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    Cut through the crap. Are there rear AC vents in the back seat?
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    Bought it at 31% off MSRP! 😁
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    Lol safe is stock. Drive the hell out of it with horsepiss for gas and never blow it up. The trans shifting faster and firmer does not stress it.. adds longevity to the clutches if anything. Not to mention you can lessen the hunting and bs they do stock. Fuel economy... please... It's a 7000 lb truck with the aerodynamics of a brick so in short no it's not going to improve.
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    I waited a long time to do this upgrade on my truck because I didn’t want to have to cut and splice the wiring in my truck and wanted everything to work as if the console were factory. So when I saw that Phil had created this harness I immediately purchased the console and contacted him to get my hands on one. I then saw Phil’s post about one of the members discovering he had a different plug under his seat (23 pin) and the harness would not work. I figured at this point I needed to take a closer look at my truck and ,just my lucky, I also had the 23 pin non supported plug. I reached out to Phil and let him know my situation and he advised that he was looking into a solution and would let me know when and if he found one. A few days later I saw Phil’s post about sending my old jumpseat harness with the 23 pin plug to him so that he could harvest the plug. I again got in contact with Phil and got the harness sent out to him last Thursday. Today, only three short days later, I received the new harness in the mail. With the jumpseat already out of my truck, I completed the console upgrade in less than 30 minutes and was happy to see that everything works perfectly, just as factory. This was by far the easiest upgrade I have done to my truck thanks to Phil’s harness. Thanks again Phil!
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    Not my truck, but worked on a local member’s trucks last weekend. Added OEM Tow Mirrors with the Echomaster Intellihaul system. Front Camera, Left/Right Mirror Camera, and a Wireless Trailer Camera. Plug and Play. Pretty neat system if you Tow. Left/Right cameras automatically activate when you use the turn signal. Also did - Dual Function Running Lamps/Turn Signal mod. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Daughter made a princess bed.
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    I don't understand why people think a 5.3 truck is slow or underpowered. I think on paper the 5.3 is the quickest 1500 except for a Ford turbo V6 and a 6.2 GM, and maybe now the new for 18 390ish 5.0 Ford. Trucks are trucks, they are slow. A 5.3 truck is an above average performing truck compared to other trucks. I got upper 20, best being 28.1 mpg when driving back and fourth to the lake. It's A 55 mile trip stopping at least 5 times and loaded with coolers and lake stuff. I think there are some people on here that have there head up there ass when it comes to what a truck is and how they should perform, and have there head up there ass when it comes to what a good running vehicle is these days...a 6.2 truck is a relatively slow vehicle. It's quick for a truck, but not compared to other vehicles. I think this 6.2 truck of mine may be a little more fun to drive than the 5.3,, but I would not consider it a fast vehicle. Bragging about how fast a 6.2 truck is, is like bragging about being the smartest retard in school. Rant over.
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    I’m very curious about others ideals and ways of life. I tend to live my own way and don’t identify with labels I’m me not liberal or conservative or any particular group. Try tolerance instead of despising others , probably why there is so much division and hate in our country. Live and let live!
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    Shot down the front Down the back Wider Angle Front Shot Wider Angle Shot from Rear Quarter My reason for posting this is because I've seen the question asked several times if 1" would work or not and it seems I am the only one (at least that I could find) that was willing to give it a shot and try. So at the very least, if you have the same factory wheels I do, 1" will work without trimming the factory studs. Don't know about other wheels, as you would have to measure the factory stud and pockets on the back side of your wheel to determine that. Thank.
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    I actually like the new body style... its got some crazy lines, but that is a good thing. Different is better, and the front end looks nothing like the F-150, I don't see where people are getting that?...
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    2016 Chevy Silverado 6.2, max tow pkg, 17000 miles. I just wanted to share this info. I know it has been addressed and speculated on. My Silverado developed the intermittent shudder at about 58-62 MPH then it stops. It rapidly worsened to include hard shifts, and a shaking felt through the wheel,as well as visible. Bought to dealer, was informed they were, according to GM to drain fluid and replace it, I was to drive it for 250 miles, if it didn't quit to bring it back for further treatment. I took a loaner home. Shortly after arriving home they called, said they checked with GM and were told to replace the torque converter. Due to a regional storm I didn't return for several days. The truck runs like it did when new. Here's what I was told. GM received a , in a "bad lot" of transmission fluid which was used in the factory. Engineers finally narrowed it down to fluid which led to the conclusion. They believed if you drained the transmission fluid and replaced it with new drove the 250 miles it stopped the problem, if not then they had to replace the Torque Converter.This treatment only showed favorable results in a percentage of Trucks. When they notified GM of the present problem in my truck, GM authorized to forgo the fluid replacement in light of the failures and just replace the torque converter. ALL issues presented have been eliminated. Just wanted to share. Have a Great Day and stay safe all..........
