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    Hummm, I’ve been driving over 40 years I’ll never get desensitized. I don’t require 500 plus horsepower out of my DD cruiser. The couple times a week I drive my old modified truck or my wife’s sports car never gets old. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    bro if your gonna go after snow like that you need these things mounted on your truck!
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    Put some new spyder tail lights on. Yeah it’s snowing pretty good too. Love the lights though. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Very good point. Everything is a rolling gum drop these days.
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    The dash comes out very easily, just a LOT of screws and a few bolts. I don't have a video, but just start taking out the a-pillars, defroster panel, screen/hvac controls, disc drive, radio modules, cluster, knee bolster, glove box, etc. You'll also need to pull the steering column. Bag all the screws and lable where they go in each bag and then reinstall. Depending on your comfort level and organization really determines the time it'll take. Also, if your just replacing the cover, you won't have to take it down this far.
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    Thanks fellas!! I got this one for 250! No scratches, dents, mint condition really. Initially was 300 but the guy scratch the bottom glove compartment so I bought one on eBay for 35.00.. I changed my cloth seats to the leather vented and heated, change my center console lid to the charging pad leather lid and my now heated leather steering wheel, the only thing missing was the dashboard. Really excited about this.!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    This is normal. Your just seeing it because you used remote start and can see the back of the truck. It does the same thing if you get in and turn the key ,but most people are not looking in the mirror at that time to see it happen.
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    Total change in system plans. I'm ditching the external DVD and module for the Alpine Restyle kit since I found out it comes with a t harness that connects directly to the clockspring so I can finally get my steering wheel controls without having to change the entire dash cluster etc. (just need to add the steering wheel with the controls and correct clockspring). The kit also comes with the idatalink Maestro so you keep most other factory functions such as OnStar, satellite radio etc. and there is an external hide away speaker included for the chimes so those won't be too loud from being amplified. Also gonna be installing one of these in forum membe Nasty's 2016 Regular cab.
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    Just got this beauty 18' z71 2 LTZ with the 6.2L I'm really liking the color. Sent from my SM-G955W using Tapatalk
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    Hey everyone! Here is a cubby modification I made this weekend for 2007-2013 Trucks! Check it out! Make sure to Like it, Share it and SUBSCRIBE!!! PLEASE!!!! Thanks!
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    Step bars on a truck 3" off the ground?
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    had this in my tahoe, was the best
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    I'm the same way when getting into a new truck. Only it's my toy, a Plymouth Duster right now, that gives me the thrills. Besides, I don't want my Daily Driver to be the one that get's me into trouble. I just want it to get me from point A to B, while towing the trouble... My 5.3/8sp High Country does that perfectly fine, and in comfort...
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    I went with MVI for the programming and to supply some parts. I did a write-up here on the forum a while back about the RSE install recommending them for this and other items. The MVI kit is a LOT simpler install than what I did but they don't offer anything that would include the rear console inputs. The rear console aux input is needed in order to wire in the HDMI input unless they've brought out more things. I spoke with Anthony just last week but I didn't ask if they've made any changes to this particular kit. FYI, if you don't have a sunroof, you WILL need a new headliner or have an upholstery shop fill in the original dome lamp opening with the material cut for the screen and then be recovered. The non-sunroof vehicle dome lamp is further back than the sunroof vehicle dome lamp is so the existing opening is still present when the screen is mounted, pic attached. I do highly recommend the unlocked HMI over a LockPick. I'll recommend Anthony and John at MVI again as they are very knowledgeable. I've and the opportunity to visit their shop in the Denver area a couple times now and they are great! Their customer service is top notch.
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    Didn't think that was possible. Are you talking about the 'factory' console? Curious to see what you come up with!
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    Keep a few things in mind in regards to HP. Cylinder head design has come a long way as has manufacturing techniques and materials including gaskets. Aluminum heads on iron blocks were guaranteed to leak 40+ years ago and the heads were prone to physical failure. Camshaft designs! Advent of hydraulic roller cams added power, not just peak HP but power everywhere especially peak torque. EFI, engine management systems, they all work to increase efficiency. I've personally built and ran a mild 454 based engine that was in the 550HP range and a 540 cubic inch BBC that dyno'd just over 700HP, idled at 800 rpm in gear with the AC running.
