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    Did the Cluster swap the other day and now have a Denali Cluster in my 2016 Silverado LT. I like it! Now to figure out how to change the aqua LEDs to red. Then this truck will be a true Redline Edition [emoji23] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Here it is on the truck. I outlined it in brown but...on black tint it's hard to see. The badge is just for reference. Not to bad I don't think for my first time cutting a decal. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G890A using Tapatalk
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    installed OEM projectors on my LT front bowtie off being painted....
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    Finally got rid of the stock tires and got some 305/55/20s on the ride! Loving the new look. Probably going to get some bora spacers until/if I get get new wheels. Pictures are edited because lighting has sucked in Tampa the past couple days. Sent from my LG-H872 using Tapatalk
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    wouldn't you just have to change the surface mount LEDs on the dash? it's soooooo simple. i did it to my 14 (red to blue) and it looks so much better. my experience doing this kind of thing can best be summed up with this statement... i had to go buy a soldering gun to do this... never done anything like it before. i got my LEDs from oznium.com first 2 pics are stock chevy dash, with dash overlays added from http://www.newtruckstuff.com/US-SPEEDO-CUSTOM-TIMELESS-EDITION-STAINLESS-STEEL-GAGUE-FACE-SPEEDOMETER-KIT-BLUE/productinfo/TMGM31B/# 3rd pic = removing the first red LED from dash 4th pic = testing the first blue LED 5th & 6th pic = blue LEDs installed
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    2017 Chevy Silverado LTZ Z71 6.2L 4.5" Zone 22x10 AF Grips 33x12.5 Nitto Ridge Grapplers Instagram @wildchevys
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    So yesterday I got the 100 year anniversary Chevy magazine which has a centerfold of every generation of Chevy truck and in one of the articles it talks about becoming a Chevy legend!! So if you go to Chevylegends.com you can become a legend by proving you have a Chevy vehicle with 100,000 miles or more OR proving you've owned more than one Chevy in your life. Well....I have owned 2 Chevy Silverado's so I was eligible to become a legend!! The perks of being a legend are; Chevy legends hat, shirt, and 20% off everything Chevy related- merchandise or accessories and invites to special events. What a great way for Chevy to say: thank you Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Finally got around to trimming the front valance. Did it on the truck to keep it stiffer. Did one side with a dremel the other with a sharp razor blade. I recommend the latter, just go slow, follow the line that's already there and make multiple follow up cuts. Again go slow so you don't fall out of the original cut / score line.
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    ok - those are 'easy' to change... i covered the white LEDs with blue lighting 'gels' i "blued" out all of the white LEDs. eventually i'd like to replace all the white LEDs with blue LEDS, but for now, the blue gels are doing a great job.... the final 3 pics show a before/after of the entertainment controls with the LEDs covered in the blue gel (filament) - but it's the same idea with the hvac controls. i found it was easier with the knobs to put the gel inside the knob as opposed to covering the LED - i just use double sided clear tape to hold the gel in place
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    got the front bowtie done and put back on... i have masked off the wheel center caps and doing those in black too... next will be the bowtie on the steering wheel... after that, all gold bowties will be BLACK!!!! if i could only change the programming on the computer to have the one on the dash and radio be black..... .pgamboa??? thoughts? hahaha... kidding
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    ***UPDATE*** - Just exhausted a 1,000 count bag of zip ties! Each harness takes 2 zip ties, so if you do the math, I’ve built/Shipped 500 Harnesses! Thank you for the support! Also - I am SOLD OUT! I may have 1-2 harness sets left and unsure of when more are coming. Please check with me on lead times before ordering. Thanks! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    That higher speedo and the non-disableable DRLs tell me this was a Canadian spec truck. The mystery button is downhill accent control- basically low speed cruise control.
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    Got my cluster today. Thanks to [mention=130449]GTPprix[/mention] . Installed this today. Install took about 10 minutes, but made a "How-To" video anyway. Enjoy!
