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  1. So what are you asking for? You want us to find you one? You want us to give you our blessing? Not exactly sure what "input" is requested... Tyler
  2. To have rear controls it needs a separate blower and system, not to mention to even make the rear vents useful they need that (which is why rear vents are mostly useless) and it is too small an area for them to do it. Why price a ZR2 that high? It just prices the people that probably actually need and use a truck like that out of the truck and puts it at a price point for all suburban dads to buy as a status symbol like the Raptor is now at $70k+. If they make a ZR2, keep it no higher than mid level trim (like the Trail boss). It doesn't need a fancy dash, super soft leather seats and suede headliners... Tyler
  3. Not at all, there is no solid regular evidence to reflect that... Tyler
  4. This, just because you hear of a few rogue failures doesn't mean it is common. Drive it and enjoy it and regularly change the oil... Tyler
  5. My thought it you probably should have put this in the right forum... Good idea, don't care where it is built as profits still go to the US. Will add sales and keep GM towards or at the top if all goes well. Won't need a diesel for myself even though I like the idea the added costs and everything else don't make sense to me financially. Tyler
  6. 4 trucks out of how 2+ million sold since 2014 plus the SUV's and cars that use them? Yeah, sounds like you have a solid basis for ground calling them Junk so I will gladly comment defending them saying it is an isolated incident... Could be bad luck, could be defective parts, could be poor design or could be user error. Sucks you had these problems, they aren't normal I can assure you (and as you probably know just are a little too heated to admit). Best of luck on your next vehicle what ever it maybe. AFM causing your transmission issues? Everyone wants to blame AFM yet the number of failures and issues is quite low and much lower then the first gens. Tyler
  7. Skimped on interior

    They didn't skimp on the interior, it isn't a car people. GM actually puts out interiors that look and are useful to truck people. The last gen was done excellently, so why wouldn't they just improve on that? Too many car owners now a days going to trucks complaining about ride and petty stuff their cars had. For those talking about cheap and quality, please tell use what it was like to sit in it and feel and touch everything. You can't make any judegement about quality, fit and finish based on a picture. I promise it is far from cheap and lacking quality. Everything is going more upscale in terms of materials and GM has and will continue to as well so lets not asume what is incorrect... They did a good job on the interior, some more tech and features for those that were crying about it (blind spot, push start, rear vents, ect) and kept in useful for truck people while looking good and truck like. Not sure what there is to complain about. They added most everything you all were whinning about (they even added rear heated seats) and gave it tons more storage and a much larger bed. How about instead of brining up how it compares to a car we compare what it does best and was designed to do, be a truck. These threads are hilarious... Tyler
  8. Agreed with the first and last part in bold. The battery part though there is some issues. You wanted them to just throw a battery in not knowing if that was the case? Sucks you had to wait but they A) had to follow the process from GM in order to get it warrantied and B) had to test to be sure that was the cause and it wasn't something else which means they also had to have it charged. Although it turned out to be that simple there was no way for them to know that was the case with out testing or to be reimbursed without following GM's procedure. How mad would you have been had they replaced the battery and it dies again the next day and it turned out to be something else? At least they checked first to be sure, that is the last thing they want is to have you come back for the same problem or replace something that did not need replacing and having to have another go at it again... Tyler
  9. What area you trying to accomplish with this post since you just joined not to be a contributing member but to just complain. Seems both sides failed, you with your due diligence and them (both the dealer and company) with responsiveness. You have a couple fixable problems and a difficult dealer that you decided to do business with, keep working to get them fixed and be an adult and next time do more homework before buying. Headlight safety hazard, haha. It is a mechanical piece of machinery, nothing will always be perfect. A leak though extremely rare that early is not unheard of, you can find similar stories on any forums with whiners such as your self. An inconvenience yes, but they got that fixed and added some compensation with an extended warranty which is very nice and didn't need to be done. My advice, get it fixed and drive it or take the hit and sell it and move on since you are comfortable losing money, who loses that much on a trade in, who's fault is that? While the dealer delayed they certainly have been handling your issues and concerns. Is this your first truck or especially HD truck? Take some responsibility for our own mistakes as well, neither side is innocent here... Tyler
