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    2016 Sierra Denali 4x4 6.2L/8spd Onyx/Jet
  1. Never trust a carfax, most worthless thing ever, infact I take them and throw them in the trash right infront of the sales guy just to prove a point. Then tell him I will let my training and knowledge of cars look over the vehicle, I can't tell you how many times I see replaced parts, overspray, fixed/blended areas stickers missing for VIN, tire pressure, RPO codes, airbag warning. Today buying a used car you need an experienced/seasoned eye , people are sneaky they will have shoddy work done and trade the car in and say nothing. Most techs aren't trained for collision & repaints or they pass right over it to the naked eye, there are always signs of work/rework. If you could post a better picture, it may have been repaired before even before it was traded. and keep us updated. I only buy new now, it's been a far better experience than buying used and with discounts and incentives I paid less for new anyways.
  2. Talk to MVI (vendor on here), you can upgrade your HMI to ACP or AA, (Apple Car Play & Android Auto) requires a new HMI depending on your current radio, & some other parts. It will be faster as well since the new HMI's have a bit more power to run the newer software and functions. This "may" fix some of your Bluetooth issues and future proof the truck. Not sure people go without ACR its fantastic addition plugged in, I don't use Bluetooth option. hoping to talk with the MVI guys myself, I want to add the store to my 2016 and since I have wifi I can see about adding apps from the store in the future. along with other BCM control module programing I want done, with movie playback, and full access to nav while driving. https://www.gm-navigation.com/ some things you can do.
  3. No names, but I refer to.... as. Her, she, and the other wife.
  4. give it time, they did it with the LSA blowers.
  5. Let's talk wheels hub centric and lug centric

    Done wheels and tires since I was 18, started at discount tire, firestone recall is when I started, years and mean years of working on every type of vehicle, tire and wheel profile, to custom spokes and barrel's, IMO aftermarket is a hassle from road-side flats, to spare missing the OEM lugs, hub centric issues. generic is generic, OEM wheels fit and function is best, some look good, some don't. heck! I have a Coats tire machine &Hunter laser wheel balancer in my garage, ran off a Quincy 80 gallon compressor. damn happy to be able to do my stuff, no scratching the wheels or ripping beads. just wished I got a road force machine. just stick with OEM, fit and finish, just spend your money on good tires, my fav is Michelin.
  6. go ask the dealer if the steps can be adjusted, controlled via all done via the BCM, there may be an adjustment for closer/further outwards when the door is open. Personally I love them, the only thing I can comment on is when they are "door open" - out mode, there is a little free play but now I have gotten used to it, but new people sometimes freak a little when they step on them and it moves a little bit.
  7. yes you can turn it off, each item, vibe motors, warning sounds, by selecting all of them and off, collision LED's in the dash cannot be shut off. The settings are in the HMI, or radio/nav screen under "settings" -> "Vehicle" -> "collision/detection systems" .keep in mind the parking assit is a button under the HVAC controls, its separate system but can be accessed through the HMI as well. there is no side lane alert on the trucks, its a SUV option only for the mirrors. collision LEDs are in the dash and reflect on the windshield, same location just like the HUD on the SUV's.
  8. 2 time Denali owner here, GMT-900 and K2xx, GMT-900 z60 suspension (sporty, but standard suspension) was ok at the time, but the K2xx MRC suspension is light years ahead of standard suspensions, it can even act as a sway bar in those highway loops, (the outer MRC shocks will firm up, reducing sway a bit) keeps the truck planted. much smoother ride over more varying terrain, since brother has my old GMT-900 I get to drive it every so often and its noticeable. BTW, both trucks have OEM 20's wheels and goodyear tires, hydro formed fully boxed frames, similar Gross vehicle weight, etc.... so this comparing apple to apples as its gets. K2xx- The ultimate package to me is a joke, 22's & sunroofs, chrome tow bar are required in the package, sunroofs are controlled leaks, they do fail, cleaning them is a PITA, they are a huge thermal loss, additionally they eat into head room as it lowers the headliner a bit to allow for the track and system. The new power running boards are the best design in the industry, hands down. real Aluminium trim, larger digital gauge over the standard trucks. MVI a vendor on here can add the Denali cluster to your SLT... you can option a SLT to be the same price as loaded Denali, and now the Chevy high country desert addition with avalanche mod puts you near 70k range. I didn't like the fact GM made the 6.2 engine a option on the K2xx trucks (which adds, 6.2L engine, Bose ANC & 9.76 rear-end), but comes standard on all Yukon Denali and caddie SUV's, but well worth the additional price, but it should have been baked in like the GMT-900's. I was able to use supplier discount along with monthly factory incentives putting my custom ordered Sierra Denali @ 52k , as ordered MSRP @ 62K. well worth it for my example, since no truck existed with my build requirements, impossible to find a sunroof-less 1500 Denali... so it had to be ordered.
  9. Stick with OEM, I believe its a software flash and key fobs, it works with the OnStar app on your phone/mobile device.
  10. Manifold Breathers

    btw, your factory setup would suck oil into the intake adding the CAI makes no difference other than inferior parts used. Blocking off the PCV system is just dumb, you want to be able to pull vacuum on the CAI side, breathers are not ideal as they vent to atmosphere which is a no no. At idle the LOMA to intake manifold PCV side is at its highest vacuum, as you open the throttle blade the vacuum shifts to the valve cover to CAI connections and things begin to equalize . I use a oil CC on my truck, it works fantastic, oil CC T's into the original system LOMA to intake manifold, obviously if you have a 5.3 or 6.2 the PCV line will mount differently, I did not use a CCS as the GEN 5 engines do have a type of CCS catch system in the valve covers.
  11. you mean the LT4, yes it would be fine with the 8L90 - 8 speed. Heck soon your going to see a few factory pull offs for guys who want to make more power. Lots of LSA SC's were installed on loads of Gen 4 and even gen 3 engines with adaptor plates.
  12. Cadillac parts aka $$$, this should help - http://www.gm-trucks.com/forums/topic/183346-seat-control-upgrade-escalade-part/page-2?hl=cadillac
  13. Welcome, Call your local PPF/clear bra installer and set an appointment this ASAP! I PPF'ed my entire front section full hood and fenders along with front bumper, well worth the extra money. All manufactures paint is soft and chips due to rocks, going on over a year now with my PPF it has been fantastic no chips on my truck. My truck has been butter smooth at all speeds running on factory goodyears, the 8 speed got a software update 2 months it's much improved the v4 to v8 coming to a stop pulse/bucking. Recommend getting some GM floor liners, or aftermarket equivalents, aka Husky, Weather Tech... little lite reading = http://www.gm-trucks.com/forums/topic/184854-new-gmc-floor-mats-2016-these-are-real-nice/ here are some pics from the thread of my truck,
  14. I buy it at my local club, I believe they charge you for shipping if you buy online. I buy 5-10w-30 for my toys and small engines, like power washer and mower... I would bet the 0w-20 is what would buy for my truck i am still on my free oil changes, all the mobil 1 is GM Dexos approved oil.

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