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  1. First Set of Pics (Mountain Pictures)

    yea looks good
  2. SWEET cant see if you have mud flaps but i would put them on something that nice to help keep it that nice.
  3. auto mode is just that. it has the axles engaged to each other so when it senses wheel slip it brings in the transfer case to 4x4. that is what i was told. so auto will not hurt on dry pavement. it will lower your mpg's buy spinning the front differential @ the tires. oh and thanks for finding the link above I to am going to look in to this mod that light is just to small for my liking.
  4. Bellefonte PA

    I to hope he lives a long suffering life in prison.
  5. Bellefonte PA

    If i hear Jerry sanduskey one more time !! his little stunts have cost this town millions and the media is everywhere. In the way parked on the main streets. the schools have changed bus stops and times. streets are blocked off. what a disaster snipers on the roofs around town. ridiculous I tell ya. OK i feal little better rant is over
  6. Might as well be a new member

    HELLO (big shout ) thats a long way from here
  7. First tow with dmax

    a toy Hauler with 12 foot garage is heavy. I cant tell what truck you have. But i am thinking you will need a 3500 dually to be legal. my garage is only 10 foot. Two extra feet will be 500 lbs. another axle (Triple wheel) 400 lbs. more stuf inside. this is me just making a guess 7500 lb truck. 23000 combined weight and that is with no toys in the garage. + 400 lbs of toys. 300 lbs of people 200lbs of hitch in the truck. so i hope you see why. when you see a 2500 pulling a toy hauler they are overloading their axles.and overloading the truck. 2500 fith wheel rating is this out of the manual. 1500 Fifth Wheel Gooseneck 680 kg (1,500 lbs) 2500HD Fifth Wheel Gooseneck 1134 kg (2,500 lbs) 3500 Single Rear Wheels Fifth Wheel Gooseneck 1 360 kg (3,000 lbs) 3500 Dual Rear Wheels Fifth Wheel Gooseneck 1 587 kg (3,500 lbs)
  8. First tow with dmax

    I Have fuzion 310 toy hauler 36 ft you have to be careful and get a truck that can handle the pin weight of a toy hauler they are really nose heavy to compensate for the garage area most are 2500 lbs garage capacity. So you are looking at a pin weight of 2800 lbs unloaded that is why I went with the 3500 srw dmax combined weight of 22000 lbs.
  9. First tow with dmax

    Amen brother
  10. looks good my 2010 gmc looked like that . did you have a front alignment to go with it?
  11. All i can say is wow. We have a real good mountain here in central pa called 7mts. I don't know what the percent grade is but believe me is a goody. I have been pulling it for years with a 6.0 gas Chevy and a 7000 lbs trailer and on good day with a decent run at the bottom 45 mph is the best. duramax and 12000 lbs trailer 55 mph and i was not even screaming it. I had such a big smile at the top. any one that that knows this mountain pls chime in.
  12. i think it would be a good idea. IMHO
  13. Help getting a daily driven car?

    cruze was to small for us so we bought a 2013 malibu eco. 2.4 motor with eassist (its a 15 horse electric motor maried to the gas motor by a belt) so far 38 mpg on a trip. 30 mpg average. and the my link radio is a dream wish my truck had it. a low end one should be ion that range. http://www.billmacintyre.com/VehicleDetails/new-2013-Chevrolet-Malibu-ECO_1SA-Lock_Haven-PA/1818218593
  14. +1 for the meprolites on my kimber tle II.

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