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  1. Does anybody know where I can get some replacments for the small black plastic hole covers on the interior walls of the bed? I've lost one and I'd like to get a replacment. They don't look like they're required for anything but I'm kind of anal about these things. Is there a part number? I have a 2011 2500HD if it makes any difference. Thanks
  2. When did you get this letter from GM? I have a 2011 Silverado 2500HD and I haven't seen anything yet.
  3. Even if the HDs get a 6.2 it won't be for at least a year and probablyy longer as they're going to release the 1500s first when they do the new trucks.
  4. If you're interested in an extended cab with a short box it's only available in the 3/4 ton.
  5. Which Bedliner

    Another vote for Line-X. I just had my 2011 2500HD done with it. Looks great. I had Line-X in my old Nissan truck and it held up great.
  6. If you want an extended cab with the 6 1/2 foot bed your only choice is the 2500HD which is the model I just bought.
  7. Is it just a straight swap or is there any wiring mod involved to put these in?
  8. Installed mine last night on my 2011 2500HD. Went in pretty easy and the wire was right there when I took the old panel off. I got my new panel on e-bay for 82 bucks. Nice mod.
  9. Do a search on wheelhouse liners. Quite a few people have done this.
  10. Thanks. I read somewhere you also need to order some bolts. Do you know the part number and quantity needed?
  11. Does anybody know the part numbers for the skid plate package for a 2011 2500HD? My new truck didn't come with the skid plate package and I would like to add it to my truck. Thanks Don
  12. Frozen windows

    This happened to me a few days ago. Never had a vehicle do this before. It was very annoying.

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