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    Finally cracked open my headlights on my 2016 Silverado Z71. The first one took forever to figure out, but the second one was much easier. Baked them at 240 degrees for 20 min the first time then each additional time 240 degrees for 10 min until I was able to crack the entire seal. Once they were apart, it was pretty straight forward. Applied 2 coats of VHT nightshade to everything and sealed back up with silicone. I applied a generous bead where the original seal was and put back together then baked for 240 degrees for 10 min to help cure. Once put back together I put another bead of silicone on the outside of the housing to ensure a tight seal. Washed my truck 2 days later and got rained on last night, no leaks!
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    Smoked my driving lights, amber turn signals, amber corner markers, and fogs with VHT nightshades. Blacked out my bowtie, Z71 emblem, and chrome bumper valance with plastidip.
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    Hit the 100,000 mile mark today on the way home from work.
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    So I guess it's the ''G'' spot us men have been looking for all our lives.
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    Blacked out my whole front end this weekend. Have a separate post for my headlights. Used platidip on my bowtie, Z71 emblem, and chrome bumper valance/skid plate/mustache. Used VHT nightshade on my fog lights.
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    Lmao I didn’t post this to hear how there is too much tongue weight on a truck I pulled 2 YEARS AGO. The guy asked for a picture and I contributed unlike anyone else. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I would have ordered mine with a manual if it was available also. I love that most people can't drive them so no one will ask to borrow it
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    If you have a 2016+ and get 2016+ LTZ Headlights, they will Plug right up, but you’ll get hyperflash on your turn signals. The harness I make corrects that. It plugs in between your lights and will have a resistor on each side. Looks like this. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    2.25” ready lift with 305/55r20 Nitto Ridge Grapplers Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I know a lot of people are running black rims on white trucks and blacked out black trucks and color matching etc. I decided to go old school chrome (lux) look. I made this happen on the front end by swapping out my black front bumper skid shield with the denali chrome one. I also as some of you may know, whited out my badges with reflective vinyle (see profile pic) and decided on chrome rims, exception, these rims are powder coated and flashed for the exact same look as chrome except they clean up just like paint. soap and water and wax. So this may not be for all but it takes me back a bit while still be modern. By the way, to remove this and replace. off comes the under grill molding, the radiator shroud, the front grill, the front bumper, remove both bumper backing plates remove and replace skid plate. i followed these instructions... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-do4lHsbydM
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    I was up in Kapuskasing Ontario (GM's Cold Weather Centre) this past weekend for some snowmobiling. I got a couple of crappy pics of a truck w/ 8 studs: Saw a dually crew cab around town (cladded as well) but not in a spot to get pics. Bring on the mirror mounted to the door comments.
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    Just got my truck back, definitely got more than I bargained for! My truck was built during a period in the 2016 MY that didn’t have apple CarPlay. Not only did the upgrade include factory navigation, it also gave me the projection icon on my screen and apple CarPlay functionality! To say that I’m impressed with this upgrade would be an understatement.
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    DON'T drive in 4 HI on paved roads. a short trip is won't hurt anything, but when you turn your steering wheel, everything binds and you are wearing out the tires and everything in between the wheels. there are people on this forum who use 4auto when it is raining because they don't know how to feather the gas. You can do that and it won't really hurt anything. very slight amount of extra wear and tear. My opinion is, don't floor it when the road is wet. under normal driving, you are fine to use 2wd even in rain.
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    Never drive in 4 wheel drive in rain or dry highways, ONLY use 4 wheel drive if you are driving in snow or ice, Then use 4 wheel high.Only use 4 low if you are off road.You can trash your running gears if you do.your owners manual should tell you this.johnny01. Sent from my SM-G935V using Tapatalk
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    The more Chevrolets on the road, the better IMO. Get the brand out there and in the public eye. It's always kinda cool to me to go to the store park with all the other bowties
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    Replaced my condenser, Dealership want to do it for 1400$ I went out and bought a condenser for 84$ , spent 4 hours and a couple beers putting it in, then took it to my buddy to vaccum it and put refrigerant in for 40$. Saved 1276$ Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    18 wheelers are rated 80 and more , i dont know how far or where you are towing but if it is in the mountains you better have perfect brakes on the truck and trailer i have driven 18 wheelers for 40 years and have been lucky enough to only crap my pants a few times.
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    I happen to work for a very large steel manufacturer in the US, GM is a big client and I can tell you these tariffs do not affect vehicles that are manufactured in the US. The tariffs, as I am sure y'all know, are being placed on steel that is being government subsidized and brought into the states and then being sold for pennies on the dollar and truly create a market that is detrimental to all steel companies based in the US. God Bless the USA, Trump, and American made STEEL!
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    Had mine out for its first drive put on 6 miles Ryan B.
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    I wouldn't bother. I haven't removed an under mount spare from a truck for over 20 years. The type of emergency that would compel me to use my spare would have the "look" of the wheel being the least of my worries. If I was doing the type of driving (off-road etc.) where a flat may be expected then I'd have a spare matching wheel and tire to keep in the back of the box for such occasions.
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    Here are my 22s...Trying to figure out my replacement tires now...would like to go bigger but don't have a lift for taller sidewalls and haven't lowered the back to close the gap...Not sure yet what I am going to do. Sent from my SM-N950U using Tapatalk
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    Now you'll have to find a cap for the key slot to keep it clear of dirt, water, etc.
