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  1. Looks great! Did you remove the active shutters? or were you able to fit the led bar with them? Do you have any pictures how you mounted it?
  2. A member here posted the pic of the chevy grill insert, and the link to SCA, that I found the GMC insert. Looks VERY nice! http://www.scaperformance.com/gmc-products/2016-sca-gmc-grille-with-integrated-led-lighting Unfortunately I lost the thread where the member posted to ask how they like the SCA inserts and lights.
  3. really not wanting to go though removing them then having to modify the motors to not get a CEL. Hoping there is some other options.
  4. I've been doing quite a bit of searching, and other than a-pillar pods, or roof brackets, there doesn't seem to be any options for mounting a light bar or HID lights on the front of a Sierra with teh active shutters. Has anyone come up with something that I have missed? Or is everyone still trying to figure this out?
  5. Even crazier when you look at the S-10 dimensions 2003 S-10 Extended Cab 4x4 Overall Length: 205.3 inches Overall Width: 67.9 inches Overall Height: 63.4 inches Wheelbase: 122.9 inches With the pricing being so close to the full size trucks, the dimensions being very close as well as the capabilities, I think GM will have a harder time selling these. The S-10/Sonoma were so popular because there was a bigger difference in price/size/capabilities, thus eliminating a lot of the comparison shopping between the compact trucks and fullsize trucks. I do honestly hope that these do well though, and wish this option was available when I sold my Sonoma ZR2 as I was looking for something a bit newer and didn't really need a fullsize.
  6. I'd still love to see one of these beside a fullsize, the one I saw driving around a few weeks ago looked a lot bigger than I was expecting, as in not much smaller than a full size truck.
  7. that is exactly how I have the HID's on my back rack wired and it works great, just one thing to turn off when there is traffic. The other thing that you could is to get a dtsp switch (3 position) so that you can have the LED's on with highs - off - on all the time to give you maximum flexibility.
  8. For Sale: GMT900 Parts

    I'll take the Zone 3" blocks, PM me your paypal address and I will send off the money.
  9. wow, I am having the same problem as Mossy and have been wondering what to do about it. It sounds petty, but is infuriating during city driving, especially in nice weather with the windows down! I'll be watching this to see if you figure out the problem Mossy as I may be due for new brakes in the near future.
  10. I wonder if the 220amp alternator will fit the older trucks, or if they changed the housing style. That sure would be a nice upgrade to get!
  11. I've always been a GM fan, but my mom's lincoln MKZ with the ecoboost flat out hauls ass! and the interior is as nice or nicer than anything GM makes, not to mention has more features. A buddy also has an EB F-150 and I know it will run circles around my 08 5.3 towing a trailer, Very impressed with the towing on those, not to mention a rear seat with legroom for a 6' tall person. My company has bought 6 or so EB F-150's for the management, some will be treated well as a normal daily driver, others will be beat on pretty hard running around an active mine site. I am very interested how they hold up, especially this winter with the cold temps and short trips. IMO to say one truck is completely better than another these days is just crazy, each company has their pluses and problems. Just have to figure out what is important to you and what problems you can put up with.
  12. also the rear speakers are an odd size with a unique bracket that requires a fair bit of modification to fit aftermarket speakers into. I have actually been quite impressed by just adding a sub under the rear seat and tuning some of the base out of the stock speakers.
  13. This is how not to load a trailer

    Better yet, rather than subject your drivetrain to that much stress, have someone sit in the tow vehicle with the brake pedal pushed as hard as they can, lockes up all four truck brakes and trailer brakes.
  14. what about these? http://retro-solutions.net/product-info.php?921_912_906_T15_5W_CREE_LED_Reverse_Wedge_Bulbs-pid699.html Seem to be the 921 version that many of us are running in our GMT900's with great success.
  15. looking great! I always enjoy watching your build threads, great detail and excellent work always! not to forget one amazingly nice garage!!!!

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