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    Cut through the crap. Are there rear AC vents in the back seat?
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    Bought it at 31% off MSRP! 😁
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    A few weeks ago I added the 3 led lights that were install in the only 2016 Silverado LTZ Special Ops Navy edition, in case anyone is interest it’s possible. Check it out.!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    If you have a levelled 16-18 with the HID/LED or you added them to your projector lights (reflector light guys aren't exlcuded, it includes you and I) adjust your headlights down. Way to often (this also goes to Ford and other trucks but they aren't on this forum) I get blinded by leveled trucks and their stock lights not lowered. Last night I had some very bright lights in my mirror on the highway for 5 minutes, thought it was someone with their brights on but once it past it was a 16-18 Silverado LTZ with an obvious front level. If I am being blinded in my truck I can only imagine how cars and CUVs are feeling. Don't be the ****, if you level your truck adjust your headlights down, they need it. How many of you actually do it? I am guessing not that many. Before anyone says they are fine and not getting flashed after a level and not adjusting them from stock, they are lying out their tooth. They are all set the same from the factory, you raise your front end 2-2.5 inches (even with an added inch block in back it still is 1-1.5 more inches) that is a pretty large raise in headlight aiming from stock. This also goes for lifted guys too, you are 6+ inches higher than stock... So this is a public service announcement, trun your headlights down. Not only is it annoying it can be dangerous for those with eye issues, elders or those who wear glasses... Tyler
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    No reason to be, outside a rogue issue with happens with any part of the truck it is very reliable. The rumblings you hear are from the early gen trucks (lifter failures, oil consumption, ect) but even those were in the minority. Unless you put a louder exhaust on then I can see wanting to turn it off so you don't hear it in 4 cylinder mode, otherwise the AFM saves fuel and is more reliable than what I have heard with some peope and the range device (search some older threads). Enjoy the savings, don't worry about it and read much in to anything, these later generations are good (my buddy just got rid of his tahoe with it at 240k and no issues or oil consumption). Tyler
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    Pictures, I'm used to photobucket, but they decided to start charging people. F that. I'm using Google docs for the first time. Hope it works. After changing out ATF in my '15 model truck, with~35k miles, I decided to install an external filter to help better manage all of the debris, shavings, wear particles inside the transmission. There is no way it can be good for precise piece of hydraulic machinery to run fluid that is so contaminated. Cleaning off that magnet inside the pan, one has to wonder if the internal filter is anything more then a rock catcher .The amount of trash that clings to the magnet in just 35k miles is ridiculous. And that is only a ferrous trash, stuff like: aluminum, clutch material, brass and so on that doesn't stick to the magnet, is still suspended in ATF floating about plugging stuff up. I have never seen same mount of crap in engine's oil pan, never. Meaning that engine's oil filter is doing far better job then an internal transmission filter. Here is what I did. After looking at what others have done and taking my time thinking this problem over I decided to install filter next to the windshield washer fluid reservoir/tank. This location is very convenient for several reasons: lots of room, filter changes will be easy, I can keep an eye on the leaks, easy to tell if filter and tubing are getting hot (meaning ATF is flowing), very little new plumbing, and I can easily convert it back to stock because of no permanent modifications. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1SzJ0tgLwWpajDNE1BMboTy5RXBkbgm33/view?usp=sharing https://drive.google.com/file/d/1GH2_yX4u5Gw7qQBkldfqUOjGXDDINCWU/view?usp=sharing https://drive.google.com/file/d/1sgar-Wn34ormQokTkNCA3oiQJe4xB3uj/view?usp=sharing https://drive.google.com/file/d/13AoesVdin0ONs-hdQoLUX9fzlYqALvU3/view?usp=sharing Then I had to figure out for sure witch way fluid flows through the coolers. What got me confused is the fact that manual shows fluid comes out of the top port and goes back in through the bottom. But a member on here did an external filter set up similar to mine and he swore that the flow is in revers direction from what book says. He even started his truck to verify for sure. FL335i I'm not out to bash you, I'm simply pointing out that your post had me all jacked up and I hope you don't