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    no, after she was crying, that's what I said she also gave me a very nice treat when she got home if you know what I mean
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    so i had an idea a while ago... i have been using a 2x8 in the back of my truck as a 'divider' (just sliding it into the little groves on each side of the box). it worked great but i wanted to do something a little 'more'. i came up with 2 layouts that i liked - i ended up going with the bottom one: one of the pieces of equipment i have with my business is a laser cutter, so using taped together file folders i created the template.... put the template on the 2x8.... and transferred all the 'cut outs' i wanted to use a router, but to make life a little easier, i drilled out as much as i could first.... once the drilling was done i screwed plastic jigs to the 2x8 (i made the jigs with the laser cutter, just 1/8" plastic. my thinking was that the little wheel on the top of the router bit would just follow the cut out in the plastic.) it worked great! then use wood filler on all the screw holes... then sand it and get ready to paint.... and here it is... overall i'm really happy with it. the only thing i need to do is go get another can of flat black. i grabbed a can of what i thought was flat but ended up being semi gloss! ha! oh well, will add the final flat coat in the next couple days after i can get to a hardware store if anyone else wants to try the same thing i'll see if i can attach the file i used with my laser cutter... silverado box divider.ai ^^maybe it worked?? it's just an ai file - nothing special. if the above file didn't upload properly and you'd like to try this just fire me a private message with your email address and i'll send the file. the one thing i'd still like to add is a piece of stainless steel to the back side, but just behind the chevy logo - i think that would look sweet. i just need to get to a local metal shop
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    Installed a stars & Stripes headliner in my 16 Silverado 1500
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    Chevy is about to make a premature ejaculation edition. I have not seen one yet but I heard it was coming soon.
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    Cut through the crap. Are there rear AC vents in the back seat?
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    Well finally took the plunge this morning and knocked out my color match. Bow tie comes in on Friday. Just got the bumpers left. Pics below are when I picked it up from the dealership and this morning after the install. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Finally cracked open my headlights on my 2016 Silverado Z71. The first one took forever to figure out, but the second one was much easier. Baked them at 240 degrees for 20 min the first time then each additional time 240 degrees for 10 min until I was able to crack the entire seal. Once they were apart, it was pretty straight forward. Applied 2 coats of VHT nightshade to everything and sealed back up with silicone. I applied a generous bead where the original seal was and put back together then baked for 240 degrees for 10 min to help cure. Once put back together I put another bead of silicone on the outside of the housing to ensure a tight seal. Washed my truck 2 days later and got rained on last night, no leaks!
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    If you have a levelled 16-18 with the HID/LED or you added them to your projector lights (reflector light guys aren't exlcuded, it includes you and I) adjust your headlights down. Way to often (this also goes to Ford and other trucks but they aren't on this forum) I get blinded by leveled trucks and their stock lights not lowered. Last night I had some very bright lights in my mirror on the highway for 5 minutes, thought it was someone with their brights on but once it past it was a 16-18 Silverado LTZ with an obvious front level. If I am being blinded in my truck I can only imagine how cars and CUVs are feeling. Don't be the ****, if you level your truck adjust your headlights down, they need it. How many of you actually do it? I am guessing not that many. Before anyone says they are fine and not getting flashed after a level and not adjusting them from stock, they are lying out their tooth. They are all set the same from the factory, you raise your front end 2-2.5 inches (even with an added inch block in back it still is 1-1.5 more inches) that is a pretty large raise in headlight aiming from stock. This also goes for lifted guys too, you are 6+ inches higher than stock... So this is a public service announcement, trun your headlights down. Not only is it annoying it can be dangerous for those with eye issues, elders or those who wear glasses... Tyler
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    Bought it at 31% off MSRP! 😁
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    Neither. Look like cheapened and blown up Colorado's and Canyon's. How about more t-r-u-c-k and less bling.
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    Warm enough to use the foam cannon today! Not bad for 95k miles!!
