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  1. Long tubes headers

    The stock exhaust manifold gaskets are not reusable. Only use GM gaskets on header installs, all of the other brand gaskets suck.
  2. If you use Facebook then hotlink the photos from there. It is easy. I created an album in FB that is private. I upload any pictures there that I want to hotlink. Then I open the pic, right click on it and go to the properties section. From there I copy the "http" url from the pic and then close out the properties function. Then come into your post on here and type the link in like this.. [ img ] "paste the link you copied here" [ /img ] Take out the spaces I have before the brackets and it will work just fine. Some forums will auto hyperlink the url address, just hit the backspace key once and the hyperlink will go away, then type the last [ /img ] bracket in and you will be golden.
  3. Actually, you are wrong. GM bought back my 2014 Sierra for this very radio issue. After going back and forth for 2 years I had enough documentation and called them on it. Now I am driving a 2016 Sierra.
  4. Just a FYI, the dealer cant calibrate your speedo for new tire. It is not possible thru the dealer/GM at all. The trucks all use the same overall tire height in the OEM calibration to calibrate the speedo. If you are using non OEM tire sizes then either be OK with the speedo being off or OK with the fact you will need a custom calibration to fix your speedo.
  5. if the battery unplug doesn't fix it then you will have to get the HMI module replaced and reprogrammed. Mine did it on my 2016 awhile back, finally took GM sending out an engineer with a BETA update for my truck to fix it.
  6. Just a FYI, per GM a courtesy vehicle is only that one provided as a courtesy while the vehicle is in for repairs. GM nor the dealer are required to give you any equal to or nicer than what you drive currently. GM only requires the dealer puts you into a newer GM vehicle as a loaner. If you need a vehicle I would just be happy they put you in anything at all then.
  7. Is this a 2014 OP? If so the drivetrain is covered 5yr/100k miles and the engine falls under the drivetrain coverage. That injector should be covered since it is part of the engine, I would call GM and open a case with them on this.
  8. The problem lies in the A8 TCM and the new security protocols GM has put into place. At least that is what I gathered from reading around on the other forums.
  9. I am guessing the AC system relies on the outside temp reading to determine how cold to be, I could see it as part of a fuel mileage savings. I have noticed the same thing on my 2017 Camaro SS in regards to outside temps and the HVAC function.
  10. AS stated, no locker on the front from the factory. Typical lockers are great for off-road but can cause issues on snow/ice as they can cause the vehicle to walk sideways when on a zero traction material.
  11. How is it "pointless as hell" when over 60% of the braking power comes from the front brakes alone. No reason to put larger calipers and rotors on the rear of a vehicle that is already light in the backend, all you will do is overpower the rears and unbalance the brake bias.
  12. Ive been on the beta update now for 3-4 months, system works pretty much flawless other than at times the system will revert back to the main menu tree even though I leave it in radio mode on the infotainment screen. Next time I go in for service my plan is to have them see if the final update has been released and have them flash it into the truck.
  13. Correct, the air pressure change process of setting position does not work, hasn't worked on the GM trucks since the K2xx (2014+) trucks came out. Only way is to use the tool that was posted, take it to the dealer or have a local tire shop recalibrate the positions. Personally for the $50 it cost, I bought the tool and do mine myself.
  14. I have a $1500 accessory certificate I need to use, it is for the VIN on my truck but I am trying to use it on my Camaro. just waiting on the dealer to allow me to do it, GM has already authorized me but the dealer wont move until they get written approval. If they wont let me use it on my Camaro then I will prob order this system for my truck.
  15. Last time this was talked about I seem to remember the BCM came into the equation as part of the process, so it is not merely a hardware issue but also a software issue. Funny thing is my 2017 Camaro does auto up/down on both windows.

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