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  1. Those are certainly good news. To keep jobs inside the own country is always a great decision. But at the same time I'd like to see GM to commit to the assembly plants they have in foreign countries. Once, the decision was made to build cars abroad. Now please stick to it because there,too, are workers with families. so long j-ten-ner
  2. 'Burban Wins Award From Who?

    It's definitely a nice car. If I wouldn't need a truck for practical reasons (and that I like trucks), the Suburban would be on top of my list. so long j-ten-ner
  3. Yes, I grew up in East Germany. The Ford Sierra was build in West Germany. I bought it some time after the wall came down. so long j-ten-ner
  4. Jennifer? Is she hot? so long j-ten-ner
  5. You guys beat me. I started off when I was 15 with a crotch rocket. 50ccm, 3.5hp. Best time of my life Next was my dad's Trabant, 2 cyl, 2 stroke, 600ccm, 26hp. My first own car was a Ford Sierra (European model), 1,600ccm, 75hp. Next another Ford Sierra, 2,000ccm, 100hp. Two Ford Mondeo, 1,800ccm, 115hp. Divorced and starting over... VW Polo, 1,100ccm, 40hp lol. My uncle's G20, 305cui, 185hp. My second wife's Buick Regal, 2,800ccm, 126hp. JEEP J10, 401cui, 218hp. My absolute favorite car ever. Sold him with a bleeding heart. Moved to Canada. GMC Sierra, 4.3L, and some hp. Buick Regal, 3.8L, 170hp. GMC Sierra, 5.3L, 315hp. Chevy Silverado, 5.3L, 315hp. Nowhere close to what you guys were driving back then. But each and every car I've owned has it's own story. Too much to tell here. so long j-ten-ner
  6. There is a difference in wanting more power and needing more power. so long j-ten-ner
  7. 4.3 V6 gone in 2019?

    0-60: 7.9 sec 1/4 mile: 16.0 sec Towing Capacity / Axle Ratio: 7,400 lb / 3.08 Towing Capacity / Axle Ratio: 9,600 lb / 3.42 Engine: V8 – 5.3 L OHC 16 valve HP: 315 hp @ 5200 rpm Torque: 335 lb-ft @ 4000 rpm RWD / 4WD 4-Speed AT (2007 – 2008) 6-Speed AT (2009 – 2012) Fuel Economy: (RWD) 15/21 / (4WD) 15/21 mpg That looks more like it. I've never really tried to race my truck 0 - 100 (60), but 9.2 sec seemed a little off to me. I think my truck, 5.3, 4x4, 3.42, ext cab, reg bed can do better. Again, I've never really tested it. so long j-ten-ner
  8. That's why you've got better acceleration when you push the pedal in a steady motion, than to hammer the paddle to the floor. At least with carbureted engines. so long j-ten-ner

    lol this one made the rounds in our office last week. We have two "new" daddy's and a soon to be mom sitting there. so long j-ten-ner
  10. I find it kinda amusing. I wouldn't mind if my truck had 500hp. But I don't need it. Yes, I consider my '13 with 315hp very sufficient. All the talk about more hp is only about "knowing". If someone is asking what kind of truck they drive, they can answer (cool and with a slight trace of boredom): "....Chevy....V8.....you know....". And his buddy "knows". so long j-ten-ner
  11. Well...uhm...maybe the "professional aimer" needs to be calibrated? so long j-ten-ner
  12. GM’s Increasing Profits Tied To Colorado ZR2

    That's one of the reasons why I still drive my "old" truck. I do not need a study or fact sheet to see that the price of the new trucks is not justified on what you get for it. People are being lured into a new vehicle with new I-Phone apps and lane departure warnings and rear vents. The best example is the new RAM with the 12" touch screen. That alone will attract buyers, willing to pay thousands of dollars more. so long j-ten-ner
  13. The thing is that this attitude has been creeping up in our society for quite a while. And I think that it is progressive. Sad. so long j-ten-ner
  14. yup so long j-ten-ner
  15. If you only were going to be allowed one truck.....

    In my experience cars last the longest when left stock. And that's what I'd do with the one vehicle I'm allowed to have. People tend to "just keep it going". A vacuum leak and they will rip out all vac hoses and such. Or fixing the tail light with Tuck Tape. It might work for the time being, but it'll catch up with you. I'd still be driving the same way I do now. "Driving like a Grandpa" is what my wife calls it. I'd do all maintenance and repairs myself except the tranny. so long j-ten-ner

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