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    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    this is pretty cool. the new silverado interior is pretty horrendous in comparison.
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    2.5 Level sitting on KO2s 285/65/20.
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    The fanboyism is strong here. Both diesels should make good power but I have little interest in either as diesels add thousands to the truck price for gains in areas I care nothing about. I just want the 5.3 to be competitive with the other V8s or make the 6.2 more widely available.
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    Suck it FERD! Inline 6 duramax diesel game over! The trucks kicks ass! Great Job GM!
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    One of my fuel ups this week (Edmonton Canada region) 87 octane was $1.049/liter and diesel was $1.299/liter. This equals $34 per tank difference. No real point here other than to continue to be thankful that I can load my 6.0 without a care in the world about fuel economy and servicing even if a Duramax hands me my ass on long grade. For what it is, it's cheap to run, cheap to service and is not likely to spend time in the shop for sensors or emission issues. I love diesel power but now that I'm older and wiser I can see the other side. For reference, the 25 cent difference is extreme but 87 is usually a between 5-15 cents cheaper here. Diesel does get a bit cheaper (maybe 5 cents at the most) a few times per year but it's the exception and not the norm. What I wouldn't give for a 8.0 Vortec/10-speed option in 2020. A guy can dream, anyway.
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    I would not have drained it personally. You were fine. I’ve used 8 single quart bottles, as well as used 8 quarts from 2 5 quart jugs and both have got my right at the full line
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    FINALLY found time to fully install my center console. I have a 14 w the other connection, but Phil was nice enough to source my harness out my jumpseat to make my harness works. Even responded to all my texts promptly and figuratively held my hand during the install. Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
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    His next vehicle will likely be his first if his physical age matches his emotional age. Assuming he passes the drivers license test once he reaches 16.
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    I don't know maybe I'm just really old school. I like my trucks to be simple and rugged, not stuffed with the latest tech. One of the things I love most about my 2014 is I can operate most of the controls for the HVAC and Radio completely blind. I hardly use the touch screen feature because I hate having to focus on it while I'm driving. The new Ram looks cool, but doing everything on the touch screen seems like a huge pain in the ass and adds tremendous cost to the vehicle. At the end of the day, I want a solid engine, 4wd, basic tech to connect my phone so I can do hands free calling and stream some content from the phone (so Apple Car Play), rearview camera, rear AC vents, an auto dimming rearview mirror, and heated side mirrors. I don't even want leather seats. I'm concerned that the way these manufacturers like to package features that to just get some of these basic functions I have to pay up for an expensive trim level with a lot of extra features that, while certainly nice, I don't need or necessarily want. The only reason I paid up for the Z71 in 2014 is so I could get a black grille without all the chrome. The next go round I'll probably drop down to the regular LT unless the Trail Boss isn't ridiculously priced.
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    Agree on the antenna. Not sure about the need for a 4.0 or larger diesel. There's only so much you can do with a half ton anyways. If you need that much power it's probably best to go to a 3/4 ton with the 6.6 dmax anyways
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    It's 2 pieces. The skid plate and I think it's called the "bumper filller" I just did mine recently
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    That would be 11609982 you only need 2 of them. Don't forget to get ahold of Phil for the PnP cable.
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    I disagree. I like the interior layout of my 2017. Very functional and well laid out. The 8” touch display works great. Especially with Apple CarPlay and Android auto. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Far superior to the Chinese knockoff droid tablet that GM uses...
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    On the 1500 K2 Silverado its a "trim level." The HD trucks and GMC its a suspension option. Silverado 1500 there is 1LT and 2LT. 1LT is called the LT (chrome bumpers, regular 4x4, etc.). 2LT is LT Z71 (Z71 package, painted bumpers, Z71 cluster, door sills, hill descent control). Same for 1LZ (4x4) and 2LZ (Z71). The new trucks are going back to the old way, where it was a suspension option.
