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  1. This is double posted with reply’s to both. Maybe a moderator could combine them.
  2. That’s a droop stop. Some people I’ve seen have cut that out. I didn’t. From your picture I would be surprised if your not hearing that control arm banging on that droop stop. If they raised your front 4inches they should have been smart and replaced the upper control arms with a set made for leveling that are angled to miss the droop stop and help flatten the angle of your upper ball joints.
  3. Column for me. I plow and don’t think I would like it any other way. Wouldn’t mind them sending my hi-low beam back to the floor either. I’m sure by now they could make a switch for the floor that wouldn’t rust away.
  4. This helps a lot. Surprised it hasn’t been pointed out more.
  5. Was this related directly to the suspension part of the steering or the steering wheel? I get a clunky noise as well.
  6. My Silverado lights weren’t very good at casting light however when I leveled my truck it took care of the problem. Now they light the road up correctly.
  7. It doesn’t help in the short run but I will check what mine does when I’m hooked up next time.
  8. Obviously Jeep Wrangler is a popular vehicle and one my wife has expressed interest in. What year did you have if you don’t mind me asking? My wife likes the unlimited. I know with any vehicle someone has gotten one they have few complaints about while others have a bad experience. It’s disappointing because Jeep is an iconic vehicle and should be bulletproof.
  9. I use jl audio when upgrading. There are a lot of good choices out there. Like anything else if you’re not doing the work check your local audio shops to see what brands they support. Most good brands have different quality levels to offer depending on a persons budget.
  10. Curious what your Jeep experience was.
  11. I noticed this early in the ownership of my 16 hd when I almost got hit pulling out at an intersection in the rain. I was expecting the same performance as my 02 hd instead my truck did what feels like stopping half way out into the intersection. I now turn off traction control often. To bad driving nannies are pushed on us, why do I have to turn off nannies instead of turning them on when they are actually needed? That’s not a real question because I know why I just don’t like it.

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