see it as an attack on you. Here is a link to that post: So I decided to verify on my own. Took the thermostat off the transmission housing. Put it up in the vise and ran air through it to see just what the heck is going on. When thermostat housing is cold, air would come in through the top port ( transmission side ) and out of the two bottom ones ( cooler port and transmission port). No air out of the top cooler port. Heated up the thermostat housing and flow changed. Air comes in through the top transmission side port and out the top cooler side port. No air out of the two bottom ports. I attaches two horrible hand drawings to hopefully help you understand what I'm blabbering on about. This would also explain why member on here got turned around and thought that book was showing a wrong direction of flow. When transmission is cold and thermostat is closed, taking off one of the cooler lines will make it appear that fluid is moving in the opposite direction from what manual says. Again, hope my chicken scratch drawings will make sense. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1OHH7bJzxf_-W-vR5lRn349JWL_YjaEBP/view?usp=sharing https://drive.google.com/file/d/142WCOv_5jVuuZWIP7RFxVnN257m_R8ZH/view?usp=sharing https://drive.google.com/file/d/1B0Ew7p-V0e49fcIkLEZXgFdo8mOMCJCk/view?usp=sharing Now with all that out of the way I used Derale 130005 remote filter mounting kit. Fabricated a bracket to hold the filter high enough to fit Fram #3614 size filters and give plenty of room during the filter change. Used 1/8 inch think by 3/4 inch wide piece of hot rolled that Lowe"s sells. If I remember right bottom leg is 6 inches long, vertical is 6 inches tall and housing mounting flange is 2 and 3/4 inches wide. My horrible welds are just that, horrible, but should be ok to hold up that fram. In the words of AvE " Grinder and paint, make me the welder I an't." https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ahaJ9Na-803kYP5_49YJUlco0eTqLaCk/view?usp=sharing https://drive.google.com/file/d/1HNxarJaBRZ4cMfUtpZMMO8cAVUQTTgDJ/view?usp=sharing https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ZyzN61RKMoOMWsZzcegZZaFDG0NIr1Ue/view?usp=sharing Now for pluming I decided to stick with GM original transmission push connect 3/8 inch transmission line. This is an expensive way to go about it because I had to purchase a hydraulic press/dies in order to form 3/8 GM transmission connection. Its a Mastercool 72485 flaring tool set. If you do buy one make sure it has GM transmission line forming die set. There is a cheaper version of this kit # 72475 that does not have a needed die set. Just a heads up. I used cheap tube bender from Lowe's, holly crap, its difficult to make a proper bend using that POS. Now I know its a poor craftsman that blames his tools, I'm just letting you know to be ready to redo lines several times if you use that style of bender. Also you will need two (2) 3/8 inch NPT to 3/8 GM transmission line fitting/adapter to go into the filter housing. I used Doorman 800-606, got it on Amazon. Local parts stores sell them too. Line I bought at Advance auto parts part number #CN-660, worked great. Those are 3/8 inch OD and are 5 feet long. I went through two of them. If you know what you doing one is plenty. Also don't use the thick stainless tubing Amazon sells. It wont form correct in the die. Plus its a major pain to bend using Lowe's bender. Ask me how I know. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1SsEWBva_lfiN3D9nC7AeivuH69kWhYTr/view?usp=sharing In the above picture I took tube number 14 out and hooked up mine as shown. Keep the old tube just in case. Started up and what you know, no leaks, great, so far. Let the truck warm up and keep looking over all the new connections, check under the truck where i have been dicking with thermostat, all good. Take off down the road. Temp outside is ~30 degrees, drove for 10 miles, pull over to check on the connections and look for leaks. Everything looks great, however lines are cold and filter is cold too. I figured no big deal sense transmission is only at 135 degrees at this point and thermostat is still closed. It took transmission about 20 miles to come up to ~185 degrees. Drove around for 5 miles after it warmed up to make sure let all the lines fill up, let the fluid circulate and if there is any leaks let them drip to be easier to spot. Pull in the parking lot, open the hood, lines are hot, filter is hot, everything looks dry and thermostat is dry too. Headed back to the house, check it all over again, looks great. So that is how I did an external filter on 6L80. I'm leaving that orange Fram until next oil change , which is in~3000 miles. Reason for short run is because I want to cut this filter open asap for my own curiosity and didn't want to waste an Fram ultra on such a short run. Then it will be a Fram ultra and probably run it for two years, which is about ~10000 miles on this truck. Will also do cut it open as well.
