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  1. New truck, new trailer, new to this!

    Yeah, thats a big trailer. Very much like mine in length and weight. You'll know its there, but if you load it correctly, it should tow fine. Cross winds is where you'll really feel it.
  2. Yay or Nay

    I didnt think the 6.0 had it like the 5.3
  3. Yay or Nay

    We usually make around 6 camping trips a year, give or take. Not a lot more, but its enough to warrant the need for a 2500. If the weather isnt perfect, I kinda dread towing tbh. I've taken slower back roads just to avoid open highway and more wind. Maybe I'm paranoid lol. Would the 6.0 be any worse than my 09 5.3?
  4. SO I have a 09 1500 CC. Although I'm within specs, towing our big 33ft trailer can be a chore unless conditions are perfect. Really should be using a 3/4. Well, $$ thats still a few years away. My 09 is getting up there in kms, etc, but works well. Well, a 08 GMC 2500 6.0 has sorta fell into my lap. Local dealer has it. Has 15k less kms than my truck, but a year older. Mines a LTZ, this is a SLE. Its a CC long box. If I got what I want for my truck, I could get into this for a few grand. I'm torn. Assuming its in good condition, it should work better for my needs when towing. I guess this would be a tide me over truck for the next few years until we're ready to upgrade. Or would I be better waiting, keep what I got and tough it out? Im pretty sure I know the answer to this, but I need to hear it lol.
  5. Dont care for the exhaust. Never liked those shaped tips, plus aftermarket will be a pita. I know those are just fancy tips and the exhaust just flows into those, but still.
  6. Oil pressure

    So I still havent fixed this. I did do an oil change, and the OP has been fine. moves normally, check engine light went out, etc. Not sure whats up, but its working normally for now. I'll hang onto the sensor just in case.
  7. Oil pressure

    assuming its just a bad sensor then, the truck should be ok to drive eh?
  8. 2019 round wheel wells.

    Folks hated the square at first. Ford doesn't own round. And making new trucks that have round doesn't mean they're copying Ford.
  9. Oil pressure

    Mines always right around 275, bit over, bit under depending. Never that low.
  10. Oil pressure

    I love they put this thing in the very back where no one would ever want to get at it
  11. Oil pressure

    Yeah of course. Is there an easy way to tell if it's the sensor or that I do I will pressure?
  12. Oil pressure

  13. Oil pressure

    So was in my way home today, notice the pressure gauge would drop some, than go back to normal. Then my cel came on. As I pulled in my driveway, got the dreaded low pressure, shut off engine message. Hopefully just a sensor but another suggestions? If it's just the sensor, I assume it's still fine to drive?
  14. Lets See Some Towing Pics!

    Love that colour
  15. Doubted my 1500 for the first time.

    The big question is what's your payload? You're probably close to max with your combo. Thats the downside of the 1500. But it can be done, with a good wdh setup, sway control and trailer brake. Im towing a similar combo, although older truck, your payload probably isnt much more than mine, maybe 100lbs, give or take.

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