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  1. Mid day I went out and the horn sounded from the airbag and from the remote key fob when locking. Weird. It did get up to 6 degrees today so.... Doors were all closed.
  2. Got to work this morning, pressed the lock button on the key fob twice and horn would not sound. Tried again and still the horn would not sound. Is there a known problem with horns not working? It has been rather cold lately with below 0 temps for much of the last couple weeks it seems. Thanks!
  3. Temps were Negative 21 F on my drive home last Friday night and the heat worked fine. It doesn't seem to kick out the most heat until it hits operating temp (which makes sense).
  4. The last couple of days I really noticed how stiff my steering can get. It was -20 F this morning and it really got stiff during my drive to work. Anyone know if the dealership has any fix for this at all? I'm fine if not but wanted to ask. Thanks
  5. Let me know what they say please? I've had the taps reset on mine but I don't think a full relearn.
  6. Some are saying on other forums that since the S8 is on a newer bluetooth version this is what's potentially causing issues. No idea if Chevy has an update for this. Like I said though, mine works on occasion but not all the time.
  7. May I ask what your deceleration issue is? Is it the firm bump downshifts like I have on my 2016 or something unrelated?
  8. I have the same truck and it worked flawlessly on my old phone (Motorola Droid Turbo) but I just upgraded to a Samsung S8 and more often then none when I push the Pandora button on my head unit it will acquire but not play music. Sometimes if it works and I switch stations it won't start playing that 2nd station I pick. What phone do you have?
  9. This morning due to icy roads I put my truck into 4Auto from 2Hi and the thing I notice is upon acceleration more of a groan sound but if I back off its not too bad. Once back in 2Hi its normal again. I do on the fly switching, don't matter the speed Im going.
  10. Can I revive this again? So my truck is still doing it, when coasting to a stop from lets say 40 at about 20 or so I can feel this release that pushes the truck forward like a lunge or surge. Is this the torque converter releasing and if so is this normal to feel this so much? Also I still have the jerky downshifts when slowing down, happens at about 40mph, 30mph, 20 mph and almost stopped.
  11. Turned 16k, has anyone heard of an update to the TCM for these jerky downshifts when coasting? 6 speed

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