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  1. http://lmgtfy.com/?q=chevrolet+silverado+gas+mileage Tyler
  2. No cash for a $100 level but you are going to drop over a grand on the most expensive overrated tires on the market? If you are all city except for going on snow twice a year there are much better options that will perform much better on the road where you spend all your time. With the BFG's you will take a nice hit on mpg, road noise will increase, handling will decrease, wet weather can be a problem and on hard packed snow and ice I have heard not so good things about those tires. Two things I would do, reconsider the tire to a better option that is better priced, then go buy the level if you are interested so you do not have regrets later or have to rebuy tires to accomodate a level and look you want. Honestly I would reconsider tires regardless as being so tight on money you should save some where you can in a slush fund just incase... Unless you are going in to deep snow and venturing off the pavement a less aggressive tire with lots of sipping is better then a big aggressive AT or hybrid tire. Also unless you are going up passes that require the mountain snow flake symbol to legally pass many tires are just as good or better but decided to not get tested and certified to save cost. Based on everything you have noted though the Hankook Dynapro ATM would be an excellent choice, if you want the extreme looks of the BFG's check out the General Grabber AT2, both will allow you to save some movney and get a level or have a savings while meeting your requirements. Tyler
  3. Certainly didn't take long for the BFG KO crowd suggestion when the OP wants quiet, good ride and not a big mpg hit which is exactly what those tires create. OP, the less aggressive the tire the better the ride and MPG, the more sipes the better ice and hard pack traction, the only thing bigger voided tires are good for are deeper snow traction in many cases (as well as mud) and looks. A tire like the Bridgestone Duele Revo 2 I have heard good things about, the Michelin AT2 is probably the best tire down your alley and the Cooper AT3 are some of the best rated tires as well. Those 3 are excellent choices and should check most boxes. Tires like the AT3 W, duratrac and other hybrid tires are worse on the road, mpg and noise and handling, though they do great in deeper snow. Good luck with your choice. Tyler
  4. Nice troll post, here is a clue, if you want to sound somewhat believable try not creating a screen name that sounds like you are a female cleansing part... Sucks you had these "problems" if they exist, what are you trying to accomplish with this post? Try searching if you are wanting to fix them your self. Lets break it down. First and foremost, parts break, it happens to every brand of anything ever assembled or made. The hub, can be any number of reasons from hitting something extremely hard, to large tires and heavy offset rims or spacers, can have a seal failed if off road and dirt got in to it. 65k is abnormal but not unheard of in a truck depending on how it is used. Get it fixed and grow up. The AC did the compressor fail or the fan, they are two different parts. Again it can happen, you had some bad luck or something wore it out (most likely just a rogue failure). Transmission shifting wonky had been for all brands, nothing wrong with it as they shift earlier for mpg. Some people it annoys more than others. Others think something is wrong when there in fact isn't (it won't break or fail just doesn't act how they think it should), could be any number of things. What is wrong with yours other than just "shifting problems"? Engine ticking is most likely direct injection, that is how it works. Could be something else and it would be a ton more noticeable such as a lifter but with all your vague responses without a description for all your "problems listed above" all we can do is guess you are trolling with some common problems people have had and we have to assume that is what is going on with yours. Either way lets try adulting and not making childish screen names and crying and posting on forums when something minor happens or doesn't go our way, can we do that? Best of luck getting it fixed if there really is an issue. Maybe try a much more reliable Dodge or Ford truck? Tyler
  5. Haha gutless 5.3? It is far from gutless, even the 4.3 moves pretty well. All these guys expecting their trucks to accelerate, handle and drive like a muscle car then just complain... Tyler
  6. Have you tried plugging it in to each of the USB ports while the truck is off and see if the charging light lights up? Tyler
  7. It is because of the brand new truck versus a 6 year old truck with a worn down suspension, the new one will be stiffer. Plus the new ones have a large carrying and towing capacity so it will need to be stiffer to compensate. As the others have said most standard off road shocks are stiffer than regular shocks (only when you get to the higher end shocks that are more geared towards higher speeds off road will they be softer). My suggestion drive the truck and let it break it and see if it is soft enough for you, if not then have a set of softer shocks installed to help. One thing you did not mention was the wheel size, are the new ones 20 inches? What were your old one? That makes a difference how a truck rides between the 20's and 18's/17's, the 20's will ride rougher... Tyler
  8. Just take it to the dealer and see it if is warrantable, if not you are on your own, if it is you get a new wheel(s). Not sure what answer you are looking for, if you search there have been some who have had a similar problem. Tyler
  9. Just search, lots of info from those who want to do that and think they are saving their engines or something for the long run. Tyler
  10. Really? They haven't even had a chance to look at the truck so how is Chevy turning a blind eye? Sucks you have an issue (you are in a very small minority) but spamming other threads won't help your cause. OP, no need to make a mountain out of a mole hill, it has a warranty and comes with a loaner. Just take it in, you aren't going you be able to return it or lemon law or anything for a bit until they look at it. So just calm down, drop it off and see what they say. Better yet go for a ride with them and show them, many of times it is the tires (they can be bad or unbalanced from the factory) or another fix (though these trucks don't very often shake, it is just a few complainers trying to make it sound like some issues with half the trucks sold). I have yet to be in a GM truck that shakes (and I have been in a bunch of them from loaners to friends and co workers who all own them. Tyler
  11. What's the point? When it gets dark just turn on the headlights (they are automatic), you have DRL's so having them on during the day is moot. Those will be so bright they will cause some issues at night for others. Just don't put anything like that (LED/HID's) in your stock LT halogen headlights (if you have those) you will blind the crap out of everyone else. Sounds like you will have to be the guinea pig on those if you are going to try them... Tyler
  12. That Z71 sticker needs to go, ruins a clean look. Also why buy a 4wd and do that to it? Would have been cheaper to go 2wd and less issues in terms of wear and tear. All in all not bad, not my style (the wheels) but the rest is clean and matches well (except the sticker). Tyler
  13. Try searching, tons of people have both of those setups. Check out the level thread that is stickied in the modifications sections, you will find a bunch of pics of people who did that. Tyler
  14. You should remove the 4x4 sticker, looks out of place especially with the door emblem gone. With everything else all clean and a nice balance of black and chrome the 4x4 sticker just jumps out like a sore thumb. Nice setup otherwise! Tyler

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