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    Zane Merva Executive Editor / Publisher, GM-Trucks.com 1/13/18 Chevrolet will live stream its official introduction of the next generation 2019 Chevrolet Silverado tonight at 6pm (Saturday, January 13th, 2018). Join us here to discuss the event as it unfolds live. I've embedded the live stream into this thread so it's easy to find and watch. See you here tonight! EDIT: Now that the stream is over, check out an overview of the eight trim levels that the 2019 Silverado comes in.
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    The problem is that it’s a Fiat(Ram). Least reliable, worst resale, and if you get into a crash with one, say goodbye. Plus, they’re god awful ugly.
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    This is all BS. The burden is on GM to locate a replacement truck for you that YOU will accept. If it were me, I'd tell GM to get to work making me a truck EXACTLY like the one I purchased. After all, you purchased that particular truck for a reason. Don't settle for anything less. Just tell them you'll be driving the Malibu on their dime for the 6-8 weeks they will take to manufacture your new truck. Actually, just to screw with them, I'd probably tell them to cut me a check for what I paid for my truck, leave that Malibu sitting in the service lanes with the keys locked in it, and ask them to give me a ride to the nearest Ford dealership. But I'm an ass.
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    I am not ignorant of your plight nor of the commercial systems sins, which are many. I suppose this felt like a personal attack and for that I am truly sorry. It was not meant to be. What is was meant to be was a push toward scientific inquiry and in the end, relief. I believe in stats. I believe in science. I believe in God. In rational application of all the for-stated. Past that I have grave doubts. I rarely trust even my own motives and even less in my own knowledge. As the professionals you and I are I do understand your frustration. Those with a heartfelt love for this work and the auto in general are sensitive to this REAL commercial villainy and yes we feel a need to vent on that a bit now and again. I get that. I really do. But I also understand that in a forum setting it is the evil and not the good that sings the loudest. Thus the need for a statistical point of reference to prevent distortion and, silly as this may sound, attempt to do what a forum was meant to do. Help people. No one is denying that there is or was or even may continue to be an issue. The evidence is clear enough. It is no longer a question. What we don't know is how often. The gravity of the situation is relevant, is it not? 1 in a 1,000 is certainly not the same issue, or crap shoot, as say 700 per 1,000. You can see this, I know you can. Did the GM fixes work? If not each has it's own solution. That later demands I look for a different brand of truck. The former asks questions such as those I asked earlier. Is it a lubrication issue. A metallurgy issue? A design issue? The result of some habit of ones own making. Some things I can do myself, some need a fix perhaps I can also do myself. But we need information to do this and guys like you are our best source of that information. Even if you can't get your hands on that data what does an honest appraisal of your experience tell you? When you do a repair what does your postmortem revel? Give us a clue brother and hammer out a solution if one is to be found! Whose parts are viable replacements? Should I use using Crane Lifters if the GM replacements are no better? Has someone outside GM addressed this with success? Have any tips and tricks? You've already shown yourself a talented writer and an able tech. Now share it. Please...use your skills as a guide not a siren. There is enough unfruitful negative pilling on problems already.
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    It's no secret that GM and Ford worked on the 10 speed together. They each probably make small changes to optimize it for their engine but it's the same unit i the end. The engine is supposedly all new. It's rare but eventually the manufacturers do one from scratch. Hell, technically the Gen 5 GM V8s share basically nothing with previous ones. Ignore the troll BS about Ford's engine. Options are always good.
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    I’ve had free warranty and service work done by Toyota, GM, and Hyundai never a problem. Paying for it instead would never cross my mind. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Not 1 mile? As I stated previously.......I believe I was the first to spout my open and completely disregard that crap offering by FERD 3.0L diesel.....I also said, "GM is simply not going to put anything that belongs in a "suv" and put into their full-size trucks.....ENOUGH said, GM's 3.0 Inline 6 just smashed FERD into the ground end of story! Please nothing left to talk about...............
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    This was my choice. I bought them from my dealership and they fit great. My wife has Weather Tech in her car. They feel hard, slippery and cheap compared to the ones I bought plus I hate the ugly Weather Tech logo that they have.
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    Upgraded the OEM HIDs to the Morimoto 35w plug and play upgrade. Simple upgrade and quiet a lot brighter. Will try to get night shots soon. In the photo, left is OEM, right is Morimoto upgrade Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
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    There is always a chance that the new part is defective.
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    I've been looking at that system. Just don't know if it's a justifiable cost for a 1/2 ton. I don't even see the need for tow mirrors on my truck, even with the duster on the car trailer or my parents 20' travel trailer on the back, I can still see everything. It would be nice to have the wireless camera on the back of the trailer though, one that could be viewed on the factory HU.
