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  2. Been watching the Olympics the last couple of days and kind of taken an interest in Curling. You know, shuffleboard on ice. Seems like a nice easy going game, someone "throws the rock" and a couple of others polish the ice with brooms to make it change direction to get it closer to the center of the circle or knock the other team's rock out of the circle. Being a little naive at my old age, one would figure it would be really hard to cheat. Then today there was a big announcement: The Olympic Athletes from Russia mixed doubles team was disqualified and forfeited the bronze medal for DOPING. Why on earth do you need to dope for a game like that? Holy crap

    Hello. I emailed and haven't heard anything back about the MIT differences, and I haven't heard anything back. The two seem to be interchangeable except for the coupler/hose from the throttle body to MIT tube. Please and thanks.
  4. I will try this over the next couple days 2015 Silverado LT Midnight Edition 4.5” CST suspension lift Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Yeah this place has given me only problems. Have never helped me. 2015 Silverado LT Midnight Edition 4.5” CST suspension lift Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. I don't want to put things in your head. You could also describe "I have some concerns" What exactly is your problem and have you taken it to the dealer?
  7. Chevrolet doesn't---you have to input your own info and then you track it yourself---When I scheduled the truck for warranty work I asked the service manager if she could get me info I wanted and she said no problem--so we will see--thanks
  8. Toyota provides this info via their website when you join and link your vehicle. Contains all service work done at a dealer location, including TSB work or any recalls. Also includes th e most minute service work
  9. Off-road screen available for '18 LT. Just had to turn it on.
  10. YIKES Tom! Looks like it met a concrete-filled parking lot post ... You can bet on an increase. Insurance companies aren't in the business of handing out free money - there is always a cost involved. But, you got a Class-A BARGAIN at $700!! When I backed into a little sapling at 3mph with my truck, it cost me $2,200, with me doing all the disassembly work! Had to go on the frame machine to get the box straight again. Beer can strong ...
  11. I never thought I would ever have to say this about a vehicle but I'm seriously considering trading in my truck for a newer model just because of the lighting. It's bad enough I had to convert to Xenon just to be able to see at night, but living in the northeast I can't have headlights that get covered up. Here's looking to March 1 for the 2019 Sierra reveal! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. And how is this different from any random person in the world just walking up in a parking lot and getting it? This rates up there with folks blacking out their license plates in photos!
  13. It isn't a suspension component - it's just a small 3"x4" reinforcement plate on the rear crossmember mount pocket. No big deal really. BDS is best you can get - go for it!
  14. Here is what my wife did for me a year or so ago. About $4k. Hasn't driven it since.
  15. None at all just like factory ride is a little stiffer but not bad at all. Thanks again for the compliments. Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
  16. $700? Cheap! Was the step repairable? They are sold only in pairs and cost about $700.
  17. I have that intake. You need a longer silicone collar for the connection between the tube and throttle body. 4" long. The one it comes with is like 3" long
  18. Have you tried calling customer support for any of these companies to see if they sell components separately? Check your local Craigslist for used set ups since you only need the box you could probably make a box that’s similar size out of something eles work. Check with your local scrap/junk yards, pick a part good chance they get some in where the tube is smashed but the box survives. Here’s a universal AirAid box (not exactly cheap) http://www.autoanything.com/air-intakes/77A7273A4004116.aspx?kc=ffsku&k_clickid=1c46d629-e9a6-4594-9ad8-0378c60f3e85&adgroupid=11897&k_trackingid=274x&kpid=7273-4004116&DZID=PLA_g_822749723_42659007552_7273-4004116_t&utm_source=g&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=822749723&utm_content=42659007552&utm_product=7273-4004116&gclid=EAIaIQobChMI49z2oo-62QIVGLjACh0ABA-AEAQYAyABEgIJLfD_BwE

    Hello, not sure design wise, but it looks like the magnum force 54-81072 or 54-11072 would possibly fit your vehicle. Hope that helps. Let us know if you have any other questions.
  20. barry G's 1996 gmc 4x4 5spd

    another map sensor that little gadget sure does something good. between that and new coil... ls spark plugs are fast acting as well. all back to normal plus a percentage unknown. This was never a normal sounding tug boat of a gmt400 anyway.. I just added to it even further. very alive. this is a unusually feisty ecm anyway.. manual trans takes a huge load off of functions. It concentrates on motor only...and a/c. the random p0420 code is now deciphered as well. the timing controls are faster than the fuel.. you may have seen the unfamous black puff from the newer LS engines, tuned engines...they can go as far as a fire spit. this old 1st year vortec won't ever go there, it is just enough control. In live data I caught in action. the trigger is immediate throttle off, and this engine almost barks. that code goes ignored.. just like my usual inspector does. that is due thismonth, expecting no problems. The frigid new ebrake cable is back to usable now as well. good to go. calling this as no codes.
  21. Quit looking???? If I think it's ok??? I said "I have some concerns." And you take it as I think it's ok? 'preciate it.
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  23. Well I'm a new owner of a 2014 sierra slt crew cab with 67k miles. I also am experiencing vibrations like most of you are. I am planning on swapping the shocks on this truck with some bilstein 4600s to see if that'll help or fix the problem. Could any of you lead me to the right part number so I don't order the wrong set. Thanks in advance and glad to be a part of the group.
  24. I just lowered my 2017 Denali yesterday 2/3 (spindles and shackles) and the back rides like crap. The installer (GM Shop) did nothing about shock extensions or any adjustments to the sensor rods. I can do both myself, but not happy with the ride quality as the magneride is out of its factory seting range. What length of sensor rod did you use? cut mine down and re thread what part number for shock extensions?
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