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    Common on any engine....its dumping a ton of fuel to get the thing started. Remember that liquid gas doesn't burn its the fumes that do. When its insane cold outside you need to dumb a crap ton of fuel in to get some of it to evaporate otherwise truck wont start. Black smoke is unburned fuel. Your truck is fine.
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    Ironically enough, it was "enough complaining" that brought us here in the first place. GM used to put a real AT tire on it's trucks so equipped. Customers complained loudly about too aggressive a tread pattern, too loud, poor ride, etc. So now we have a vanilla, at best, "AT" tire.
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    They can feel whatever they want, I’m going by facts. My fight isn’t with the dealer, I know they didn’t do it and have told them that. They’ve been great to work with actually. GM is accountable for it, however I can’t buy a vehicle directly from them, so the dealer is responsible for the resolution since they are the ones providing the product. They’re working with the regional rep to resolve it. I’m not demanding hard dollars or anything, actually I didn’t demand anything from them. I pointed out the wrong and asked them how they’d like to resolve it. I mean realistically, do I care all that much about the tires? Meh. It’s about the value and principle of the matter to me. So, essentially provide me with $200 of value that I didn’t receive. And yes, if enough people complain, it will change. The numbers get staggering pretty quickly. Gm sold a little over 800k trucks last year, say half of those were z71 and had that $200 charge. It’s huge. Even at 25%, it’s insane. Have enough documented cases and feed that to an attorney general looking to make a name for themselves...it’ll change. Me? I just want the value of what I was charged for.
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    Waiting for the right deal to come along to do this. After ripping into my dash here and there it seems very easy. As you take off plastics, you see lots of bolts holding it down to the dash frame support frame. Give yourself a day and explore. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    That's the one I actually miss the most. It came with the factory chrome valve covers and air cleaner. Most times if I mention it a lot of people have never heard of it. Fun car.
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    Sounds like an interesting project! The lower trim Silverado dashboards are pretty plain when compared to the High Country or Sierras. I would ask a local body shop for some direction on how to trade out this part.
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    Common on direct injection engines in the cold or when you get on the throttle after a long time of driving gently.
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    I always get a puff of black smoke on startup when it's below freezing. It's normal for direct injected engines to run a little rich when cold. That's more than likely the puff of black smoke you're seeing.
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    Would you mind posting the service order details showing the parts and labor. If this works I want to go to a different service shop and have them do this but never heard there was a “new” design.
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    Maybe i should consider myself lucky. I was having the same issue with vibration at Idle. Just picked up my truck from the dealer after them having it for 2 days, they replaced the motor mounts with the new upgraded desgn , and the truck idles smooth as glass now. Truck has 8500 miles and had the vibration since the day i bought it. I will post an update after i put some miles on it to see if it has solved the issue for good.
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    I did both the trans cooler lines on my 2010, and it was a pain and I wouldnt DIY it again, I'd just pay someone with a lift. I bought the oil cooler lines too but never got around to doing them before I sold the truck. You have to pull the axle to do the oil cooler lines (at least on the NNBS), which is why I never did it. I still have the lines sitting in my garage taking up space. These lines are prone to leaking, and my oil cooler lines started weeping at about 50k on my 2010 and I sold it with 90k with no worse leaking, so I wouldn't worry about it totally failing on you anytime soon.
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    How about laughing, not complaining to brighten your day? Postem up guys.
