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  2. the effect of occasionally driving your truck straight in 4x4 on dry pavement is within one order of magnitude of the impact of fly poop on the taste of pepper. i've read several published SAE papers on it, and the fly poop is a bigger problem every time.
  3. No pictures , would take some but the weather here sucks New pipe from the magnaflow welded to the cat flange. I'll try take some pictures for you when possible Grizzly
  4. Quicksilver Metallic DL8 Mirrors

  5. 2015 Silv 1500 I put 10K on it stock intake... Put a Harley Ultra in the bed at times and tow a 2 place enclosed with 2 Ultras as well... I swapped in a K&N intake and got great sound out of it... In my opinion sounded like a truck now... Then I noticed about 1.4 MPG better when towing only. Not much difference when no load/empty though. That was for the last 67K miles. I now have a 2017... same set up... I feel the CAI helps gives a little more torque. This is where the MPG gain comes from as you can move the load easier. 12K miles on the 17 now. Throttle response is same/same as stock form what I can tell. I 100% feel a tune will give much better results... but I have the 100K B2B warrantee I'd rather not mess with. As for the reply of "the manufacture puts all this R&D..." They are also bound by the EPA. They choke these engines. A friend has the same 2015 I had... He cut the Cat out... Borla exhaust... Tune... and intake... he got 6 MPG better than me with the same load towing. I even swapped with him at a gas station to see if it was driving habits... NOPE. His truck was also MUCH more peppy and significantly better throttle response... so... Those Cats actually kill the performance of the truck... over the long hall I feel they are worse for the environment as you use more gas, produce more heat, and oil the life of the engine and exhaust parts...
  6. How’s the mineral green metallic? Show a lot of dirt? Or hide dirt and superficial scratches well like white?
  7. Today
  8. You can see how unevenly worn those two tires are too...
  9. Thanks - Good advice that I'll likely take. I appreciate all the help. I had never thought about the peeling affecting the seat of the tire.
  10. No way. Wheels are shot if the chrome is peeling. Caddy’s are notorious for the chrome peeling and having leaky tires. The chrome around the lip starts to peel and the tire doesn’t seat correctly. Maybe $200 for half tread tires and whatever the cost of 4 scrap aluminum wheels are. I sold my painted ones for 800. They were mint and tires had 70%+ tread. Youll still see the corrosion/peeling through the plastidip. Honestly, I’d keep looking if it were me.
  11. I have noticed the same thing. It has been a little cooler here in California and the clicking is gone. So weird. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. What did you do with your truck/shop today

    ^sounds like fun.
  13. I was actually thinking about getting them and plasti dipping them black... thoughts? He wants $500 for rims and Cooper Discover Tires with 50% Tread.
  14. You could have gotten the dl3 mirrors, custom harnesses from pgamboa, glass replaced and whole truck tinted for under 1k. Yikes.
  15. Thanks, the attaching part has been the hardest part to figure out since the center portion is raised. I will look into the plastics/epoxy though, maybe bend a lip in it and glue to tool box.
  16. Access Toolbox tonneau cover https://www.accesscover.com/toolbox/#close
  17. What did you do with your truck/shop today

    That's great! I can tell you don't live anywhere near the Northeast. Price gouging is accepted up here, even on Christmas.
  18. Possibly at one time, maybe still; but, Melling makes a stock replacement pump that incorporates a sacrificial ring. The ring ensures proper alignment between the crank & pump housing. After servicing the o-ring, I replaced the pump with the stock replacement Melling. Using this particular pump saved me from having to pop the cover, to align the housing with feeler gages. Later, I disassembled the original pump, and found scoring in the relief valve bore..
  19. 2016 sierra maf wiring

    Don't waste your time with resistance checks. You need to test those wires with a real load on them - like a halogen headlamp. If it can't power the headlamp, it can't power the circuit. Resistance tests never load the circuit enough to reveal an issue. You could have ONE strand of wire hanging on, and the resistance check will be good every time - put a real load on that same circuit (or do a voltage drop test, with the circuit loaded of course), and the problem will reveal itself. Of course, you'll want to isolate the circuit your testing before applying power ...
  20. 2016 sierra maf wiring

    I think you are right however I think the issue is at the ECM connector. Now that I have all the wiring pin outs and diagrams I can re meter the wires and even check at the ecm. All the wiring up top is good and If I meter at the MAF I get a ground and a 5v, the other wires are in the milli amp range. I will ohm or continuity check the wires to the ECM connector pin
  21. Tire pressure on DIC

    I thought all light duty vehicles were mandated to have the TPMS system from '09 onward? Here in communist MA, you fail safety inspection if the TPMS light is on in any '09 -up vehicle ...
  22. Do you have a picture of where it connects to the catalytic converter? I'm interested to see how they went from 3.5 inches down to 3 inches
  23. I would love to put the DL3s on there but I gotta wait a bit Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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