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    Hey all, Been lurking for the past year or so, first time poster. Picked up this 2017 Sierra Denali in March of this year, and have proceeded to turn it into project code name 'Hillbilly Deluxe' over the past 6 months or so. Vehicle itself is a 6.2L CCSB Denali, every option of the 'Ultimate' short of the tri-power steps which will be addressed by adding Amp steps sometime in the near future. Color is Black with Cocoa/Dune interior. Modifications thus far include: - 6" BDS Lift - 22" Fuel Maverick 2-piece PVD / Black Wheels - 35" Nitto Ridge Grappler Tires - Color Matched Bushwacker Flares - Fab Fours Vengeance Front Bumper w/Grill Guard - Rigid Radiance 20" Blue Backlight LED Bar (wired w/radiance cubes) - Rigid Radiance Blue Backlight LED Cubes (wired w/radiance bar) - Rigid DOT/SAE Compliant Fog Lights (wired to stock fog switch) - OEM Denali Tow Mirrors - OEM GMC Tonneau - Black GMC Badges First round of modifications (lift, wheels/tires) done at 1k, the rest done at 10k. Truck is currently still at 10k as I just got it back from my local shop. Having a blast with this bad boy, and it sure turns a few heads and gets a bunch of smiles going down the road. Future modifications include rear fab fours bumper (I have the 'premium' in my garage, but believe I'm going to send it back for the matching vengeance), blacked out tow mirror lenses, Diablew, and possibly intake/exhaust. For now just going to enjoy the ride! Will be posting up my stock bumper, LED fogs, DL8 mirrors, and practically new 20" OEM Denali wheels/tires on the for sale forum here shortly for those that may be interested. Located in Western NY.
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    Haha gutless 5.3? It is far from gutless, even the 4.3 moves pretty well. All these guys expecting their trucks to accelerate, handle and drive like a muscle car then just complain... Tyler
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    I wanted to hate the dealer but after watching the video, sorry dude, they didn’t do anything wrong that was video taped. I can’t speak for how they handled the bed being out of level because the video didn’t really address that. -pairing with bluetooth and the stereo, who the hell cares, that didn’t do any damage -speeding, who the hell cares, they weren’t driving your truck like a jackass. Them going 20 over the speed limit, which wasn’t even that much faster than the flow of traffic, is meaningless to you in every way shape or form. It did zero damage or abuse to your vehicle and they only thing that was at risk was their own license. -when the guy said “get rid of this problem”- how on earth are you offended by that. Sounds like to me he was trying to motivate someone more than complain about you. Even if he does think you’re truck is a problem, who cares, it was said in private. Infact if you were the dealership and GM gave you a truck out of level, you’d call it a problem too. Do not spread this video, all it serves to do is get people in trouble for doing nothing wrong. Now if somebody did wrong you in regards to the repairs, you can make that public. But don’t jeopardize some guys job for doing something that has nothing to do with your problem. i should be clear that I’m not all for the dealership, since it sounds like you were sold a truck that has a defect and they are not fixing it properly. i’m very much opposed to most of that video though. Don’t get those random guys in trouble over stupid stuff. It’s not like they did burn outs or were going WOT everywhere.
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    I don't know why anyone would want to be able to reach into the bed anyways..... Sent from my SM-G920V using Tapatalk
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    I used philips 921 leds for the reverse and cargo. No resistors needed. I had to add load resistors for the philips brake leds to eliminate the hyper flash. It took 30 mins to install bulbs and resistors on both sides. There’s 4 wires inside the loom by the base of the tail light. Black, brown, light green and dark green. Just tap one side of the resistor to the black and the other to the dark green. Only need1 per side. I used the same ones pgamboa listed. 100w 3ohm.
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    I've seen a lot of people talking about the centinnenal bowties. What about the vintage gmc logo. I thought they looked pretty cool. I used the wife's machine and cut me one out. I will be applying to the truck tomorrow, thinking about center of the rear window right under the 3rd brake light. Feedback is much appreciated.the truck is emerald green, that's why I went with the off white color. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G890A using Tapatalk
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    Anyone do any Halloween setup yet? I ran out of stuff have to go get more. Replaced all lights with green ones Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    All signed up and just gotta wait 6-8 weeks for the goodies now! Thanks again guys!