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    I did the Realtree camo bow tie tonight. The black one is the one I had plasti dipped that was on my original chrome grille. The Realtree is 3M Vinyl and I plastidipped the chrome outer piece to match my black grille. I will get a picture of the entire front installed tomorrow when it’s daylight. Delivered to you via my cellular device using Tapatalk
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    They used the wrong transmission fluid in the 2015 and 16 i was told by the Transmission tech at the dealer i bought from. All this tech does is software and tear downs of these transmissions. I mentioned in a earlier post that i went on a test drive with him and he told me its basically a software issue with the transmissions for this harsh shifting. He said think about it if aftermarket tuners clean up the shifts and people are reporting good results in the 2017 why would the transmission need flushing because oil different oils mixing. Bull Crap. No doubt that we probably have the same transmissions as the 2015 16s in our 2017 trucks. the flushing 3 times and refillling was because they used the wrong fluid in the transmissions back in 2015 2016. so the fix was to flush 3 times and fill with Mobile 1 Hp trans fluid to correct the problem. spoke to my dealer this week and expressed my disappointment with this truck and the way that GM rights this off as normal operation. He said well maybe you can trade it in for a new one they have the 10 speed in there now. LOL . Ya right they cant get the last 3 years of transmissions right what makes you think this would be any better. The blow smoke up peoples A***s and expect everyone to just believe them. Ill Say it again i believe the grunt mechanic that comes in in the morning and puts a full day of work in over these clowns at the dealerships that are only there to sell there $60.000 junks to honest working people.
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    I was born in the late ‘70s when Corvettes were around 200hp and now some people think a truck needs 500hp to tow a lawn mower. My first truck was a ‘84 GMC 4x4 with a 250 straight six. Now that was an underpowered turd at 120 hp. Of course, it got swapped out for a 350.
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    I had my doubts when I purchased this the other day but once I threw it on, I loved it! Also didn't realize GM made the illuminated bowtie in gold.
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    I did the same, but I think it's more of "think more work less".......
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    I own a 2017 denali which does the same thing, I have had it to the dealer for repair of the hard shifting at low speeds and when down shifting they did a relearn and two updates and it still clunks and does the same thing I guess thier is no fix, I'm very disappointed as ever thing else with this truck is good I just don't understand why gm . Would not fix this issue as this hurts this brand in a very competitive market for trucks it's like they hope that looks and features are enough and it's not true drive ability is even more important I would be afraid to buy the new ten speed 2019 model if they can't get this one right
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    I’m a bit confused. Members in general seem to be interested in the things that one would consider if they were attempting to make something last. Then do everything in their power to hinder the process. That’s very baffling. Guys spend tens of thousands of dollars buying it. Thousands more modifying it. Obsess over the warranty then trade them like baseball cards. Complain about what junk they are then…go out and buy another because the next great thing just came out on an ever more complicated truck that will last an even shorter period of time than the one they just traded. They were dissatisfied with what they had due to issues they won’t address without GM footing the bill and didn’t uncover test driving it long enough or under a range of conditions comprehensive enough to uncover and more often than not, create from neglect, ignorance or abuse. The kicker? They decidedly didn’t understand the one they sold and bought one with more just to say they have more? More what? Problems! Owners drop a few grand on lighting, tires, wheels and tunes and CAI’s then complain about the cost of a decent oil filter. Wrangle the prices of sellers new take offs like they didn’t have two pennies to rub together then dump hundreds into chrome or color matching do-dads on EBay then try to get 20K from an oil change. What I am not confused about is the actual machine’s we drive. I actually like machines. They make sense. Used and driven within their designs and limits even junk designs are fairly reliable. I’ve owned a fair number of English war and post war motorcycles and routinely ride them trouble free in a crowd of guys that can’t get one around the block. These fellows are the first to tell me what can’t be done after I’ve done it. I’m not confused about that either. You’re expecting it to be better than it is doesn’t make it so. Complaining about it won’t make it better no matter how many forums you joint or how much consensus you build. What you like and think about that hasn’t one bit of bearing on what it is. I’m not confused about that hence I have very few problems so common to others. I don’t have a need to discuss it. Just thought it might be of interest of some others. I’m no longer confused about that either.
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    Sweet truck! Nice to see another Canadian on here. Cheers from Ontario
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    I just read through your build to date. I really like what you have done.... subtle changes make for a great looking truck. Just picked up a 15 2500HD myself and your truck is inspiring. This is is my first Silverado as all my recent trucks have been Fords. Keep the updates coming as I enjoy reading through people’s build threads.
