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  1. I got the same truck with no accessories new for 34k I think you did alright.
  2. My 2016 leans too, some say its because the fuel tank is on the driver side. Yes, mine is leaning on the driver side.
  3. Get it protected. I have a 2016 z71 in black. I have rock chips to no end, I'm only at 14k miles.
  4. My 2016 5.3 6 speed has done this since day 1 with 11 miles on it. I now have 14k miles and it still downshifts like you guys are talking about. Wish I could ease the downshift feeling some as its really firm bumps when it does it coming to a stop.
  5. Can you still feel your downshifts after the tune when slowing down or not? What I am feeling is a very firm bump with a 200 RPM rise at approx 40mph, 30mph, 20mph and almost stopped.
  6. When I tried this the first time I really never noticed a change but when I do it now I can feel the downshifts are a bit tamer but still really noticeable. What are you experiencing when turning off grade braking?
  7. Hold down tow/haul for 5 seconds will disable it during that engine on cycle.
  8. See this video, shows you where to put it. Exactly how I have mine.
  9. Is yours a 6 speed? My 2016 with a 5.3 6 speed has had the firm bump downshifts since I bought it with 12 miles. Right now I have 14k miles. Same downshift bump no matter what I do. I've tried all the tricks by disabling grade braking, etc... I find it still tough to get used to but anyone I talk to says its normal. I shimmed my gas pedal too because it was sloppy, made a big difference for that anyway. I tend to agree with dubwise, to eliminate the downshift garbage it will need to be tuned. I won't do this since I want to keep my warranty. GM are you listening to us?!?!?!?!
  10. Why can't there be an update for the 6 speeds with this similar issue?!?!?!
  11. I had some noise is the rear of my truck and this was performed. It was good for about 1000 miles but the noise appears to be back. http://www.revbase.com/BBBMotor/TSb/DownloadPdf?id=195498 They also retorqued the rear leaf spring bolts.
  12. Sorry for the delay, Yep apparently all is normal and this is how it shifts.

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