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  1. Would there be much benefit, as in sound volume and clarity, with a straight swap of factory speakers to Bose speakers in the dash and door panels? Just wondering if it would make much difference without adding any other components (subwoofer, amplifier, etc). Or are the factory speakers not that bad?
  2. I'm an OCD perfectionist and I don't see anything wrong there. Good work!
  3. Should I expect to have to pay for this update? Or is it something that is covered under warranty?
  4. I had Coverking Cordura Ballistic seat covers for many years in my last truck. They were tough, looked decent, and were reasonably priced. They started fraying toward the end of their life. We currently have Caltrend Neosupreme covers in our Jeep and they are a perfect fit and have held up to car seats and a golden retriever just fine. They are a little pricey though.
  5. Would it even be possible to swap out the steering wheel emblem? I can't imagine it's only 3M taped on.
  6. Curious if you were able to confirm this? And if you ever got it done?
  7. 2016 Silverado OEM Chrome "Skid Plate"

    Thank you much!
  8. 2016 Silverado OEM Chrome "Skid Plate"

    Did anybody ever get the part number for the black one? I can only find chrome... And was it easy to replace? I read that the license plate frame is riveted to it
  9. Oh, that's a nice site! I found the chrome version of the skid plate, just need to dig for a black one... Thank you!
  10. Can somebody tell me the part # for a black lower bumper trim piece (for 2017 Silverado LT LTZ)? I wish there was a user friendly part # lookup...and I tried searching the forums /c:
  11. talked my brother out of a 2017 Sierra

    I'm sure you could find a Ford forum out there with just as many varying complaints...
  12. It's worth every penny to have it professionally installed. I think it was only $60 for both fronts.
  13. I bought my truck in September and I doubt it was updated. The first thing I noticed when backing up was that it lit the whole cab. If I'm reading this correctly, without the update it will dim about 1/2 the rate as the dials...and with the update it should dim a considerable amount more?
  14. I had mine installed at Les Schwab (so I could do new wheels and an alignment at the same time) and they were set to do the bottom spacers but ended up having to grab upper spacers from another store. I think they changed with the 2017...?
  15. I put a 2" front leveling kit on my 2017 Silverado and now there's a gap between the OEM felt wheel well liner and suspension/engine bay. Has anybody tried these Performance Accessories Gap Guards? They seem a little pricey for what they are, but I haven't found any alternatives. I'm also wondering how they would install in conjunction with the OEM felt liners.

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