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  1. My dealership said there are no trans updates. I said I knew someone going to get updates they said then get the info from them. Is there any info on your update you can share with me so I can force there hand? As you can see they probably didn’t check for updates and are basically saying prove there are updates if you want help either that or there aren’t any updates and your dealer lied to you which I doubt. Maybe a part number for the update or something similar on your Receipt.
  2. That’s what this guy bought them for winter wheels.
  3. Yeah not bad, now what to buy for the truck next 😉
  4. Anyone able to suggest a reasonable price to sell my stock midnight wheels. Not looking to over charge but want what’s fair. Someone a friend knows is interested but I wasn’t sure how much to ask.
  5. Mine goes in for an oil change tomorrow,I have asked them to look for updates as well hope it works for one of us a the very least. Im sure you will let us know how it goes hope you have good news to share.
  6. Thanks theyre 20x9 +18 offset. Tires are 295/60. Hope they look right on my midnight. Black 18s just look kinda small imo.
  7. Last December when my old truck met my new truck for the first time. Needless to say my old truck wasnt impressed.
  8. Went with custom offsets thanks for all the tips.
  9. Anyone have experience with custom offsets?
  10. Where did you folks buy your wheels? Looking for a goof place to buy custom wheels.
  11. I also have a midnight with the 3.5 RC and Im trying to decide on wheels and tires I would like mine more flush with the fenders any advice on size and offset. Mine has OEM mud guards also that I would like to keep. How or what made you decide on your wheel and tire package? Love the grill by the way thats a mod I thought of doing, did you do it yourself if so talk about the process.

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