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  1. That is the beauty of having air bags in the rear, truck sits the same regardless of the load in the rear. I wish more companies offered them from the factory, seems to be more important now with softer suspension and brighter headlights.
  2. used to get flashed a fair bit until I realized that the dealer did not adjust the headlights after the level was installed. Since then I haven't been flashed. Took 1.5 turns on my 18 with a 2.5" front 1" rear level kit.
  3. I ordered the husky x-act for the front on my 18, I loved the factory floor liners, but was infuriated about the driver mat missing such a large part under the gas pedal. I have only replaced the driver mat, and will use the factory mats for the passenger side and rear.
  4. if you pop off the cover over the rad, you can run the block heater cord beside the upper rad hose, then across the rad, then out through the "scoop" on the upper passenger side. There is just enough cord to reach this spot, and it is the best I could figure out with all of the air seals on these new trucks with the active shutters.
  5. yep, you were right, fuse #58 is for the highbeams, now to figure out how to tap into that triple micro fuse, and run the wire outside the fuse box.
  6. need new harnesses for sure, dealer tried that with my truck, but after making them change the harnesses everything works like it should. I do have memory seats, and they mentioned some update, but not sure if it was related or not.
  7. Any idea what number the fuse is? or what it is called? I can't find anything that implies the high beams, only head lamps.
  8. yep looking to add some lights and want to have them turn on with the high beams through a relay.
  9. Looking for a good location to get a +12v signal to activate a relay when the high beams are on only. I know these headlights just move a shutter, so not even sure if there is a constant 12v applied, or just a short signal to move the shutter? Truck is a 2018, I have tried searching, but most posts seem to be referencing the trucks 14-15 trucks with halogen bulbs.
  10. I just did this on my 18 sierra that the dealer leveled. I couldn't understand why my highbeams seemed to be useless, then I realized that the headlights hadn't been adjusted. 1 1/2 turns is what I used and seems to be about perfect, and now my highbeams actually work properly! Edit: level was a 2.5 front and 1" rear I believe, never did get what kit the dealer used.
  11. Just wanted to chime in and thank Phil for helping me with my upgrade from DL3 mirrors to DQS mirrors. My dealer was doing it as part of the sale, but was having issues making everything work, Phil happily helped me out with more information and checking the harnesses that were ordered to make sure everything was right, and I could insist that the dealer do what Phil recommended. I have an 18 Sierra All Terrain with memory seats, and the part numbers that were used(to the best of my knowledge) are Harnesses: 84290965 and 84290982, Mirrors: 84041609 and 84228892. Now the dealer did mention about doing some update, but don't think it was related to the mirrors.
  12. Thank you for this! I do find it interesting that they say that the QR scanner will show up to 48 RPO codes, yet many of the trucks I have looked at have over 100 RPO codes. I wonder if this is a limit on the amount of information that a QR code can hold(maybe because of size)? Or, are all of the codes in the QR code, but mainstream scanners can't decipher that information yet?
  13. Wow, thank you for this! I thought it was weird there was no sticker. Can't imagine GM saving much by not adding one. What code reader have you found to provide the most information so far? When I am at the dealer next I will have to ask for a build sheet or printout of all of my RPO code for future reference.
  14. See, that's why I love forums like this, I never even thought of using velcro! That may just be the thing! Interesting box, never seen anything like that, do they come in the style that sit on the bed rails? Unfortunately though I have already bought the tool box.

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