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  • Off with the third cat
    Off with the third cat
    I deleted everything from the 3rd cat/resonator back and did a custom flowmaster install. Im a little hesitant to cut out that 3rd cat feel as though I would void the emissions warranty. Any feedba...
  • DSC 2639 (Large)
    DSC 2639 (Large)
    Love the color matched bumper and grille.
  • photo 3
    photo 3
    man you made the picture look pretty amazing
  • photo 3
    photo 3
    That's great to know.  Obviously you don't have the factory Goodyear shoes (for the All-Terrain Plus pkg) on your truck--the new shoes probably help a lot off road. I always hear about ho...
  • photo 3
    photo 3
    It did amazing. In 4x4 it made it up and over anything without slipping at all. Compared to the taco I would say I did a little better and had a easier time on some stuff because of my G80, he does...

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