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  1. My truck came with several spare keys as well as a couple of ready to cut blanks, no idea where they have to be cut though.
  2. 305/50/R20 - will rub your sway bar but not your fenders - that equates to a 32.6" x 12.50" ( I chose this size as it is basically almost a 33" tall tire, but a bit wider than most so you have more of a presence). Most 33" tires will fit, but may rub the fender liners a bit - you can easily trim the fender liners if you'd like, but if you don't want to do that go with a 33" that is under 12" wide or go with the 305/50/R20.
  3. Yeah, I have heard of them. They make some really good looking black/machined wheels that I really like.
  4. Newbie from the Gulf Coast

    Welcome aboard brother!
  5. Yeah all should fit as Chris mentioned with the exception of the drive train parts. You could also check Rock Auto for any body parts you may need.
  6. Thanks for the comments! For my headlight retrofit project, I am actually considering painting the insides of the housings white diamond, leaving the chrome only on the reflectors inside and outside of high and low beam spots as well as side markers (will be clearing/removing amber reflectors), and going with quad projectors. I am contemplating my overall design at the moment, but I think it would look great with the insides of the housings paint matched, reflectors would stay chrome, and then I could choose to do chrome projector shrouds or paint those white diamond as well.
  7. In my opinion, there isn't getting any closer. The on-the-truck photos don't really do much justice - weather here is crap and it has been cloudy all day.
  8. So, I have had plenty of parts painted at the body shop for my front end and recently posed the question about the emblem in my chrome grille. Most simply apply plastidip or vinly overlays and leave it as is. However, what do you do once the plastidip has gone through its usable life? Paint!! I thought about calling my body shop and asking about having it painted, but knew it wouldn't be cheap as they would be wasting a bit of product for such a small part. I was bored this weekend and was at Home Depot conceptualizing about my upcoming retrofit project when I noticed Rustoleum's White Diamond Pearl paint. I thought, I bet that is crap, but its only $7 so lets try it! I get home and do a test on a couple things and the stuff is almost silver. I was pretty frustrated in that regard, but something just told me - wait you idiot you know this is a three stage system (had not yet tried the Rustoleum White Diamond Pearl over something that was already white). So as I spin around to head to the easy chair, I noticed a couple rattle cans in the garage and one was a gloss white primer/sealer from Rustoleum (don't remember exact name). The cap was laying there and I thought, grab that damn cap and spray a coat of the Pearl over it. Once I did that, it was a damn near exact match to the truck. So, I started the path of removing my bowtie emblem and getting the plasticrap off to prep and paint. I have it back on the truck now, but have been feeling rough the past few days and will get an on the truck shot soon. Here are my pics: Plastidipped - this is the shape it was in when I removed it: Cleaned up: Wet sanding both border and emblem: Gloss white sealer/primer (aka base coat): One coat of White Diamond Pearl (aka mid-coat): First clear coat applied (top coat) (I applied 3 coats): Match comparison (emblem vs truck hood): Finished product (emblem and border): Man does this open some options or what? Here are the on-the-truck shots:
  9. I'm really digging the redesign of the traverse. It looks more modern and more of an SUV and less like a crossover as it has over the past several years.
  10. Jlm02a3094's Sierra

    Bumping this thread for an excellent build. This is one good looking truck. Not sure if you have done more to her since last posting, but deleting the remaining chrome would put the finishing touches on. Also, with those Denali heads, you could do the retroquick kit from TRS and swap in some projectors and HIDs.
  11. I would tint at 20% all the way around - strip up front on the windshield. Color match the grille and replace the bowtie with one in black - or - color match the entire front end. Go with some take off wheels to replace your steelies, chrome would look good, black also would look good. You could do a 2.5" level and some 33" tires too.
  12. Could this just be hill start assist? I know when I stop with the brakes my hill start assist kicks in - lasts for about 8 seconds or so.
  13. I would bet those Monroe Struts are the quick-struts and are simply a direct replacement for the factory coil-overs (and likely don't raise the front any). You could slap a 2" or 2.5" level kit on there and you should have all the clearance you need. I recommend (and have on my truck) the 2.5" level from Top Gunz Customz. Here is a link to the kit: http://www.topguncustomz.com/i-25499545-2-5-2007-2016-gm-cadillac-1500-silverado-sierra-1500-leveling-lift-spacers.html?ref=category:1319299 The circular spacer goes on top of the front strut and the rectangular spacer goes on the bottom. You will basically pull each strut out (one side at a time), place the spacer on top first, then on bottom and reinstall. These will likely go right on the Monroe struts the previous owner placed in there no problem.
  14. You can make the kit yourself and save plenty of $$. Here is a post from gmtruckclub forums - I added some parts in there to help out. I think I also have a post on this forum about it, but couldn't locate it. http://www.gmtruckclub.com/forum/threads/2007-2013-chevy-silverado-sierra-fog-lights-up-grade.131861/
  15. I know we have the store here that sells the bowtie emblem overlays, but does anyone know where to get them in white diamond tricoat? Mine is currently plasti-dipped, but still looks fantastic. It's going to be time to re-do it soon though, so was thinking vinyl instead for longevity.

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