  10. You think this new thread will give any different information? There is only so many tire sizes. I would take all the info you have gained and do a chart of those you know fit, those that may and those that won't with out trimming and decide what route you are willing to take. Each is different, where some swear up and down they fit a 34 with out rubbing others need to trim with a touch over a 33, so many factors. That's why searching, gathering info and taking time to decide is best and what sounds best here. The biggest tire is probably a 35, are you willing to trim? Different tires are different sizes depending on type, shape, ect. So what may fit a light AT tire a MT might not at the same size and so forth... Tyler
  11. Welcome, thanks for joining and being a contributing member and just to make a long drawn out complaint. Have you checked out the other companies forums? They are filled with issues and complaints too, that is how forums work. People like you come on and complain after having a few issues, it is a very small percentage of actual trucks that have issues. If you were to go based off this forum you would think every truck shook or the 2014's are lemon garbage, nothing could be further from the truth. My 14 has been bullet proof like most everyone else. Are there going to be problems? Sure, every manufacturer has problems and lemons but most have no issues, just some are worse than others (ie Ram). Go ahead and enjoy your next Dodge and let us know how that works out, or Toyota or Ford. Nothing is accomplished by coming on a forum and putting up a big long winded complaint thread. "Believe me it shows"? When these were introduced, they were far and away better than the previous gens and were class leading until the next manufacturer releases a new truck. That is how it works, each brand is the best and class leading until the next brand has an all new truck come out. Ram was until the 14's came out and they were until the 15 F150 came out and so on, it is a circle of truck life. Best of luck I guess? Sounds like you are the type that is never satisfied and your next brand will be a disappointment as well... BTW, it is super easy to make that stuff up, it is the internet so it is super easy to lie and come in and troll if that is what is going on (not saying you did but saying it is easy to do...). Tyler
  12. You could try searching, there are whole threads of pictures and other level info covering all different heights you were inquiring about, go check out the modifications section. Also it will mess up your warranty for some suspension components like a failed ball joint, GM won't pay for that as manufacturers are getting stingy on modifications and warranty work. If you add heavy over sized tires with big off set wheels things like wheel bearings probably won't be covered, if the modification messes it up they aren't liable to cover it if the impacted the part that failed because of the modification. Just a heads up, the dealer may cover it but it would probably be out of good will but GM most likely wouldn't. Tyler
  13. Emergency redesign? It looks great, I want my truck to be useful as a truck, I am not looking for a car interior in a truck. GM accomplished a truck useful interior and dash and just made it a little better. There is no way to tell what the plastics, leathers and other materials are like with out touching them so that is just an assumption which I promise will be proved to be false. So sad to see the way trucks are now graded, shopped and perceived. I bet if Mercedes made a $120k luxury pick up with a 3ft bed, suede headliner, 600lb payload with a 4k towing ability and a V12, baby lamb covered massaging reclining seats with 30 speakers and it rode like an s-class but the outside looked like a Ironhide from transformers half the pick up buyers from all big three truck manufacturers would get up and leave and go purchase one as that is what they really want. A luxury car with the image of a truck. Tyler
  14. Haha, ok someone is just grasping at straws that aren't there... You do realize that the only models with rear vents not on the floor were the higher end models with the center console in the F150 (as well as the other brands) right? If you buy a work truck that comes with the benches you aren't getting rear vents but floor vents under the seat which just so happens the GM trucks have on the floor as well. There are zero issue of heat problems in the back of the cab of the GM trucks, I live in Texas, I know. Do you even understand how cooling and efficiency work? That beloved cooled air that is coming out of the rear vents are warmer and move at less volume than the front because of how far they travel and where. It is much more efficient to cool an enclosed space with large front vents blowing strong cooled air to the back at the set temp than losing 10,15,20+ degrees and air speed as it passes down the floor soaking up heated air from under the truck then going back up 7 feet form where the air originated. The rear vent are excellent at cooling the knee though! The vents add a level of perceived luxury but are limited in their actual function. Unless they added a separate blower or cooling components like the SUV/CUV's they just aren't that great. Lost sales, wow I can't stop laughing at that; I bet that was the number 1 survey complaint item on actual work trucks that they get feed back from. Tyler
  15. Soft Leather? Have you not been in any other vehicle with a quality leather? Had a Volvo S90as a rental recently, that leather was so much nicer than what is found in any truck. A nice quality leather you find in say a luxury car is completely different than what is found in most trucks which is fake and much lower quality. That is part of the reason I dislike leather in trucks, it is usually chintzy (especially in the lower end leather models) so it feels like a small step up above vinyl, it's cold in the winter, hot in the summer, requires more up keep, looks rough years down the road and adds cost. Never understood the facination with it, it can still stain it just doesn't hold smells. Tyler

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