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    Tell what got this started. An Uncle passed who still owned and used on farm his first ever truck. A 32 Ford pickup. 221 CID V8 flathead. Bob dairy farmed and ran the buss garage for the school district and his son taught auto shop there and worked in the garage as well. Obviously it wasn't new when he bought it being born in 22 but it was a local family owned truck with a known history. Bob's heart was really bad the last five years and the motor was pulled from the truck and put on a stand at the school for display in the auto shop. Reinstalled for auction when he passed. That truck served him his entire life time and when sold had over one million miles on it still running with exactly one motor rebuild and still able to take feed to the cows or run a errand to town. Start on the coldest days. Yes he had others in later years that got more service but still. Over 80 years of service to the family. It had been all over the USA but mainly within a few hundred miles of the farm. Pulled horse trailers to county fairs they rode in. Pulled a plow a time or two. Was the family car for over ten years. It did what needed doing in a time when parts were scarce. Post depression and WWII. What they couldn't find they made or adapted until they could. In 2012 most parts were still available. Still are actually. I agree. I doubt anything made today could last as along and I agree it is a throw away society. Isn't that sad? I remember people chanting 'saving the planet for our children'. Yet never wavering coarse like the Titanic toward the greed iceberg straight to the waste of this throw away society. There was nothing special about that 32 Ford. What was special was the family that maintained it and treated it like it was the only thing they would ever own in a time that was certainly possible. It isn't a matter of can it be done. It's already been done. Many times with many families. It was how they lived then. They worked hard and cherished the fruit of that labor. When my mother passed going threw her things we re-found her war stamp books. Sugar allotments. Gas, Tires, Coffee. Still unused. I asked her about that when I was younger. "Why would I take from those in greater need things I didn't"? What do you think causes more pollution and waste more resources? Millions of dirty cars on the road or the manufacture of billions more than ever needed to be made? Cows fart more pollution that motor vehicles. That truck went low ball to a scrap dealer who crushed it. There are some sick people on this planet. I'd a got another 20 out of her.
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    I don't think it is a steering shaft. That would be felt in the steering wheel not the floor board. I am thinking your torsion bar bushings are gone. Reach under the drivers side and grab the torsion bar and shake it up and down. See if the bushing are gone. I am betting you will find your problem there. This one will work just fine and it has the Teflon bushing in it. http://amzn.to/2GDajEP
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    Your 100% right about that. Sad as a brand that GM or any manufacturer has lost all pride in building quality vehicles anymore. they all look great but hide behind plastic and cheapest parts that the car manufactures can buy. My Brotherinlaw works at Chrysler and told me if you see the crap that goes into there builds you would put your hands on your head. I think i may just lease from now on and not worry about rustproofing and all the high end oils and parts to keep the truck for a long time. I think those days are gone hanging on to your truck forever no matter how well you take care of it.
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    And make sure you lock the steering wheel in place when changing the steering shaft or you will be replacing other parts.
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    Intermediate steering shaft most likely. Super common issue on GM trucks of that era. Took GM forever to fix it. First they came up with an updated lubricant for the splined portion, then they wanted you to unbolt it from the steering box and compress and extend the shaft (or in GM's words: "exercise the shaft"...). Finally they came out with a new ISS that solved the issue. Super easy to change. One bolt inside the cab and one under hood.
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    Right again Sir. I personally can't just get another truck. Actually if I could, I don't know what I would get with all the other brands having troubles of their own. The biggest problem in the vehicle industry today is "Big Government" interference into such things as emissions, fuel mileage, EPA, global warming and all the other things they want to control. Back in the good ole' days we could build a motor, transmission, and rear end to do what we wanted without a computer and it would work perfectly until we blew it up. If you had a diesel all you needed was fuel and clean air to make all the power you wanted. Those days are long gone never to be seen again.
