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  2. I just came across this set up from Naviks for $399 that allows phone mirroring. http://naviks.com/i-24075482-2014-2017-chevrolet-silverado-1500mylink-io5-io6hdmi-video-integration-interface.html?ref=category:1137501 Most likely I will give this one a try.
  3. Traded off the Silverado today at 21,500 miles. I did not want to go through a 2nd winter here in PA with it. Nothing positive to say about Lake Chevorlet, Inc., as they were terrible from the get go and their offer of a respray at half my cost was a joke. Sent from my SM-N950U using Tapatalk
  4. I put a set of used 275/65r20 hankooks on my truck before I leveled it. Did not rub on flat ground.
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  6. I like this. I also like having the 120 port. Wonder if this could be done on the other two outlets?
  7. If you want solid dependable mapping the nav system is not what you want to use. Get a garmin with free lifetime maps and traffic. place it on the dash and comparo it to Nav. You may find the nav doesn't route as well as the garmin like i did.
  8. if you want a narrower tire go from a 55 series to a 60/65 series. For general road usage and snow a Michelin defender M/S is hard to beat. LT265 /60 R20
  9. Did you buy your truck new? If not, maybe the blocks were removed/altered by a previous owner
  10. Your research will find good and bad about GM, Ford and RAM. I believe you will not find a lot of evidence proving quality differences between a Crew Cab assembled in Mexico vs one assembled in Fort Wayne. However, I understand a preference for a truck assembled in your own country. I loved my Canadian built 2000 Silverado. It was virtually flawless but admittedly so is my '15 Sierra assembled in Mexico.
  11. L83 5.3 intake manifold swap.

    Subscribed same question
  12. They are way brighter definitely brightens up the box nicely, I was playing around with it on my break trying to get it to fit in properly, I recommend sealing it though if you do decide to get it, I live in Canada and water looks like it’ll freeze around the housing and make it expand and crack it
  13. I’ll definitely get some tomorrow have to do some modifying to get it to fit, the plastic where the screw holes are is too long on the back of it so I have to file it down a bit to get it to sit in the spot properly
  14. Thank you. that's a good size tire. I'm not trying to go that wide. is that a all terrain or a street tire?
  15. One thing I like about the towing mirrors I have, the lower mirrors have a massive FOV. From your car all the way to your blindspot. Although on other cars I like to be able to see the edge of my car to use it as a point of reference. I get confused when I can't see the tiny bot of edge of my vehicle.
  16. So, my alpine unit doesn't use the factory usb ports, and I am not happy with the half amp output they have. So I've upgraded the ports to 2 2.4amp ports and a quickcharge 3.0 port. Now I can charge from these usb ports like they were actually meant to be used. They are not functional as data ports. Only charge ports. Also I know, its really dusty.
  17. GrumpyGhost Rusty 1999 GMC Sierra Z71 Ongoing build!

    Something else I never shared is that I have halfway started putting blue led lights in my interior lights, I did the window switches but I couldn't get my camera to focus on them for a good picture. anyhow I think im going to order some more Leds and slowly work on making my interior lights blue. I'm also going to replace the ones currently in the speedo as they were super cheap ones and now they occasionally flicker on and off, I think they get too hot and go out, then they magically come back on. They are fickle, but it hasn't bothered me much until recently I spend an awful lot of time in my truck driving for work these days and all the little crap that never bothered me while I was in college are starting to eat away at me. I used my truck to drive pretty much back and fourth from home during college, so i didn't spend the time in it that I do now. Don't get me wrong, I took care of this truck, but I never planned on keeping it this long, so now I'm just trying to make it more to my liking since I'll probably never get rid of it. Also I have Cheap HIDs 10,000k in my low beam headlights and my fog lights. Which the dogs lights I just fixed like 2 years ago, before that they didn't even work for like 4 years prior. They are the original fogs lights that came with the truck, the lens fell out on them and burnt up the bulbs. I decided I wanted fog lights after my friend got a light bar on his truck. So I figured I'd just install Hids and they're be just as bright as his light bar. Long story short, I removed the fog lights from truck, washed them, spray painted the long gone chrome reflectors with a chrome like paint. And bought some silicone and acrylic sheeting for $20 bucks. Cut out the acrylic and siliconed them into the housings and 2 years later they still haven't gotten condensation or fallen off the truck. Also my lights ended up being brighter than my buddies light bar. So I saved like $200 and just used what I had and got better results. The hid kit was cheaper than buying new halogens too. As for the trailer brake controller, I decided I'm not towing the trailer with my truck anymore unless absolutely needed, I have drilled and slotted rotors with ceramic brake pads, my stopping power sucks even if I do add a controller, I need to swap my pads over to semi metallic and get air bags for the leaf springs as the trailer makes my truck sit ugly because it's leveled. Also need bigger rims so I can go to pull a part and get some bigger front cailpers from an 05 or newer truck. I just can't justify it right now when I have pretty much brand new tires, and a full front end rebuild in the trucks future, I'm also gunna swap over to electric fans and bigger radiator. My next post will probably either be about more led lights, or I ordered new knock sensors as I still have the originals sitting in mine, also new intake gaskets and spark plugs and wires. Sorry for the essays, been awhile for me, but I'm slowly getting to the goal of junkyard turboing Grumpy. Just gotta get everything else right before I go and throw some power at her. Plus you know even a junkyard turbo setup is more money than I should spend on a almost 200k engine. Knock on wood I can't believe my trans is doing so good still. I need to drain it here soon and add bigger cooler. So much to do, no time or money to do it all at once. Sent from my XT1254 using Tapatalk
  18. I have not. I was working with someone who had access to a 2018 Charging module, but the road block at the time was not having the right connectors/terminals to mate them up. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  19. F150 calling?

