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  1. Cool. Let me know what you think if you get them. I'm trying to decide whether to go with the red Spyder's or to keep holding out for an expensive OEM LTZ/High Country set.
  2. Spyder makes an LED tail light set that plugs into the existing sockets and has built on resistors. They also make the same tail light for the factory LED setup, with no resistors. Otherwise you would need to get a different factory harness to go with the Gen5 resistor harness. Look at RealTruck’s website - they have both models on their page.
  3. Welcome to the club. My satellite antenna leaked on my brand new 2017. When I took it in the worker told me they had quite a few come in, to include leaking third brake lights. You'd think they'd have this figured out as they've been using the same relative antennas and third brake lights for 10+ years...
  4. One last question - I'm assuming only one resistor on each side is all that is needed for the LTZ harness/LTZ LED tail lights. I would like to use the VLED resistors. Would 6ohm/25w be adequate? They also have a 3ohm/50w resistor...
  5. Do you happen to know which color wires would need the resistors on the factory LTZ harness? I figure it would be about half the cost to buy an extra LTZ harness set and then tap in with my own resistors versus buying the gen5diy harness that does the same thing with an extension harness...
  6. 1. 14+ Chevy Full Size 1500 6' 6" Box. 2. I have an all black crew cab that I occasionally use for hauling, but that is mostly used for family trips and outings. The LOMAX cover would be perfect for my truck because it would blend in with the black, stealthy look I'm going for, but mostly because it would allow us to haul our twins' stroller and other items around regardless of the weather. I've also added under rail bed lights which would be put to good use. 3. Durability and weathertight sealing is important. Also is the ability to fold it back to accommodate larger loads on occasion. I like that it is low profile and doesn't detract from the appearance of the truck. 4. I do not currently have a tonneau cover on my truck. 5. I primarily use the truck for errands and outings with the family. Being that I live in Washington State it would be nice to be able to transport items without worrying about it getting wet.
  7. What color LED's does the Range have?
  8. I'm stressed out just reading about it and seeing the interior dismantled... Amazing skills! Have you ever thought about going to work as a GM designer/engineer??
  9. Fastest, cheapest, most useful mod to date! Works great and only two tries in about 10 minutes. Thanks for the info OP!
  10. A little late in the game for that, isn't it?
  11. Yikes. Yeah, that's not cool. Maybe I'll see if I can live with the M5 fix for now... and if not, maybe try the Range disabler out. At least until the truck is a couple years old and out of warranty.
  12. Can you elaborate on how the tuner ruined your truck? I've never had one and was contemplating getting one, but that is my hold-up and worst fear.

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