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    You’ve been asking and we’ve been listening. Granted it took longer than anyone would have liked we are changing up our operations a bit to hopefully make things easier on everyone; especially the consumer! While most don’t know we have run the commercial side of our business during the week and the consumer side on the weekends as basically two separate entities and methods of communication. This has led to traditionally very happy third party resellers with their private branded products but also some unhappy consumers finding it hard to contact us outside of our consumer weekend business hours. That all changes today. Effective immediately we have merged our two communications channels and will be taking correspondence every day while we fine tune this. Please keep in mind it may take some time to get to inquiries now but rest assured we’ll do our best to get to each and every one as soon as humanly possible; please keep in mind we also need time to process orders J Also we are adding two more consumer processing windows to our weekday operations in addition to our weekend processing days; Monday’s and Thursday. So what does this mean to you? How we are handling the weekday consumer orders is basically if you are shipping in something that does not inhibit you using your vehicle (such as a Denali instrument cluster upgrade for example) please ship immediately after ordering as arrival day doesn’t matter as much. We will in turn process the unit as fast as the current workload allows but nine times out of ten no later than the following weekend. Full custom items e.g. Escalade cluster retrofits may take longer than one weekend as they are very labor intensive. For items that could potentially make driving your vehicle more difficult/full custom/rush orders you will still need to setup an appointment with us just to make sure we are all on the same page and can get to your order in a timely manner. We are also looking into the idea of possibly using other avenues of communication for our consumer market as well e.g. iMessage etc. I cannot stress enough how much we appreciate your continued support as we celebrate our 15thyear in business!!
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    As stated, I did a coolant flush at 75k on my '14. Few lessons being the first time doing this on the newer K2XX trucks. 1- The owners manual states 5yrs or 150k, whichever occurs first for a coolant change. I'm at 75.5k and 41 months. Even that was too long of an interval. I've been running an external coolant filter which I change the filter every year, but even so, the one compartment of the coolant bottle toward the back of the truck, had crusty 'stuff' built up on the walls. I took the tank out and hose it out beyond belief but could not get it 100% clean. The tank overall had a film on the inside. Similar to algae on the inside of a fish tank that needs cleaning. I bought a new ACDelco tank last night online. Moral of the story here is the overflow tank probably needs removed and hosed out probably every 12 - 18 months to keep this build-up at bay. 5yrs/150k my arse. The barnacle like crap was at the liquid level line. The algae layer was throughout. Hosing the tank out cleaned the algae film but the barnacles would not come out. Plus the one compartment you cannot hose out. It's a baffled compartment. Hence the new tank. 2- Even though I check the coolant for electrolysis at every oil change, it doesn't mean much with dexcool from what I have seen. That is not a good indicator of it's performance. My truck's coolant even up to yesterday before the change showed almost no electrolysis voltage at all; literally 0.03V. I have the same coolant kit on both my '14 and my '89 K5 Jimmy. I change both filters at the same interval, 1yr. On my K5 it works like a champ. Cleaning up the system, picking up debris etc. But that truck is running Prestone Green, not dexcrap. And the underside of the coolant filter base is clean as a whistle in the K5. Yesterday I noticed while taking the coolant filter off my '14, the underside of the filter base was heavily corroded. To the point where I removed my coolant filter system from my '14 due to the heavy corrosion of the coolant filter base. The filter base is carbon steel. I painted the exterior of them flat black, but obviously the inside portion where the filter mattes to it is uncoated steel. Again, the K5's is clean steel 2yrs in the making. The 14's looked horrific. So rather than buying a $27 coolant filter every year for my '14 I will put that money toward doing coolant flushes more frequently. But the point here is the DexCool was so weak in the anti-corrosion department the filter base steel corroded to S**T. So that's all the proof I need for 5yr 150k mile coolant. 3- The radiator drain plug is very accessible on the passenger side, under the lower hose so you do not have to remove the lower hose like on other vehicles. What I did learn is you have to remove both heater core hose from the block on the front right part of the engine. This is the only way to remove the water from the block. Also remove the coolant tank as the rear-ward compartment will not drain. I even removed the 1" hose from the coolant tank, that compartment still holds water. So remove the tank and drain all the water out of it and remove the heater hoses from the block. THEN I used a 6HP shop-vac to suck the water out of the block from both heater connections at the block. I shopvaced everything out. Block, coolant 1" supply hose, you name it. I pulled about 2-3 gallons of water out of the system by doing that. The radiator only will drain about 1-1.5 gallons. 4- For flushing, I put the garden hose in the overflow tank for clean water supply. Remove the radiator drain plug completely. The Tstat overflow 5/16" gets disconnected from the coolant tank and dumps on the ground. Turn the hose on just enough to keep the water level stable in the tank. Run the truck to get it up to operating temp and make the T-stat open. Turn heater on, fan on low speed. I ran the truck for about 20 minutes like this with some 2,500rpm runs to help warm it up and push water through the system. 5- See Item # 3 for ensuring the system is evacuated and you've removed all the water. Then fill with 50/50 Prestone Dexcool. I buy it at walmart for $12/gal vs $20/Gal ACDelco stuff online. After seeing the terrible performance the factory coolant did protecting the coolant filter base steel, I see no reason to buy the ACDelco coolant. Prestone has never performed bad for me. So moving forward I will be removing the coolant tank and hosing it out to prevent barnacles. The complete flush and fill will go no longer than 3yrs/36k as with green stuff recommended intervals. Lesson learned.
