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  1. Thank you for this! I do find it interesting that they say that the QR scanner will show up to 48 RPO codes, yet many of the trucks I have looked at have over 100 RPO codes. I wonder if this is a limit on the amount of information that a QR code can hold(maybe because of size)? Or, are all of the codes in the QR code, but mainstream scanners can't decipher that information yet?
  2. Wow, thank you for this! I thought it was weird there was no sticker. Can't imagine GM saving much by not adding one. What code reader have you found to provide the most information so far? When I am at the dealer next I will have to ask for a build sheet or printout of all of my RPO code for future reference.
  3. See, that's why I love forums like this, I never even thought of using velcro! That may just be the thing! Interesting box, never seen anything like that, do they come in the style that sit on the bed rails? Unfortunately though I have already bought the tool box.
  4. Just noticed my 18 sierra has no RPO sticker in the glovebox (upper or lower one). The camper info sticker is there, but no RPO sticker. The truck is fresh off of the transport, so it hasn't been sitting around for the sticker to be removed, build date of Sept 2017 I believe. Does anyone else with an 18 not have the sticker?
  5. Thanks, the attaching part has been the hardest part to figure out since the center portion is raised. I will look into the plastics/epoxy though, maybe bend a lip in it and glue to tool box.
  6. Access Toolbox tonneau cover https://www.accesscover.com/toolbox/#close
  7. This is the gap on my old truck. The tool box needs to be ~2" away from the rack so the lid can open, but it allows snow/rain in the bed.
  8. For those of you running some sort of back rack/Head Rack etc and a toolbox, what have you done to fill in the gap between the two? On my old truck I never got around to coming up with something to fill that 2-3" gap needed for the lid to open. I really want to do something on my new truck, but am having trouble finding ideas online of what to use.
  9. Looks Great!!! Any pictures of how you mounted the light bar? What light bar did you use?
  10. Did you leave the shutter motor plugged into the truck? Interested to see how you make out, I have read of others trying the same thing, but having trouble with CEL coming on.
  11. I've always run plastic bed rail caps on my trucks, then put the toolbox on top of that. For mounting, I've done a mix of drilling through the box/bed rails and bolting down, but last time I found heavy duty j bolts from a local store for toolboxes. Used two per side and have been happy with that. They just hook under the lip of the bed rail and use a flange nut inside the tool box. As for mods, I've put stick on LED lights strips in the box and on the lid wired to a switch so I could see what is in there at night. Don't always need it, but is very handy.
  12. ok, thank you. Just sent my scangauge away for the update to version 4, my old book didn't have the code, hopefully the new one will.
  13. Any luck with Remaining Fuel In Tank? Seems like it would be nice to have sometimes.

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