.. Cheers---K
  8. your new Forum Name is "Lucky Fuse Puller" Glad you got it working...
  9. Been wondering similar, difference between intune and trinity? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. I'll look into that. I am looking at axles because mine are eating rotors. It's wearing them on half of the rotor. Like it's wabbling and touching one side. Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
  11. I just installed a plain roll up one with mine. Seems ok[emoji846] Sent from my STH100-1 using Tapatalk
  12. Auto-ride question

    i just replace original air compressor with the arnott yesterday, waiting for arnott shocks to replace. the compressor was plug and play, came with two different electrical plugs and a relay to swap out the factory. no issues. so i would say they should work together. i tried to google search the shocks you picked up for 1100$ can't find a part number.
  13. I see regearing as a good thing for me... gives me two birds with one stone. One is 4.56 gears will be way more fun than stock as they are always are.... these trucks are rev happy and still undergeared in my opinion. Two is I add a Detroit Locker in the back at the same time and toss the gov lock in the trash. All win! Good majority of the planet leaves it stock and just drives it.
  14. Not sure what I did. Kept pulling fuses and checking. None were blown but when I went to restart it everything was working and back to normal. Scared me at first because it said Theft Prevention or something and wouldnt do anything. I forgot to put the cover back on the fuse box. Once I did that it was good to go.
  15. It's had every factory recommended oil change and OEM synthetic oil done at my local dealer. It's been every 5,000 miles and my "oil life" monitor has never dipped below 50%
  16. They dont resurface rotors anymore. 2016 Sierra with 9,000 miles....right front wheel the brake pads were eating grooves into the rotor. They replaced the rotor under warranty....left the same bad brake pads.
  17. yeah i looked at them....not recommended for trucks with bedliners.
  18. I did this with a Mercury Sable when I was 16 years old, it has a Reverse poled battery and I wasn't paying attention. It blew the mega fuse, basically a 2" long 1/2" diameter copper fuse located under the hood. I'd start from the battery and work your way out instead of going after the little fuses.
  19. Be about 1-2 mpg hit. They will rub slightly at full lock. Here's mine with 305 / 70 / 18's, and a comparison chart Sent from my STH100-1 using Tapatalk
  20. Spend your money on a disk gauge and check for run out first, new axles may have made it better but it did not fix it by any means. I'm not convinced that the issues don't lie in the semi-float axle design. I have an EVA and I know my vibration is a speed related rotational issue so in my case it has to be from the carrier out. Things I've tried so far: 3 sets of wheels and tires (including forged) Replaced all brake rotors Replaced rear axles Replaced rear ring and pinion Replaced rear carrier And that's only the crap that I've done that rotates at the frequency of the problem. My next step may be a C-clip delete, who knows.
  21. Zach1990s 2014 Silverado

    Got most of my orders in today. The Diablo will arrive tomorrow. Figured I'd spend today pampering the truck so I've put in the frame plugs and have an appointment in 2 hours to get tint done. Gonna have the front and brow done to match the factory rear. May start debadging today if time allows. Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
  22. Honest opinion? I'd keep the 2011 until they drop the details on the 2019.
  23. Hey guys, since GM is having their end of year sales, I was wondering if it would really be worth it to get rid of my 2011 Silverado LT with the 6.2, 3.73, Blackbear tune, for a 2018 6.2 with 3.23?... My biggest fear is how the L86 6.2 is compared to my L9H 6.2....Is the L86 that much better than the L9h is to be worth the upgrade. If I do pursue this more, I will have Blackbear give me a tune for it as well... Are there tranny tunes for the 8spd?
  24. How often do you change your oil? Just curious.
  25. Today
  26. Anyone else have a issue with there 8 speed not downshifting far enough? I have to be TOTALLY STOPPED to get it back in first. I know the ratios are close in this trans but it should still go into first without being stopped. Even does it with tow haul mode on and when I'm towing it's downright dangerous. I've pulled out on to busy roads say after rolling up from a driveway etc. and hit the gas to get going briskly and it just bogs down. I hate to push too far on the gas in case it does finally downshift. I don't remember the truck doing this before late summer this year. Sent from my SM-N950U using Tapatalk
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