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    A few weeks ago I added the 3 led lights that were install in the only 2016 Silverado LTZ Special Ops Navy edition, in case anyone is interest it’s possible. Check it out.!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    That's why there is a speed limiter. You blew your truck up, no one else. Poor quality on GM? No. Poor decision making on your part.
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    Not exactly done to it, but it helped me retrieve my harvest today.
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    Trading your truck in for a car is the easiest, quickest and most cost efficient way to get more mileage. [emoji1362] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Rough Country 2.5 leveling kit on current truck with 295/60R20 Cooper STT Pro
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    Got these decals from this sites store and so far really like them. Really easy to install, much cheaper than black decals, and you can get them in almost any color. Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
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    Here it is on the truck. I outlined it in brown but...on black tint it's hard to see. The badge is just for reference. Not to bad I don't think for my first time cutting a decal. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G890A using Tapatalk
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    Finally purchased a K2XX! 2018 GMC Sierra SLT premium plus 6.2L 8L90 max tow crew cab standard bed 6.6’ Purchased at Laura GMC. Flew in and drove home. Great experience. No BS, no games, etc. I plan on putting bilstien on to raise front a bit to stuff a set of 285/70/17 big k02. Also need to order mud flaps and weather techs. Need to decide on hunting g down a topper / shell or getting a roll up tonnu cover. Removing steps and premium plus wheels. Have 1600 miles on it. Super smooth. Disable the traction control and smoke em whenever :-)
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    Smoked my driving lights, amber turn signals, amber corner markers, and fogs with VHT nightshades. Blacked out my bowtie, Z71 emblem, and chrome bumper valance with plastidip.
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    Took a drive in the Reg Cab up around Donner/Truckee
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    Here is my How To Video on how I was able to retrofit these Articulating (Tri-Mode) Running Boards onto my 2016 Silverado LT. I'll have a complete parts list here shortly. Enjoy the video for now!
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    Well this just happened today. New shoes, 285/55R20 Nitto Ridge Grapplers and Fuel 20x9 +1 D625 Vandal wheels. I need some better picks, but these were right after they were put on and around town running errands this afternoon.
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    Ah, my favorite. The Pep Boys Special Edition.
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    Not my truck, but worked on a local member’s trucks last weekend. Added OEM Tow Mirrors with the Echomaster Intellihaul system. Front Camera, Left/Right Mirror Camera, and a Wireless Trailer Camera. Plug and Play. Pretty neat system if you Tow. Left/Right cameras automatically activate when you use the turn signal. Also did - Dual Function Running Lamps/Turn Signal mod. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    No reason to be, outside a rogue issue with happens with any part of the truck it is very reliable. The rumblings you hear are from the early gen trucks (lifter failures, oil consumption, ect) but even those were in the minority. Unless you put a louder exhaust on then I can see wanting to turn it off so you don't hear it in 4 cylinder mode, otherwise the AFM saves fuel and is more reliable than what I have heard with some peope and the range device (search some older threads). Enjoy the savings, don't worry about it and read much in to anything, these later generations are good (my buddy just got rid of his tahoe with it at 240k and no issues or oil consumption). Tyler
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    2015-2017 Silverado cloth heated seats to 2017 leather heated and cooled seats. Forgive me for not take before pictures when I had the jet black cloth seats but I’m sure everyone has an idea. One late night I found a pair of 2017 HC jet black leather seats on offer up for a really good price, I just wanted the leather seats. On the process of purchasing the seats I found out the seats were ventilated, I thought my truck is not equipped for that so that’s probably not going to work, again I was just shooting for the leather seats., I’m the middle of the process I purchase a stereo trim piece because I messed up mine from trying to spray painted and the one I got came with the ventilated and heated buttons. So installed it with those buttons and what do you know.! My passenger side worked!!! Driver didn’t. Eventually with phil gamboa helping me with wiring and schematics, and more wiring.. they’re are finally working. Heating is not working yet but we’re in Texas so I don’t really mind. Here’s some pictures. And phil gamboa himself..[emoji1303][emoji1306] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I'm at 124k now. I've changed out the air filter three times, oil changes, tires, and brakes. That's it, and zero problems w/o a catch can. I have new wires and plugs ready to go. Also swapping out all fluids, new Trans filter, adding new leaf springs and shocks,ball joints, and level kit. After that I'll be ready for another 12ok. My goal is 300k on this one. Sent from my SM-N950U using Tapatalk
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    More liberal garbage in an attempt to take away things that Americans enjoy such as camping, self sufficiency, and of course, freedom.
