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  2. Got mine installed today. Was waiting for a warmish day. Worried about all the plastic being brittle and what not. First thanks to Phil for making the adapters. Made the process simple as heck. Also thanks to him for the reco on the pry tools to use. Second, it was an easy operation. Took 20 minutes and I was methodical about "prying" open the console. Everything fit back together like a glove. I have a Pelican Shield case. Thick and durable. Even worked with that and it sits at an angle because it's so big. It would flash on and off so I bought a smaller case so it would fit into the space provided. Very pleased with the new set up. My two cents.
  3. I'm liking the trucks. I can see a High Country in my future.
  4. Yeah, Looks like they make a version as well (https://www.carid.com/spyder/smoke-led-3rd-brake-light-mpn-bkl-csil14-led-sm.html?singleid=211675538&url=80520797) any idea if that is the same tint? Hard to tell from the photos, but you've seen yours in person so hoping your eye can help a brother out.
  5. Looks good. Did you do anything to the rear?
  6. Daytona 500 today

    You are correct. The plastic has started to fly. 5 cars out at the end of stage 1.
  7. I do a lot of driving from Long Island to Syracuse and prefer leaving at like 2am. Wanted a little more light, while staying legal. I ended up buying a cheapo bar on amazon and some pods which seem to be doing it for me. You could do a smaller pod and a sharper angle for your turns (?) just a thought. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. What did you do with your truck/shop today

    Added a new badge Ryan B.
  9. Ok. But that wasn't really the point.
  10. Did you get the video from mvi, the YouTube one., I’m trying to decided if I go this route or aftermarket wondering if you might Pm with link.thanks in advance.
  11. Yeah, dealer reports and even carfax reports only report stuff done by dealers and for carfax, maybe a few chain shops. Everything else won't show up.
  12. Very nice! I was planning to replace any non-LED bulbs with LED's. I have been looking at Diode Dynamics's lighting and haven't seen a single complaint from them yet. Your setup is pretty nice and very similar to what I want to do to mine.
  13. Today
  14. What did you do with your truck/shop today

    Hauled a storage building home in my in-laws 800. If I have time I'm going to do a surprise interior partial detail. Partial because otherwise it would be a couple day job
  15. those are not fog lights. They are driving lights.
  16. No vibration Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  17. Power Stop pads and rotors are awesome! I've been selling them for over 15 years now. There drilled and slotted rotors will drop the brake temperature as much as 200 degrees. But, as I always tell my customers, the pad or shoe set is only as good as the installation! So many times I get customers who just want to 'slap' a set on without any further work. Not cool. Power Stop pads are known for "low dust and no noise", but only when a brake job is done correctly. For the customer who is just going to put pads on without turning or replacing the rotors and checking there calipers, I sell them our $16-$20 pad set.
  18. 140, if you were LUCKY and that's in the redline. The thing didn't have enough gear to get it to 160.
  19. It does make that big of a difference, Dave. Sad to say.
  20. With all the hills around where I live, AFM doesn't kick in very often. But get her down at sea level on a flat stretch of highway and I would see 21-24 MPG @ 65 MPH with the 5.3L. Not to mention better throttle response. Living up at 6000ft sucks power out of the thing.
  21. That's pretty common now among the auto manufacturers. I don't like it either. They want you to take the truck into the dealer to hook up a computer to check the fluid level that way. I don't trust it.
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