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  • 012
    Fine looking ride. I miss my 13 that was that color, especially when she was clean.
  • Me with my Truck
    Me with my Truck
    Nice truck, congrats!
  • 20140726 103749
    20140726 103749
    I like these tires a lot
  • LC6i wires
    LC6i wires
    Got the wires all cut and labeled to run signal from the radio back to the LC6i under the seat. I'm going to run the signal wires down the driver's side, and then run the 1/0 gauge power wire down...
  • IMG 20140405 163112
    IMG 20140405 163112
    Hey, I was just wondering, did you buy the side mirrors like that or do them yourself? I want mine to match the body color too but don't know where to start.

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