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    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Mowed the lawn today, and after doing so I sat down and had a couple nice cold beers. The day was really quite beautiful, and the brew facilitated some deep thinking on various topics. Finally I thought about an age old question: Is giving birth more painful than getting kicked in the testicles? Women always maintain that giving birth is way more painful than a guy getting kicked in the testicles. Well, after another beer, and some heavy deductive thinking, I have come up with the answer to that question. Getting kicked in the testicles is more painful than having a baby; and here is the reason for my conclusion. A year or so after giving birth, a woman will often say, "It might be nice to have another child." On the other hand, you never hear a guy say, "You know, I think I would like another kick in the nuts." I rest my case.
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    Why Dogs Are Better Than Women 1. The later you come home, the happier your dog is to see you. 2. Dogs don’t care if you play with other dogs. 3. Dogs don't notice if you call them by another dog's name. 4. Dogs are excited by rough play. 5. Dogs don't mind if you give their offspring away. 6. If a dog is gorgeous, other dogs don't hate it. 7. Dogs like it when you leave lots of things on the floor. 8. A dog's disposition stays the same all month long. 9. Dogs understand that instincts are better than asking for directions. 10. Dogs don't want to know about every other dog you ever had. 11. Dogs enjoy heavy petting in public. 12. Dogs find you amusing when you're drunk. 13. A dog's time in the bathroom is confined to a quick drink. 14. Anyone one can get a good-looking dog 15. When a dog gets old and cranky you can put it to sleep
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    Well I drove about 100 miles since my pan drop and filter(s) change. Fluid is not as fresh looking as I would like. Truck is shifting SOOOO MUCH better around town. I added 5.75 qts of new fluid to get the fluid up to level. not sure what the total capacity is on our system... 9-12qts, but I'm buying another gallon of AC Delco ATF and will plan on sucking out as much fluid as I can through the fill tube. Plan on doing this in 2 weekends. Also, instead of buying a vacuum pump, I already bought a 12V external Fuel pump from Autozone for pumping out the gas from my K5 project. It's self priming and i don't see why it wouldn't pull ATF. I do need to pickup new 5/16" clear tubing this week though so I don't contaminate my ATF. That little pump is a beast, it's now my "fluid pump" in the garage. Hopefully after this next suck and fill the fluid will look acceptable.
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    Pain in the a**! But if you really want to know.... You have to remove the following things in the order that follows. Plastic piece between grill and bumper, Plastic that is on top of grill (says GMC) under the hood, then the Grill, then the bumper, then depending on how you take it off you will have to remove the plates that hold the bumper to the frame. Then you will be able to remove the skid plate. Reverse to put it back on. I don't think it can be done without removing the bumper because you have those tow plates, one for each side. Each have 6 bolts in them that bolt to the bumper and then those plates are bolded on the the frame. Honestly, its not hard, I added fog lights and tow hooks all by myself and it took 4 hours. The hardest part was the plastic between the grill and bumper. To remove the bumper itself, remove two bolts on top of the bumper that bolt to the frame. They are the easiest to remove. Then you have to crawl under on both sides inferno of the wheel there is an "arm". There is one bolt on one side and 2 on the other. Just remove the one bolt on the arm from both sides of the truck and lift the bumper away. Just a thought, leave the top bolts in loosely where you can unscrew them with your hand, you don't want the bumper fallen off and scratching or hurting yourself. So... after finishing this post I saw that you knew how to take off the whole bumper, but I'm gonna leave it because it took a while to type and I'm proud haha. Anyways like I was saying above those plates cover up the 12 screws that you have to take out. 4 around each tow hook and then 4 across the top. The 4 across the top you could probably get to, but the other 8 I don't think you could. The plates cover the back of the bumper, probably to protect the fogs and plastic pieces from debris. Anyways if you have any questions just let me know, I don't mind helping at all! And its all still fresh on my mind because I just did it last week. Good Luck!
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    Just recently did my 2015 Sierra Denali with the suspension maxx kit. Had my dealer install kit, tires I brought, and aligned the front end for just over $500 parts and labor. Looks awesome and rides like a Denali should. Went with Nitto Terra grappler g2's in a 285/55/22 and fit is perfect. Only rub is at full lock and that is on the carpet.
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