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    Just got my new setup installed 285/55/20 BFG k02 tires 20x9 18mm offset XD820 wheels 2” rough country leveling kit
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    Did the Cluster swap the other day and now have a Denali Cluster in my 2016 Silverado LT. I like it! Now to figure out how to change the aqua LEDs to red. Then this truck will be a true Redline Edition [emoji23] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    2017 Chevy Silverado LTZ Z71 6.2L 4.5" Zone 22x10 AF Grips 33x12.5 Nitto Ridge Grapplers Instagram @wildchevys
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    Jump Seat to Full Center Console Retrofit Plug and Play Harness by PGAMBOA For those of you looking to swap your Jump Seat to a Full Center Console, I now have a Plug and Play Harness for this upgrade! This long awaited - PnP Harness will allow you to EASILY perform this upgrade. NO cutting or splicing needed! Center Console - Plug and Play Harness is $125 Shipped to lower 48. For Alaska, Hawaii, and Canada, please PM me for a quote. Since there are several versions and configurations of center consoles and truck trim levels, I feel that I have covered a majority of the configurations that are out there. There will be several assumptions on the ability to perform this upgrade and I’ll try to be as detailed and comprehensive as possible. Please see the different USB Cable configuration diagrams at the end. Assumptions: - 2014-2015 Center Consoles will have different USB Cable requirements than 2016-2017 AND will have different USB Hubs. The PnP Harness should be compatible, but you MUST verify the connector under the passenger AND the front of the console! Since this is a custom product, there will be NO REFUNDS on it. - Center Console MUST have its factory harness intact and not modified. - Connection under the Passenger Seat AND Front of Center Console must look exactly like the diagram. There is a variant X314 Connector under the seat, so yours MUST match in order for this harness to adapt. - Additional GM USB Cables must be purchased separately (based on your console year) to get USB Hubs functional. - Wireless Charging - Wireless Charging became available on 2016 and 2017 consoles. If you are looking at adding a Wireless Charging Lid to a 2014-2015 Console, please PM me for requirements. Also, there are known issues with 2016/2017 Consoles with the Wireless Lid and charging iPhone 8 and iPhone X Phones. There are workarounds for this that require some form of modification to the charging module. You can also swap the module for a 2018 Module that DOES charge iPhone 8 and iPhone X phones. Please PM me for questions on specifics. - Your truck MUST have an existing 110V AC Outlet AND (1) - 12V DC Cigarette Lighter Plug as you will be reusing those. My PnP Harness DOES NOT add the 110V AC Outlet if you don’t already have it. However, I CAN add an additional 12V DC Outlet connection if needed. - USB Cable connections will come from your HMI (Behind the Glove Box). You MUST verify that you have the USB Ports available, otherwise, your USB Hubs will not work correctly. - This PnP harness DOES NOT add any Car Play, Apple Play, or Android Play functionality. If your truck did not already come with it, you will not gain it. With this PnP Harness, you ***should*** have ALL the components in your console functional. Those options include: Front of the Console: Front - Left USB Hub (Dual USB - 2016/2017or Triple USB Hub 2014/2015 - Uses my Plug and Harness AND a USB Cable from the HMI Front - Left 12V DC Cigarette Lighter Outlet - Uses existing connections (truck must be equipped. If not, I can custom add this if needed) Front - Right 12V DC Cigarette Lighter Outlet - Uses my Plug and Play Harness Front - Right 110V AC Outlet - Uses existing connections (truck must be equipped) Inside Storage Compartment: Inside - Left 12V DC Cigarette Lighter Outlet - Uses my Plug and Play Harness plugged into the front main 42-Way Connector Inside - Right USB Hub - Uses my Plug and Play Harness plugged in the front main 42-Way Connector and USB Cable Inside - LED Lamp - Uses my Plug and Play Harness plugged into the front main 42-Way Connector Wireless Charging Lid (2016-2017 only) - Uses my Plug and Play Harness plugged into the front main 42-Way Connector Rear of the Console: 12V DC - Cigarette Lighter Outlet - Uses my Plug and Play Harness plugged into the front main 42-Way Connector THERE IS A LOT TO CONSUME HERE, SO PLEASE PM IF YOU HAVE QUESTIONS ON THIS. I WANT ENSURE THAT YOU UNDERSTAND ALL THE REQUIREMENT FOR THIS RETROFIT BEFORE PURCHASING. 16-Pin - Plug and Play Harness 23-Pin - Plug and Play Harness
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    Painted the factory chrome tube steps with bedliner material.