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    My new custom OEM Radio trim kit on my new center console, new galaxy tab s2 dash kit and new custom made grille Sent from my LG-H918 using Tapatalk
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    Wife picked up an eight inch length of 3/4" angle iron in the right rear of her work Colorado. Paved street in Rockford Illinois. Raining cats and dogs and didn't see a thing. That one didn't hold air. Then a few years ago we drove to Ft Wayne Indiana for her fathers funeral and hit something flat on the off ramp that kicked up and knocked a 12" square chunk out of the belly pan that sailed under the, again right rear, and cut a 7 inch wide smile in the entire width of the tread. Sounded like a quarter stick going off. The first one the AAA guy plugged with about a dozen kits that got her to the tire shop. Why didn't he just use the spare? Because it had never been down and the threads were galled. When is a spare not a spare? When we got it back to the shop we used a gas axe to bring it down.
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    I'm pretty good with a Fluke, If I get the time to figure it out before anyone here I'll make sure to post my findings. Next I plan to go to the power fold plug in the door harness and start shooting wires back to the running lights.
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    Just installed Lomax tri fold. Love the low profile look. Very easy to install.
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    Well that is something I do have some experience with. This set is from Deaver. Just under a grand. Night and day. This set is a two inch drop. It's how I ordered them. Yea, not true. I lost 10-15% and by choice. They will build what you want. The "trick" is leaf count. Many thin leaves vs two thick ones vastly improves compliance and puts rebound dampening in a range that can actually be managed. It's who managed my project. Ben is sharp and does not cut corners.
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    I asked Ecoological not to rush my order, preference was you all got yours first. I’m prepping my house right now to list so I’ve got crap all over the place. This way I’m not distracted with trucks parts when I have doors and baseboards to paint...
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    No Rims were harmed during the making of these marks.
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    The instructions don’t mention removing the protective wrap, don’t freak out like I did and blow the company up with a video; then send an apology a few minutes later haha. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I see. I got mine used and it is the bad weather vehicle. Or at least was. Now that I have the 15, my daughter will start using the 00 this summer once she gets her license. Last good snow we had, I took her out in it and found a nice big parking lot and taught her how to drive it in the snow. We may or may not have done lots of donuts as well....
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    Picked up the front and rear set of black GMC emblems, only put the front one on today because the back is held on with tape, not clips, so I wanted to get my wife’s opinion of how it looked before ripping the red one off
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    Also for consideration, a quart of kerosene will cost about a dollar. These other "products" run 5-10 dollars for 8 oz.
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    i did the behind the grill .. 32'.. had to disassemble the front end..... but worth it.. also ran a wireless harness and used my homelink buttons~.. ..2 hour job.. 4 brews... take your time! your's seems like it would be pretty easy...
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    The only way to send a message is DON"T BUY NEW TRUCKS.
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    Mines a 15 but I never used the plug. I've tried maybe 2-3 times getting stuff to plug in but gave up cause it wouldn't go in. So it really has never truly been used. I guess I better see if I can get something in there to see if it works before my warranty is up in May haha
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    Kills me how many guys say that little I4 diesel is not powerful enough. It's plenty powerful for the market it's aimed at. And the new I6 coming to the 1/2 ton is also plenty of engine. If you need more, don't gripe about the smaller trucks, they obviously are NOT what you need if you need more.
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    That's a lot of money on a mod that rewards you with more room for your dog to stick his head in the cab and drool on your seats.
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    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pCdoLrRXEYo Thought I'd post something, before this turned into the "What did you do to your Camaro" thread
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    There’s a thread on this already. They will fit, but you’ll need either a custom harness or resistors added to the assemblies so they won’t hyper flash. You have the custom, if you look closely, you’ll notice the LTZ/High Country headlights are different as well. Many have swapped them because they are much nicer looking. I swapped mine. Sold my existing headlights on eBay to afford the upgrade. I went with aftermarket tail lights. You’ll notice the differences. Same truck, but many add ons later.... The LED’s in the last picture appear to be inop, they work, the frame rate of the camera is too slow to capture the LED’s. The flash so fast to the human eye they appear to be solid. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Truck is back up and running like a dream
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    Once again....You want to look cool? Have the Flash? Buy the Ford,Ram! You want a truck that lasts, does not leak from Panoramic roof and is probably safer? Buy the Chevy....at the end of the day the GM trucks work harder/last longer....
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    I had Katskin leather seats with heat put in my 2014 SLE short bed when I bought it new! There is a kit you can get from GM Accessories for a heat kit but I have no idea were they put the switch. Another option would be to buy the actual GM leather seats of Ebay or through GM parts if you want new leather and have the heated seat kit added. When I did my truck through the dealer it was $1200. But remember that is a reg cab, so just the two seats and the jump seat. The nice thing about Katskin is you can get a little imaginative with colored leather inserts etc. Look at their website to see what I mean. Mine are called "Cuda Combo" . they look almost identical to the seats in a All Terrain with the carbon fiber look on the side bolsters. But you will see they have some very nice ideas on there website. They also sell a heat kit that goes with their seats. Switch is down on the front panel of the seat. See picture of mine.
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    Long live the old 6 liter. The one engine available currently GM hasn't screwed up yet lol.
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