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    Not as drastic as some of the others but things I have done to mine. Blacked out the bowties on the wheels and steering wheel (grill bowtie is factory) Debadged the doors and tailgate Plastidipped the chrome "skid plate" below the bumper. Will paint to match next year Applied light smoke vinyl to the running lights. Tones done the orange but may need dark Put real skid plates underneath to replace the plastic from the factory
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    First I want to give a shout out to 2017SierraSLT for the hookup for the additional trim piece. I first started out with the intention of wanting to remove the wireless mat and replace it with a flat piece of rubber mat without a lip like the stock piece. I have a Note 8 that I use with a case and it will not fit inside that mat and the trim is too narrow to allow the phone to pass through and sit flush. I knew I was going to need to modify, cut the trim to allow my phone to pass through. After getting the piece removed from the truck, I used a Dremel with a flex shaft, cutoff wheel and a sanding wheel with a fine grit to widen the trim to fit the Note 8 w/case freely through it. The trim piece itself has a lip that sits on the lip of the rubber mat. I cut that lip off only on the sides closest to the outside. After a few test fits I went over the surface with the sanding wheel. I figure if I really want to smooth it out professional like I can go to my local hobby store and get some finer material. I did not replace the mat though. Had I, I would have needed to build up a lip that to fill the vertical gap that would be evident. What I found out surprised me to say the least. The Note 8, in the case, can just sit on the lip of the mat and still wirelessly charge the phone. I figure there has to be a 0.1 - 0.2 tenths of a gap from face of the charger to the QI inside the phone. In the end I did the mat flip. I gave it quick wash, dry and wiped down the trim. All buttoned up it looks quite good IMO. Side note: I definitely advise to use a face mask and glasses if you decide to do this too. That plastic residue from the cutting was very fine.
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    Can you tell me what wires tbey are and where to tap them into? I'm scared to touch any wires on this truck myself Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G920A using Tapatalk
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    What is that aer module? Power fold on keyfob? Sent from my SM-N950U using Tapatalk
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    Here it is guys....DL8 to 1A Auto tow mirrors thanks to [mention=159655]pgamboa[/mention] His custom plug and play harness is just like buying a factory harness. If you ever want to do this mod this is the man to assist you. . . . . . Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    This is awesome!! I’ve been wanting to do this swap but the wiring has been very intimidating to me!! Can’t wait to see this project complete!!
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    Update- Went on the frame machine this week to get measured. See the attachment. If you look at the measure points, point 21 is the rear cab mounts, 22 is the front bed mounts. H is the height and the numerical value is shown in millimeter. According to the software all points should be +/- 3mm relative to the datum plane, values that exceed that are out of tolerance. Side to side on the height they want as close as possible but didn't have a call out for the tolerance. According to the techs they should be the same at as many points as possible. Based on this data- the RR cab mount is 3mm higher than the left, that's where the problem starts. Then the right frame rail stays 1mm lower until the bumper mount, and it drops another 1MM. Add in the bed mount brackets that are located low on the frame, and you quickly exceed 1/2" of drop in the bed on the right side. It appears to be an accumulation of tolerances and there isn't a good way to fix it without replacing the frame. I was there when we measured it, as was the body shop manager and the service manager. After we had all the measurements and were trying to brainstorm a fix, the service manager went back into his "well I spoke to someone at GM that said 1/2" of body lean is well within tolerance" speech to the body shop manager. The body shop manager did a great imitation of the scene in the exorcist where the girl turned her head all the way around and started at the service manager for a second and said- "No....1/2" is huge. 4mm anywhere on a full frame vehicle wouldn't get out of my shop". The service manager stayed pretty quite after that. I really liked the body shop manager. You can tell he came from the shop and the service manager came from sales. So......... Got an e-mail from the dealership yesterday afternoon saying that GM has agreed to repurchase the truck. I'll update again with the offer when I see it. Already looking for the replacement, but only with Vin #1's. The loaner they put me in for the past 2.5 weeks was a 17 Fort Wayne truck- very very noticeable difference in the sound, level of rattles, fit and finish- and it was a 2wd LT. Even had coworkers mention it during our lunch runs. image2017-10-18-094219 (1).pdf
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    GM removed the capability of programming the mileage at the dealer level for certain modules. They arrive at the dealer with the correct mileage. Chances are a parts guy didn’t send in the right mileage when the module was ordered. The mileage is in fact stored in the BCM. Never have I once had a bad BCM arrive after install and program. I know for a while around 2006-2010 impalas there was a bunch that were bad, but me personally having done this for 10 years, never had an issue with one during replacement. This seems to be an error between the dealer and the module supplier, whether it be GM or Model electronics. Someone dropped the ball and it’s easier to blame GM and get the heat off of the individual. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I really wish I could help. I would even consider buying a set of DQS Mirrors and sending them to you with the correct harnesses. Then just trade you out for your DL3 and DPN mirrors in an even swap. Really sorry to hear all the issues you are dealing with. I haven't been able to find any TSB that reflects the 2017. The methods are no different for 2017, but unfortunately, it seems like ADI won't budge.
