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  1. Thanks, gotcha on the bearings. Watched a few videos on the process although NONE for the 2007-13 models, only can find the earlier models but assume they are pretty much the same. Ordered a Chilton and Haynes manuals since the Helm factory manual is now $350 . They were only $150 for my 04 1500. I found the axle gasket but everyone seems to just RTV the end of the axle??? Ordered the hub seals and synthetic gear oil. Still can't find a part for the hub nut socket. Done lots of brakes and rotors but never this so sorry for all the questions, this is my first 2500.
  2. Sorry forgot it is a 2013 2500HD. Sounds like I am going to have to pull the axle and hub. Guess I need to order a socket to pull the hub nut off as well. Crap I should have asked this first before I ordered everything. How tight do I need to make that hub nut? I had the full manuals for my 2004 but didn't cough up the $150 for the 2013. So I guess I need to get an axle seal and a seal for the hub as well correct? Guess I should repack bearings as well, geez this is a lot of effort to put new parking brake shoes on. Sucks since I only have 32k on it.
  3. I appear to have issues searching this forum or selecting the correct search words. Does anyone know if it is possible to replace the parking brake shoes without pulling the axle and hub off? My parking brake setup must have stuck and heated up the rotor and made a hard spot. Nothing I do will make the regular brakes stop squealing at near stopped speeds now. I ordered new parking brake shoes, rotors, and brakes but never worked on the HD parking brake system. It was easy on my 1500 but this looks like I won't be able to get everything apart with the hub still on. Thanks
  4. Thanks for the info, I just realized I can't go bigger anyway as I won't be able to put my cable chains on when plowing if I go any bigger. They barely fit now. Can't believe I almost ordered the tires before I remembered. Guess the memory is the first thing to go. PS those BFGs look really nice on there. Let us know how they wear. I am still undecided between the new BFGs or the new Geolandars.
  5. Thanks for the reply. In looking around and the bigger tires are also cheaper.....go figure.
  6. I did a couple of searches but either I am not entering the right words or something but can anyone tell me if the put the next size up tires on their STOCK 2500HD? Not key adjustments or anything, I am just looking to see if anyone has LT275/70-18 on their trucks without rubbing issues. I don't see why there should be an issue but would rather not spend $850 and be sorry later. Thanks
  7. Going to try and find a broken rear slider in the junk yard. Maybe I can chisel the piece off and reglue it. Dealer didn't even bother to reply to me.
  8. Unfortunately "new glass" means a new rear window which means almost $700 just for the part plus installation. I wonder if anyone here knows who manufactures the sliding window. I can try and contact them. I refuse to pay that much for a freaking $1.00 piece of plastic. I'll pay a shop to mill me a new piece.
  9. Hello, my search for a part or procedure to fix this has not gone well. I see TONS of power slider cable/regulator help but my issue isn't with that, myissue is the plastic stop has torn off of the glass. I can't find a replacement piece of plastic on gmpartsdirect or anywhere else. I can't believe you would need to buy new glass with the piece already attached. Seems like this should be a common problem but I guess not. Anyone had this happen and found a replacement part? Thanks for any help
  10. Found a video on you tube that showed rotating the door panel upside down so you could see how it came undone. Once I saw that it was a no brainer. Killed 2 birds with one stone got my dent removed and found that rattle that has been driving me nuts for almost 2 years. Off topic but that paintless dent repair is pretty amazing. Really can't tell where it was. Thanks for the replies and the after market advice. I may pull the drivers side now and see about some new speakers while I have it all ripped apart............
  11. I am trying to remove the door panel an my 2013 gmc 2500. I get the door panel loose but cannot figure out how to disconnect it from the handle area. From reading here it seems there is a cable that operates the latch from the handle. How do I disconnect the cable so I can fully remove the door panel? Thanks
  12. Wow, I am debating just buying a good HID kit if I have to go through this much hassle. They are supposed to last longer than regular bulbs, plus I always seem to blow out my Sylvania bulbs every time I plow the driveway from the vibration. At least I did in the 1500, maybe the new 2500 will plow nicer and not blow out my headlights as much. Although I could install new bulbs in like 45 seconds in the old style headlights. Guess they needed to make everything more difficult..................thanks for the replies, I just thought it was me being a dufuss.......................
  13. Okay I give up, I am fairly mechanically inclined but I cannot get the %$^# headlights out of my new truck. My 2004 took about 30 seconds to pull the headlights. Somehow these seem to be tied into the fender somehow. I unscrew the 2 bolts and unscrew the grill bolts and pop the inside of the headlight out from the bottom catch, but that's it. I have it past the grill but it hung up by the fender and the fascia below the headlight. What am I missing, this can't be that hard...................I just know I am going to get rammy and break something soon..................... Thanks
  14. Sorry to hear you are having issues, that really stinks. I can feel for you as I just traded my 2004 for a new 2013. I am kinda kicking myself on a semi daily basis as well. My old one had no issues just decided it was time for a change.....dummy. Well at least my dad is happy, he immediately went to the dealers and bought my old one and couldn't be happier......good luck getting it resolved.

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