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  1. Anybody spacer the midnight/ATx 18" style wheels on their truck with pics haha? Thinking about it on my atx as aftermarket rims and tires are not in the budget right now.. Was thinking 1.5" bora spacers
  2. Anybody in the Edmonton area specifically (but i guess if you feel like a driving) interested in a Sierra Sport bar off a 17 All Terrain X. Its brand new, came off the truck from dealer. Just not a fan of the look but maybe you are! Was asking $800 OBO. PM me for more details Thanks
  3. Hi there, I noticed your from the Edmonton Area. Im in the area as well and have one for sale. I notice this is a fairly old post so you probably already found one but worth a shot. Im asking 800 if your interested?
  4. I will have to ask but it never showed up in any of the option lists on this truck. Also on gm Canada website, building the truck it never showed up there in the list either.
  5. Yah I used plasti dip, easiest and safest way do to it. Make sure u tape off areas u don't want hit by over spray. Easiest way to do the letters is to tape off a square or rectangle around them, apply 4-5 light coats with about 30 min drying time between each. Once dried you will be left with your letters as well as some of your paint coated, remove tape and the remaining should just easily peel around each letter making it look like u took every letter off individually. The grey truck I had in the picture, they have lasted almost 4 years that way with harsh Canadian climate and tons of washing and still look like the day I did them. In closed letters such as the "O" for example, I used a sharp toothpick to remove the dip that got in there. It really works well. The front bumper has about 7 coats on with about 4 years on it and still looks great after bugs and road salt and sand...
  6. Right on, I ordered a set for the front and rear
  7. I really considered black too. My wife has a 12' Acadia which is black. Man we can't keep that thing clean living on a farm and these dirty roads in Canada especially in winter lol. I chose white as I've had it before and easier to keep clean.
  8. To answer some of your questions, no the truck did not come with the exhaust that u lucky Americans get I guess with this all terrain x. I read another guy I think who had a x in Canada and same thing. Not sure why but whatever I guess. No sorry it did not. Maybe I would have kept if it did haha
  9. Well after about 4 or 5 months of going back and forth about even buying a new truck, I pulled the trigger on a Summit White 2017 All Terrain X. Man I love this truck so far. Quite the upgrade from my 08 Silverado LT as far as trim level is concerned. I really didn't like the look of the sport bar so i had the dealership remove and replace the wiring for the cab third brake light. I also requested keeping the bar so i can try and sell it sometime. Some Mods I want to do right away are : 2 inch level Ride Rite Air bags for pulling my camper Bakflip MX4 Tonneau cover Gatorback Mud Flaps I have already Blacked out all the emblems which looks great! Already have sold my 08 to a buddy who's been eyeing it up for awhile and bugging me to sell to him haha. Going to miss that truck as it never let me down. Always enjoy this forum and glad its here to help out on all sorts of topics with these trucks! Heres a couple pics of the old and new one.
  10. Leaning towards ordering the x edition but removing the sport bar. Maybe I missed it but what color was the wire from the sport bar that u removed to replace with the taped off purple/grey cab brake wire.? Thanks
  11. Looking for black bumpers for GMT-900 1500 Sierra

    Hey, if your not looking at total color match I used plasti dip on my lower bumper, and I sold my chrome grill and bought a wt black grill. Results of it are amazing, holding up 2 years now with no signs of wear....and I live in Canada where they sand and salt roads all winter long. Also used plastI dip on my badges (older pic below). Worked great and was super easy.

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