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    Make sense. Last time I was on the F-150forum site it had tons of posts and lots of people online.
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    I got an early Christmas present today. I have been wanting a tool box for my truck for a little while but it seems like everything around here decided to die at on time, first my home A/C then my garage door opener then my PC. Anyway I put the tool box on the back burner but my sweetie told me to get dressed after breakfast that she wanted me to go somewhere with her and that we needed to drive the truck. So we ended up at Tractor Supply and she told me to pick out the tool box that I wanted. The main thing that I wanted in a tool box was that it be low profile. It is coated with the same stuff that is in the bed, I think it looks pretty good!
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    Where do I get the IQ points back I lost just by reading this post?
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    Also thanks to GoldStandardLighting I’ve got my color match tails put in... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Agreed. How you could think these two trucks look the same is beyond me. They are totally different.I think the lines on the side look great with the molded front fender melting into the headlights. The lines across the doors and bed side panels looks awesome too along with the new rounded wheel wells. Great design IMO. Can wait to see one with chrome front and rear and an all blackout edition. Also looking forward to seeing the interior and power train options.
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    We're in a hole! We're just going to have to dig ourselves out!
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    Found a 2015 Silverado center console for my 14 Silverado at a Automotive recycling facility for 100.00 there are still deals out there for people looking to do the conversion on there vehicles at a affordable price
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    Had to work on the the Center Console today to get the upgrade video done before the break. Here you go. Enjoy!
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    Finally got around to adding this Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
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    Lol safe is stock. Drive the hell out of it with horsepiss for gas and never blow it up. The trans shifting faster and firmer does not stress it.. adds longevity to the clutches if anything. Not to mention you can lessen the hunting and bs they do stock. Fuel economy... please... It's a 7000 lb truck with the aerodynamics of a brick so in short no it's not going to improve.
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    I waited a long time to do this upgrade on my truck because I didn’t want to have to cut and splice the wiring in my truck and wanted everything to work as if the console were factory. So when I saw that Phil had created this harness I immediately purchased the console and contacted him to get my hands on one. I then saw Phil’s post about one of the members discovering he had a different plug under his seat (23 pin) and the harness would not work. I figured at this point I needed to take a closer look at my truck and ,just my lucky, I also had the 23 pin non supported plug. I reached out to Phil and let him know my situation and he advised that he was looking into a solution and would let me know when and if he found one. A few days later I saw Phil’s post about sending my old jumpseat harness with the 23 pin plug to him so that he could harvest the plug. I again got in contact with Phil and got the harness sent out to him last Thursday. Today, only three short days later, I received the new harness in the mail. With the jumpseat already out of my truck, I completed the console upgrade in less than 30 minutes and was happy to see that everything works perfectly, just as factory. This was by far the easiest upgrade I have done to my truck thanks to Phil’s harness. Thanks again Phil!
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    Not my truck, but worked on a local member’s trucks last weekend. Added OEM Tow Mirrors with the Echomaster Intellihaul system. Front Camera, Left/Right Mirror Camera, and a Wireless Trailer Camera. Plug and Play. Pretty neat system if you Tow. Left/Right cameras automatically activate when you use the turn signal. Also did - Dual Function Running Lamps/Turn Signal mod. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Daughter made a princess bed.
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    I don't understand why people think a 5.3 truck is slow or underpowered. I think on paper the 5.3 is the quickest 1500 except for a Ford turbo V6 and a 6.2 GM, and maybe now the new for 18 390ish 5.0 Ford. Trucks are trucks, they are slow. A 5.3 truck is an above average performing truck compared to other trucks. I got upper 20, best being 28.1 mpg when driving back and fourth to the lake. It's A 55 mile trip stopping at least 5 times and loaded with coolers and lake stuff. I think there are some people on here that have there head up there ass when it comes to what a truck is and how they should perform, and have there head up there ass when it comes to what a good running vehicle is these days...a 6.2 truck is a relatively slow vehicle. It's quick for a truck, but not compared to other vehicles. I think this 6.2 truck of mine may be a little more fun to drive than the 5.3,, but I would not consider it a fast vehicle. Bragging about how fast a 6.2 truck is, is like bragging about being the smartest retard in school. Rant over.