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    I will start by saying that this isn't a thread debating canned vs custom tunes. In general, I think most of us understand custom is likely best. If you think custom tuning is the only way to go, this isn't for you (stop reading now and visit one of the other glorious topics like Gamboa's mirror thread). If you are interested in a cheap way to delete AFM and have tire calibration in one packaged, this is for you. I bought this tuner because I needed tire calibration and AFM disable controls at a reasonable price. The canned tunes that came along with it were a nice to have but weren't needed for me. Not sure if its been posted before but in my own opinion I believe most of these non-customizable tuners are all the same. The EDGE EvoHT2 (~$375), Flashpaq F5 (~$290), and TruXP Xtune+ (~$260) are the same tuner just a different name and color casing which means a different price. TruXP is the housebrand at Autoanything similar to ProZ. I have bought multiple TruXP parts and can positively say that these parts are just rebranded and cheaper than the name brand counterpart i.e. the TruXP air intake is really a K&N intake but cheaper. I'd put money on it that the tuners all run the same canned tuned with the same results, I cannot confirm that though. My point being, don't be so quick to ignore those "not so name brand" projects. In the TruXP case they are just rebranded parts at reasonable prices. With a little research you can same some money. The TruXP tuner was $260 at Autoanything. To complete the same tasks W/O a tuner I would've paid $145 at my dealer for tire calibration and $189 for a Range AFM disable tool. Add in the fact that I also got 3 canned tunes for my truck at $260, at the end of the day it is not a bad deal at all. Here is a quick run through video of the TruXP tuner on my GMC Sierra. It is incredibly simple to use. Just for kicks, I tried the 87 performance canned tune on a run to Costco a few days ago and the truck felt aggressive (firmed up shifting) but for me that was a bit much for my day to day commute so I backed it down to running stock with my tire and AFM options only. There's also a 91 performance tune. Everything above is my opinion and if I can help someone make the decision on a tuner then this post was worth it. If not you may shun me...
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    Soo..... another Happy pgamboa customer here! I just got done with the DL8--->DL3 upgrade using Phil's plug and play harnesses. The harnesses were shipped quickly, and they looked like they came right from GM! 2 hours later and I have fully functional DL3 mirrors thanks to Phil, because I would have quit half way through if I tried to figure this out on my own. Everything went flawlessly except for one broken clip, but that was my bad.
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    This truck was kind of an impulse buy. My Father-in-law was looking for a regular cab daily driver and found some closeout 2017's at Laura GMC in Collinsville, IL over Christmas break. He reserved a black 4wd and had them install a level kit, wheels and tires. I was looking through the inventory and started getting the bug. I had my eye on a red 2017 regular cab 4wd but by the time I got in touch with anybody there (they're busy!) the 4wd's were all gone. This 2wd with 5.3, convenience group, and towing package was marked down to $19,995 with rebates, hail sale, etc. and was too hard to pass up plus I had some GM Buypower card points burning a hole in my pocket. I reserved it and we rode up then drove home in our twin black trucks (kind of weird, I admit). I am planning to use it as a daily driver, because I have a 2015 Challenger Scat Pack that likes to stay inside during winter, and several hot rods that aren't daily drivers. Not doing anything crazy or too exciting but I can't leave it stock so I am planning to do the following: OEM Remote Start OEM 20's Tint 20% Level kit Bilstein 5100's? Upper control arms? 275/65r20 Nitto G2's CQuartz UK after light polish Driver's assist handle Bedrug or Bedtred Tonneau cover Swap rubber floor mats for factory carpet GMC floor mats Leather steering wheel Audio upgrade DIC/Instrument panel upgrade Catch can
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    I've been dealing with gravel for years😞, my driveway is "Brown pea gravel"! I grew up in Gary, In, only son, and my father didn't shovel snow...period. When I left in 74, I swore that if I ever had a house, I wasn't shoveling snow, been here in Va since 88, have kept my word😆, I don't even "own" a snow shovel! I'd rather pay for "paint"!
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    FYI - no running board on the market sticks out far enough to prevent door dings that I know of. They would have to stick out like a foot to prevent that.
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    Here's the view from down below. I ran the cables through the open tracks that the trays used.
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    I did this with mine Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Just changed my truck up again. 2” rc level, 285/55/22 ridge grapps.
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    Exaggerate much? This thread is stupid.
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