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  2. Ordered a front one. There is a way to get them. Still will be a while though.
  3. Well..... I do hydraulics for a living, me thinks I'll be fixing this myself Sent from my BBD100-2 using Tapatalk
  4. Some people bend the bracket slightly to gain clearance. Be gentle Or follow he directions here. Getting to the Torx bolts isn't that bad http://www.truckmodcentral.com/forums/f63/transmission-filter-change-02-silverado-4636/
  5. It never happened until it got cold out. Pretty much every truck every winter. 6 trucks consistently. I talked to a mechanic friend about it. It doesn't happen as much in warmer places. But it is cheaper for GM to replace a few on warranty up here than to spend money on better hoses for all the trucks made. As he put it, all the vehicles sold in Canada do not add up to what is sold in California alone. Seemed that the magic temperature is -30 to - 35c . Or colder of course ha ha.
  6. Bridgestone H/T Dueler 684 II. I have right at 8/32 or a hair less of the 10/32 they started at. I have 55,000 miles on them. I am OCD about my truck. Drive conservatively. I rotate every 5K. Rebalance every 10K and have had it aligned twice. I check and adjust pressure more often than most change socks. These have a 60K warranty. They're crushing that. So, how safe are they? I've had occasion to do some dear dodging in the wet, on the highway at 55 mph and in the dark. Buck in rut stepped out of a thicket at roads edge at a distance I was sure wasn't going to end well for anyone. Tires had about 50K then. Ever see a jet land on a flattop? Like catching the hook. Even in hard rains with standing water of an inch it they have no problem pumping the water out at reasonable speeds. On the dry they feel connected and direct. Quite, even after all these miles. Good fuel efficiency. What I don't know is how they work in snow but then again if I were to driven in snow, which I don't with the truck, I would be on Blizzak. Are there better? I've been equally impressed with Pirelli Scorpion Verde All Season Plus (marginally quieter) and Continental Cross Contact LX20 (plusher ride) I've owned two sets of Michelin Defenders. Good, no, great tire as well but I have a hard time defending the pricing compared to these others that IMHO are equal to the task. Just spit balling here. But 'safe' has more to do with 1.) the driver and his 2.) commitment to maintenance as long as the tire isn't bought out of the back of an ice cream truck nor older than a year when installed.
  7. That’s the biggest line of BS I’ve probably ever heard. You are right in that the o2 sensors would have to see the rich condition for the ECM to throw a code but but I think that’s exactly what the tech is saying. I have never heard that crankcase fuel vapors would be enough to actually make a rich condition though.
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  9. I have a 2018 1500 Z71 with 900 miles and it struggles to keep a consistent speed while in 5th/6th gear under 1500 RPMs. It hesitates/fish bite /search for gear while going up hill or under any type of load. Instead of building up speed and staying in that gear under load it will stay in low RPMs and just struggle. It won’t let you build up speed. If you mash the gas it will downshift and be fine, but you should be able to hold a consistent speed while on the highway and be able to build up speed without struggling to figure out which gear it should be in.
  10. Interesting comment on the temperature component. It's been cold here for many weeks, - 15 to -30* Celsius. Sent from my BBD100-2 using Tapatalk
  11. What did you do with your truck/shop today

    I did a thing Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
  12. Group-Buy: Ecoological Bumpershellz Expires 3/8/18!

    Fairly certain I’m going to go with the armorshellz. I like the look...
  13. Has anybody been able to get the 2018 Centennial Bowties as of yet or now if or when they will be released?
  14. FS: OEM 22s from Carbon Package

    Bump Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. Hi Folks- I have a 3 year old Ryobi cordless drill. It came with 2 Lithium 18V batteries and up until the summer of 2017 everything worked great, however both batteries are now toast. The cost of new batteries is almost more than the cost I paid for the kit new. Where do you like to get your batteries for your drills and other battery equipment from? Next question- what is your favorite brand of equipment to use? I grew up with Dewalt being the brand of choice and have a 15 year old Dewalt screw gun which saw a lot of hard use but is still going well. I purchased no name replacement batteries for them from EBAY and while they don't hold the charge as long, they still get the job done. I'm contemplating purchasing the Dewalt drill next but wanted to see what you opinions/pros cons are on the brands you have had experience with. Cheers
  16. Group-Buy: Ecoological Bumpershellz Expires 3/8/18!

    Here’s from my other post before the group buy started. If any of you guys already have shellz by all means share pics.
  17. Sorry trucks aiming at a hill in my backyard. Range is awesome though. Way better then my Jeep's cheap eBay pods Sent from my SM-N950U using Tapatalk
  18. You did see they have rear vents again right? Ryan B.
  19. Here's an old pic day of installed. Will snap a pic of them on in a bit Sent from my SM-N950U using Tapatalk
  20. I have the direct foglight replacements on my 14' Sierra. Absolutely LOVE them. Very clean look and 3 times brighter then headlights alone. I'll see if I have any pics Sent from my SM-N950U using Tapatalk
  21. I had Weathertechs in my 07 Silverado and they were ok. The GM driver's side liner doesn't give full coverage under the gas pedal (do a search to see pics). Having to put another piece of something to cover that area doesn't make sense to me. Imho, if you want the best, buy the Husky X-act. I have them front and rear. The fit is excellent and they don't move. The best part is, they're rubber (or a rubberlike material) as opposed to plastic so you're feet don't slide.
  22. Which ones mine or the other ones? I’m sure you mean the others. The vinyl shines good but it’s not as clear on the truck as it is on the sheet. How to they stick on is the back solid adhesive or a bunch of different pieces?
  23. Group-Buy: Ecoological Bumpershellz Expires 3/8/18!

    You mind posting up a picture of the rear bumper cover? I want to join but idk if the whole 3 piece sections will big me or not Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-N920A using Tapatalk
  24. Imagine the peace of mind of knowing no more rock chips haha. I'll gladly volunteer my bumpers for yours. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-N920A using Tapatalk
  25. haha.. gonna pull that license plate bracket off add a little more shine.
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