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    I’m very curious about others ideals and ways of life. I tend to live my own way and don’t identify with labels I’m me not liberal or conservative or any particular group. Try tolerance instead of despising others , probably why there is so much division and hate in our country. Live and let live!
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    Shot down the front Down the back Wider Angle Front Shot Wider Angle Shot from Rear Quarter My reason for posting this is because I've seen the question asked several times if 1" would work or not and it seems I am the only one (at least that I could find) that was willing to give it a shot and try. So at the very least, if you have the same factory wheels I do, 1" will work without trimming the factory studs. Don't know about other wheels, as you would have to measure the factory stud and pockets on the back side of your wheel to determine that. Thank.
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    I signed up in July. Got the kit with the decals and the little kids hat. I may have to give it to my grandson. I got the calendar right before Christmas. But more importantly, I got a FedEx letter on November 20th with an invite to the 100 Anniversary of Chevy Trucks celebration, A guest (my son) and myself received airfare, hotel and all food for the weekend of Dec 16th at Texas Motor Speedway. We received a gift package when we arrived that included a jacket for each of us, a hard bound book on the history of Chevrolet Trucks and a few other items. Friday evening we had a meet and greet with Chevrolet execs at the hotel and were able to talk to them about trucks, accessories, racing and anything else we could think of. We spent the day on Saturday at TMS where we got to ride around the speedway in Corvette ZR1's and Camaro ZL1's. My son's driver was Kasey Kahn who happened to be driving owners about the track at that time. Top speed was around 145 mph. We also were the first audience to see the new 2019 Silverado. They flew it in under a helicopter and set it down in the infield of the track. Saw interviews with Bill Jordan of Realtree, Kasey Kahn, Jamie MacMurray, Michael Waddell of Bone Collector and finally Dale Earnhardt Jr. Chevrolet had a bunch of cars and trucks from their Heritage Museum there setup in the garages. We were thrilled to be chosen and to be there,.
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    if using 4 auto, when your rear tires start to slip, the clutch will grab and engage the front in a fraction of a second. There's been a lot of heated discussion about this if you care to read old threads. I'll try to sum up the useful parts: - you "can" drive in 4 auto all the time if you want. It may cause some additional wear. It may reduce fuel mileage slightly. But won't blow up your truck. - there is no point in using 4 auto when roads are good. - when roads are bad and you are actually driving on ice or snow, just use 4 hi.
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    Chevy always has sales like that on their vehicles. They're like Kohls.
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    [emoji1318] this 2 guys are looking for their truck.. anybody seen it??? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I have no problem with what you did. Going from a '15 to a '16 is actually cool and props to you for a nice job. I like it! As I said, I wouldn't go from a '16 to a '15 (backwards). That's my opinion. As for you saying "If you can’t say anything positive about someone else choices, not saying anything will make you smarter.", well... this a forum and it's the nature of the beast. People share there topics, opinions, likes, dislikes and that's what a forum is about. I'm a member of many truck, motorcycle and gun forums and that's what you get. If everybody would agree on everything, all would like the same color trucks, then there would be no need for a forum. Some choose fashion over function and some function over fashion. Some say the crew short is ugly and some say the ext. reg is ugly. Some say Summit white is too "utility/commercial" looking and some hate black. Some like lowered 2 wheel drives while some like raised 4X4's. Some members here voice that they like the Sierra better and don't like the Silverado. As long as there's no personal name calling I see nothing wrong with it. And as for you telling someone not to post their opinion, it ain't happening. You will never stop someone from voicing there opinion and saying why they don't like black wheels or someone saying why they don't like chrome wheels. If you don't like what you read, move on to the next thread or post. It's a forum and it is what it is bud.
