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  1. I recently had my truck in for service to do small 4-5 recall items. Not sure if the BCM flash was done. The new lights are strong enough that I don't notice my ProBox/Rigid fogs adding as much to the throw as before
  2. after a weekend of usage, its clear to me that the Denali LED lights are far superior to the stock 14 lights, brighter than the LED bulbs I bought, and brighter than the 35w DDM HID kit I started with. Very pleased with them
  3. I had Katzkins installed by the dealer upon deliver in 2014. No issues with loose fit. Love them
  4. Those are outstanding numbers for a full wt 4x4 truck
  5. great explanation thanks
  6. installed mine yesterday. Current instructions from Gen5DIY state to plug the extra fuse into empty slot 26, but there are not any female prongs to receive the fuse plug in my 14 SLE. I went ahead and double plugged into slot #50 as per their old instructions and everything works. The DRL "C" does not turn off with the turn signal, but then again I never understood why you would want it to
  7. current instructions state to plug into #26 location which has no fuse in it
  8. I've been running a tank of E85 once every 5 fillups or so to try to dissolve any deposits. Has anyone who has used E85 often had an issue with these deposits?
  9. Going to do this mod on my 14 SLE. Front of truck was damaged in an accident and headlights have to be replaced anyway. Ordered the Gen5DIY harness bc zmnypit only has SLT to SLT harnesses for now.
  10. saw the 19 Silverado in crewcab/shortbed 4x4 LTZ form at the Houston Auto Show. It was on a restricted platform display so no interior views possible. I liked the character lines of the truck including the front end. The rear tailgate actually is convex outwards with a buldge.
  11. according to this Top Speed review the rear floor is flat:
  12. My 2014 5.3 4WD CC/SB is in for service work and I got a loaner 18 RWD EC/SB truck to drive. My 14' in on 20" wheels with 275 KO2's and the 18' is on 17" wheels with 255 Generals. The 18 feels like the throttle response is much better and pulls harder, more than I would expect from the weight/4wd drivetrain/tire-wheel difference would suggest. Any thoughts? Both are 6A trannies, and my '14 has the 3.42

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