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    I am trying to get through reading this entire thread before asking any question, but I figure maybe i'll save some time by just asking one.... Is there a FAQ? 47 pages of posts, you must get the same questions over and over again. I'm really interested in doing this mod... DL3- towing upgrade. Hopefully i'll be able to contact you to order soon.
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    This will be awesome to get a plug and play harness for this swap! Looks like Phil will be getting more of my money lol
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    Swap gears all you want (not sure I would being an eAssist) but you are still over weight and a crew cab short box CANNOT run a 5th wheel due to the short box (cab will be destroyed by the trailer). You need more truck for a 9500lbs 5th wheel.
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    Have you tried plugging it in to each of the USB ports while the truck is off and see if the charging light lights up? Tyler
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    Bilstein.... blah. Two sets of 5100's and both sets had the rears leak in less than 15000 miles..... less than 5000 miles for the one set. The higher mile set came from my pavement truck that doesn't tow or haul anything and you could play the one like an accordian... no charge left. They must not like cold weather... or I apparently destroy them somehow ( that's the good one... must be by driving on highways) or whatever.... every forum has someone comment the same excuse lol. If it was one set of shocks... well okay...bad set.... but 2 sets bought like 2 years apart.... pass. Buy anything but lol. Thats my vote. Or just buy Bilstein because differing opinions are not allowed lol.
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    Btw, is anyone else seeing quadruple pictures like I am since the forum changed?!
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    I went from a 1500 to a 2500HD then back to a 1500. All 3 of them where 4x4 and 2015s. It was about a 5 inch difference in height. It doesn’t seem like much, but it was a big difference climbing in and out. My wife and kids hated getting in and out of the HD. I know a lot of people like the higher look, but I prefer the stock height of the 1500, especially when loading/unloading the box.
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    We've got 18 HDs on the lot gas, no hood scoop.
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    Bought and tried the wrap. It sucked trying to get it to conform to all the bends and then trimming it showed the black edges. Basically, I couldn’t do it. I then removed the “slats” off the grill and painted them. That sucked also but painting I can do. I like it.
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    We will give you a brake on that one.
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    New wheels and tires with a level.
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    Apparently you "broke" it.
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    You may have been driving it a little harder because you can hear the exhaust and like it. Just changing the exhaust doesnt cause the transmission to go bad. Its ten years old it just may be time.
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    18x9 Pro Comp Rockwell LT275/70/18 Falken Wildpeak AT3 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Well, drag races are one thing. That is for garage queen trucks. Work is another story. Can't speak, to recent stuff, but the 2015 2500 Silverado 2500 6.0 out did the Ram 2500 6.4 on the Ike Gauntlet pull by a considerable margin and the Silverado won the Golden Hitch Award for 2015. And the GCWR on that pull was also 300 lb heavier than the GCWR of the Ram. http://www.tfltruck.com/2015/04/selection-process-2015-chevy-silverado-2500-hd-6-0l-wins-gold-hitch-award-video/

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