    I had a ram rental for a month with a hemi. Hands down drove better than the 5.3 or the f150 I drove. But in NY just drive around for a few hours and pay attention to any ram that is more the 3 to 4 years old and you will see big bubbling rust coming out of the wheel wells. I see it every day if I look for one. Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
  20. F150 calling?

    Thanks for this group therapy session. All the great members on this forum have made it a fun go this past several months. I had my service rep print out my entire service history, all 18 pages. 8 different issues from mechanical to electronic. 13 times I was officially at the dealer for these issues over 17 months. However it was actually much more than that as some of them involved multiple trips. I have all the lemon law papers filled out to do the arbitration program in our state. All I have to do is hit submit. My neighbor is a 25 year GM tech at a different dealership than the one I go to. I asked him what he would do if it was his truck. He said he would lemon law it. If it goes through and I get most of my money back i would probably be between an f150 or another silverado or maybe a Sierra (like the wheel well trim), but only if I can find a crew cab not made in Mexico like my current. My dad also has a 2016 silverado made in Fort Wayne and his truck has been problem free. Maybe that is the problem? I was much less enthusiastic about the f150 when I looked at their forum and all the people complaining about the auto stop feature. Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
  21. Thanks for the info. I'll get out there and look at some others to test-drive. Knew the deal seemed too go to be true. It was a 2016 Yukon slt with less than 8000 for under 47k. Unfortunately the others I have seen with 1k to 20k miles similarly equipt have been 50k+ soy something must be wrong alarm went off but figured I would check it out.
  22. I would buy a good quality tire and keep stock size. If you are determined to go narrow, stick to the same height. ie: 245/60/20
  23. Yeah I noticed this too....loved the feature but would never pay for it
  24. GrumpyGhost Rusty 1999 GMC Sierra Z71 Ongoing build!

    So I decided to test a theory I've had tonight, my door locks no longer will lock with the power locks, so for last few years ive had to lock my truck manually. They did still have enough juice to unlock so it didn't bother me to much. In order to replace the door lock actuator with a vehicle that has vats, keyless entry, and so on, you have to replace the entire door latch assembly which costs like $200! Crazy!! I decided that there has to be a way to just swap out the motor as it is only thing wrong with my current ones and i wanted to try just buying a cheap door lock actuator from Amazon for $30. I took tons of photos but I can only post 9 at a time so I skimmed them down to major parts of the parts swap. Basically I broke open the original door lock actuator after removing the door panel and entire door latch assembly from my truck to remove the locking mechanism from the latch. In the photos the original part is all black and the new one I bought has a white motor. The only thing I had to do was remove the top covers from both door lock actuators and swap them over. But I ran into a snag. There is a sensor that is plastic welded onto the outside that is for unlocking the door with a key and not setting off the alarm. Also I should note I only did this on the passenger side as a test. My thinking was that if it works I won't have to reach over to lock the door anymore before exiting my truck. To remove the sensor from the old actuator cover I grabbed my soldering iron and melted the plastic. Then I saw there were no holes for the sensors connectors to go through on the new cover, so I melted some holes with the soldering iron and made it work. Then broke off some plastic from old actuator and melted the sensor onto the new cover. I then hot glued the new cover onto the original actuator mechanism followed by some melting of corners with soldering iron for good measure. I bolted it back into the door latch mechanism and reinstalled. So in my very messy late night essay of a write up I did here, the outcome was only halfway successful. The door lock functions great with the key fob, and I can definitely tell it has plenty of power as my driver side door lock actuator sounds tired compared to the new one. The only problem I ran into is that I still have to lock the dang door manually because I've had an issue where my truck thinks a door is open and automatically unlocks the doors if I push the lock button with key fob. My interior lights are also on constantly and I've just been using the dome override for about 5 years now ha-ha. Basically if you want to save $170 dollars, buy the crap cheap door lock actuator and swap over the new motor to the old mechanism. Now I just have to get my wiring issue figured out so I can lock my truck with the key fob. Also still need to order the driver side and do the same mod. This was easier than you think, it took me a couple hours but I didn't have a back up and if I broke something, it would have been very hard to close my door lol I seen other people cut off the door ajar part and superglue it onto the new lock door actuator, but I didn't like that idea and have never seen someone do it the way I just did. Also I may have to buy a new door latch assembly for my driver side anyhow as I'm pretty sure it is the one causing my interior lights to stay on, as I said before, the driver door was almost ripped off the truck and I dragged it along before actually fixing it and I'm pretty sure it wore out or broke the mechanism. Sent from my XT1254 using Tapatalk
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