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  1. Looks sharp! Amazing the difference a level makes. How are you liking the Falken's? Are they fairly quiet on the road?
  2. Gotcha. That's about what I expected, was just curious.
  3. Looks sharp! What are you averaging MPG?
  4. For those of you with the 5100 level and larger tires, what MPG drop have you noticed?
  5. So they will fit with either the Bilsteins or the level? Thanks for the input!
  6. Anyone running this setup? Looking to put a level on a new 2017 Sierra SLT 4x4 Crew and also plan to go up a size on tires, using the stock 20" snowflake wheels. My first option is to replace the stock Ranchos with 5100s and set them at the highest setting (1.85")My other option is to go with the 2" rough county level and leave the stock Ranchos. I'm hoping some 275/60R20s will fit with the 5100's on the high setting. From looking at other posts, it seems like they should. Any thoughts?
  7. Exactly the setup I have been considering for my 17 Sierra. How much difference is the road noise/ride? How much has your mpg suffered? I had the level and 276/70R18 K02's on my 2012 Silverado and they looked and performed great. Nice looking rig!
  8. Looks nice. How's the noise difference and how many mpg have you lost?
  9. I really like the look of the woodgrain cupholder in the GMC All Terrain and was wondering if the same unit would fit my truck. I see a lot of reference to the 2010 and even 2011, but not the 2012. Just looking at the truck, the console and cupholder area seem to be the same as the other years, but I was hoping someone had experience with the current model. Will the GM #25912889 unit fit my truck?

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