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  1. I had mine installed at Les Schwab (so I could do new wheels and an alignment at the same time) and they were set to do the bottom spacers but ended up having to grab upper spacers from another store. I think they changed with the 2017...?
  2. I put a 2" front leveling kit on my 2017 Silverado and now there's a gap between the OEM felt wheel well liner and suspension/engine bay. Has anybody tried these Performance Accessories Gap Guards? They seem a little pricey for what they are, but I haven't found any alternatives. I'm also wondering how they would install in conjunction with the OEM felt liners.
  3. Is the front emblem scewed on? And is the back easy to access?
  4. Has anybody addressed the gap created with a level kit and the OEM felt wheel liners? The only option I can find is this: http://performanceaccessories.com/index.php?id_product=380&controller=product#/years-2016 Looks pretty basic and overpriced. Wondering if it would even install in conjunction with the OEM liners...
  5. What is the purpose or function of the large box coming off the stock intake tube...and the two lines coming off the intake tube that go back toward the engine block? I'm just thinking they must serve some purpose, but it must not be too important if all the CAI systems simply bypass them.
  6. Just got my Husky GearBox - LOVE IT! Took a minute to get in place and looks like it came from the factory with it.
  7. 2009 Silverado K1500

    My first Silverado
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  9. Just installed mine today...if only all installs were that easy! They both just popped right into place. Probably took me 10 minutes total.
  10. I don't understand why these don't come standard. Has anybody found any interference by mudflaps when installing these?
  11. Off-topic. . .but Darkanion you're truck is VERY nice! It's very clean - I like it.
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