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    A few more pictures Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Well, I'm officially an idiot. So after buying a borescope that connects to my phone via USB and taking all the vents off and searching in the ducts, it turns out there was no coin in any of the them. I had my daughter and wife take turns sitting in the middle seat and listen while I shook the truck side to side. After a few turns listening, their opinion of where the sound was coming from changed to up above. So I decided to take the panel off the top console not expecting to find anything. Instead, I found a loose screw rolling around. I felt like such a fool lol. I could've swore my daughter put a coin in there because at that same time I had stopped her from dropping a candy wrapper down there. Plus, she was playing with some loose change I had in the console. So I owed her a big apology with an ice cream lol. Sorry if I left some of you in suspense for how I got the coin out lol.
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    Added some new graphics to the truck bed. Matte Black, its hard to get a real good angle to show it off. I like it!
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    2.5 Level sitting on KO2s 285/65/20.
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    The fanboyism is strong here. Both diesels should make good power but I have little interest in either as diesels add thousands to the truck price for gains in areas I care nothing about. I just want the 5.3 to be competitive with the other V8s or make the 6.2 more widely available.
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    I got an early Christmas present today. I have been wanting a tool box for my truck for a little while but it seems like everything around here decided to die at on time, first my home A/C then my garage door opener then my PC. Anyway I put the tool box on the back burner but my sweetie told me to get dressed after breakfast that she wanted me to go somewhere with her and that we needed to drive the truck. So we ended up at Tractor Supply and she told me to pick out the tool box that I wanted. The main thing that I wanted in a tool box was that it be low profile. It is coated with the same stuff that is in the bed, I think it looks pretty good!
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    I wanted power fold tow mirrors for a while, went to buy them and they were back ordered lol, they finally came in, of coarse I wanted plug and play with the oem switch so the man to call is pgamboa. Decided to let Phil do the install, well worth it to me, I'm very particular on who touches my truck, Phil was very gentle and thorough with a clean and professional install, I also had him do the foglights on with hi beam and the cargo, puddle lights, and reverse lights all on, backing is like day light at night lol. Appreciate all you did Phil....
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    Weather was finally nice and had some time to get the Front Park Assist Sensor upgrade completed. Thanks to @GTPprix for the module programming and @Justin101714 for the supplemental help. Here is a video to show how I did it. ENJOY! E
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    Not sure last time I even posted in here but the truck is a bit different now. BDS 6" lift, glide ride leaf springs, moto metal 970 20x10 wheels, 35x12.5r20 Toyo R/T's, Ranch Hand rear bumper, Winjet automotive headlights, Morimoto HID lows, LED highs, Morimoto LED fogs. Also just got it tinted with SunTek CXP yesterday, will post up pics when I return from vacation Sent from my SM-N920V using Tapatalk
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    Finally got rid of the stock tires and got some 305/55/20s on the ride! Loving the new look. Probably going to get some bora spacers until/if I get get new wheels. Pictures are edited because lighting has sucked in Tampa the past couple days. Sent from my LG-H872 using Tapatalk
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    17x8.5 OG Weld Cheyenne's 33x12.50 Mickey Thompson Mtz
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    Thanks for your valuable input, it really helped to solve the problem. I should be all set now.
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