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  1. when I ordered on Amazon there were two choices, one specifically for the Sierra 9012 and the 9012. The Sierra kit cost $20 more and included error correctors. I ordered the regular unit and it shipped with the error correctors anyway just FYI
  2. I live in an urban area so its hard to be 100% objective. I would say it seems definitely brighter than stock but I cannot say how far the throw is. I also did the fogs on with high beams mod so my Rigid fogs blast the darkness when I turn on the highs and unshield the LED headlight projectors.
  3. I was able to fit the entire G7 kit inside the housing including the canbus error correctors
  4. when I added a soundstream amp, the amp instructions suggested tying the amp ground into the headunit ground. I did and experienced no noise
  5. I picked up the BPS G7 9012 LED kit thru Amazon, replacing the DDM tuning 35watt HID kit I had on my truck. With the DDM tuning I had 2 bulbs and 2 ballasts die in 2 years. I hope the LED is more reliable but so far so good. The entire kit - canbus error eliminators, ballasts, etc all fit inside the projector housing with the dust covers closing up correctly. It is tight but it fits. The light output matches the Rigid/ProBox LED fogs I have fitted on my truck perfectly. I would estimate 5000k pure white no blue (BPS claims 6000k output)
  6. You can tap into the speaker outputs via the green plug at the headunit to feed a Line Output Converter to get RCA outputs to the new sub amp. If your sub amp has hi level inputs just tap into the speaker outputs. Some folks worry about amplifying the door chimes which come from the front speaker output, so they tap into the rears. If you use the high level inputs on your sub amp then you avoid having to tap into a remote turn on power source. Your sub amp + power source should come directly from the battery. I grounded the amp to the chassis via a front console mounting bolt.
  7. this is the pinout for the green plug at the headunit. I tapped into right rear output for my hi level amp inputs. I tapped into the headunit black ground wire also for the ground of the hi level amp input
  8. I ended up getting the console sub from Rodney's Boxes off ebay. Rodney substituted a Soundstream ST1.700D mono amp for the Kicker so I could mount the amp inside the console. Rodney's included an 8 gauge amp wiring kit. My truck is a 2014 Sierra SLE crewcab no Bose, no amp Install highlights - wired amp to battery, went thru firewall at driver's side grommet with fish tape. Tapped into right rear speaker leads from Green plug at the headunit. The Soundstream had speaker level inputs which I combined the RR +/- from the headunit to both +/- amp high inputs. I also tapped the headunit ground to connect to the high speaker level ground input (in addition to the channel negatives). Grounded amp to a front dash chassis bracket mount. Amp settings - subsonic filter around 30-40Hz, low pass filter around 80-100Hz. Impressions - the sub really can shake the truck. I've got the remote turned down to maybe 3/10. Bass is impressive and tight. For $420 I'm tickled to death
  9. I've drilled a replacement chrome bumper to put in rivets for the bumper trim guides below the front grill. The metal was rather soft and easy to drill
  10. amazingly under the rear seatback of a crewcab by the jack a 16" A/R will tuck in quite nicely and not rattle around, so I have heard
  11. where did you mount the amp? I am considering doing the console sub but have a couple basic questions: 1)can I tap into the speakers up front to get a speaker level input to the amp without having the chime issues? I am guessing the sub frequency is too low for the chimes 2)there is enough space to mount a small sub amp up front near the glovebox?
  12. I have always run Firestone Destination A/T tires on my trucks but decided to try the BFG K02's on my Sierra when the factory goodyears wore out. Initially I was disappointed by how noisy they were, and the drop in MPG. However after leaving Houston in the middle of the intense Hurricane Harvey rains and returning in even worse rain and flooding, I have to say I have been won over completely. The amount of stability and confidence driving on the freeway in heavy rains and standing water is amazing. Truck never squiggled at highway speeds while other SUV's were clearly losing traction. These tires shine when driving in the worst conditions
  13. truck seems to be running normally now. Got more 93 oct in it. Got a check engine light for "fuel contaminated with water" once but now getting persistent P0430 catalyst below efficiency that pops back shortly after clearing it

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