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    Got some tires installed today: BFG KO2 275/65-R20 (on 2.5" leveling kit). Fenders measure 40.5" in rear (stock block) and 39.5" in front - In case anyone is wondering.
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    This generation of trucks has been out for 4 years now. Most of the questions have been asked already. Look for a whole new selection of problems/questions/concerns in about 10 months when the 2019's hit the market.
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    The dealership, if you are lucky, will do whatever they feel is needed. But, it's ultimately not their problem and getting tough with them will not stand you in good stead.
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    Here’s mine with 3” lift on 22 with 33s
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    Woke up to a new set off gm tow mirrors for Christmas bless my wife and daughters. Mirrors are 23351786k and 23351802k. Truck is a 2016 2500hd Silverado LT midnight edition with crewcab. Checking in to see what if anything is needed to replace my standard heat and power adjust non tow mirrors with these new ones. If anymore info is needed to determine what might be needed let me know. Thanks in advance for any help and merry Christmas and happy new year
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    Exaggerate much? This thread is stupid.
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    I actually like the new body style... its got some crazy lines, but that is a good thing. Different is better, and the front end looks nothing like the F-150, I don't see where people are getting that?...
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    Finally got a pic after the clay and wax job.
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    I could careless about the sponsorship stuff...now all the updates on 6112s are non existent. I get it...the forum needs to make money to keep in business. But these posts I am SURE brought a ton of folks via search engine. Literally the only thing that comes up on google -- and the thread has been deleted.
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    New wheel tire setup- diablo 24x10 wheels custom paint to match inserts, 285/40 atturo X/T tires Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Oh great, now we have to go through the usual "do you mean 2018 old style built in 2018, or 2019 new style built in 2018" deal all over again. GM plays these games and it probably doesn't sell 10 more trucks than they would have. The new 2019s are so damned ugly that they should produce 2018s well into 2019, to sell more trucks while they still can. Oh well, it won't be long before posters on here are talking about NNNBS vs NNNNBS.
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    Added a rough country double light 30” behind the grille light bar.
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    Totally agree. Almost no one ever says, "that look's like nothing I've ever seen before." Even though in the eyes of the public it didn't "exist" until this past Saturday,; human beings have to make associations with prior knowledge. It looks like a......fill in the blank. In truth it looks like a 2019 Silverado, and there's absolutely nothing else like it.
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    Most of the hate here is most likely from people with 4-5 years worth of payments left on their “new” trucks. This thing looks bad ass. Everyone I’ve shown these pictures to who aren’t pickup owners all agree the styling is a home run. As long as the interior/ technology are up to current standards, I’ll be buying one as soon as they are available.
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    Bingo! Gm spent countless hours talking with customers through clinics and surveys. There is no doubt that a majority of people out there love the design which is why it looks the way it is. I personally think it will be a huge hit despite what folks say on here.
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    WELL i DIDN'T EVER THINK i'D FIND ONE, EVEN SAID TO MY FRIEND THAT IT WAS NO LONGER POSSIBLE, BUT iT CAME FROM SW TEXAS, NOT A SPOT OF RUST, SO i WENT ALL OUT. TOOK 2 YEARS, and a lot of work But it as it sits now, is just as she was when delivered to Mustang Chevrolet, San Antonia, Texas in 1988
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    People choose to focus on one tiny design feature- in this case the wrap around fender. Nevermind that this just ties in with the current Tahoe/Suburban style wise.
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    Got my 295/70/18 ridges and 2.5” level put on today. Anyone else running this setup? Curious how bad it hurt your mpg and if you did anything to help the slight rubbing at full lock?
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    Just changed my truck up again. 2” rc level, 285/55/22 ridge grapps.
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    Bought Aug 2014. Currently at 75k. Running strong.
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    here is my new beauty. traded my 16 wt with 6.0 for it Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Pictures really don't do this body style justice. I was shocked at how tall my leveled 2014 is compared to my 2000 with a 4" lift and my 04 with a 2". This is my 14 with the RC 2" on 275/70r18s. Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
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