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  1. My 2015 GMC 6.2 has been solid, and I really do love it. With that said my 2014 Chevy 5.3L is the biggest piece of garbage I have even driven, not just owned, driven. Vibrations, shakes, trans issues, coolant issues, power steering issues, rattles and creaks, Stabiltrak issues, the list goes on. At least I am only into that one for 17CAD used. These trucks were a big step up in comfort, power, refinement and features. But it was a MASSIVE downgrade in terms of quality, longevity, and problems per vehicle. GM had four brands in the top ten for reliability last generation, this generation they have fallen for the most part right out of JD Power Top 10. Big disappointments from me towards GM on these trucks. GMT900 was solid, minus the comfort and refinement, these K2's are junk quality wise if you speak honestly and subjectively. We have paid the highest prices ever on these new trucks, and they have more Chinese and Mexican parts on them than ever before. GM's margins go up and our truck's quality suffers as a result, and we pay a 10% increase on a 2% inflation factor? They should be 100% made in the US and Canada if we are paying $65k+ for a freakin' half ton.
  2. I wouldn't punch a hole in it. A punch pulls and stretches the material that it is punching through just a little bit. High quality GM paint will loosen and eventually flake under and around the lights. I would recommend covering the area you want to drill in duct tape and drill the hole, remove the tape and you have a clean hole with no chipping paint. If you punch them in I would buy a can of touch up paint to clean it up after to prevent flaking. Would love to see some night photos when it is done.
  3. The G80 locker sounds and feels like it is going to explode every time it engages. Sit on a piece of ice and spin them, it will feel like the rear end is broken. Not a fan of this set up one bit.
  4. LT header?

    Every single person I have talked to that has bought the green cats said it through a code anyway on these trucks. I would just buy the regular catted Y and get the truck tuned by someone that knows what they are doing. But even that I still find the price on Kooks a little high to be paying for pick up headers. I would pay that for a Corvette, but about $3,000CAD after tax for headers and a y pipe in Canada, for 10-15hp? Meh.
  5. It has a factory trans cooler. It does not have the larger, stand-alone auxillery trans cooler that comes on the max tow packages. You will be good to haul up to your gvwr, just keep your dash displaying trans. temp when towing so you can keep at eye on it. You are looking for temps of 180f-210f any higher and you are risking cooking your ATF, and harming the trans.
  6. LT header?

    You can get a guy that goes by Diab-Lew, he can unlock the diablo tuners and write you a custom tune through the programmer to delete the header code. You can get a discount on the tune if you buy the programmer through him off his website. He does good work from what I hear and that is who I will go with if I ever decided to blow $2,500 on a set of kooks and a catted y pipe. Wish there were some solid options around $1,500 for these trucks. It's like I can only find cheapo junk like that will burn out in one year, or a stupidly expensive set that makes the mod unreasonable. http://www.diablewtune.com/
  7. Definitely find a reputable GM tuner and get it on the dyno before you hurt the motor. High RPM stutters or pings are never good. I don't have a supercharged vehicle, but if you try to run my high performance/high compression sled with ethanol or blended 91 it will ping and cough and melt your pistons before you even know it is happening. These truck engines have a very high compression as it is, when you boost a high compression engine it only makes matters worse as far it being prone to pre-detonation. This is why you see ratios like 9:1 or 9.8:1 when talking boosted engines, not so much 11:1 like the new LT engines. My guess is the engine is pre-detonating the charge on the high end, or heat-soak type issue? Is the air charge intercooled? If you can't sort it our with a dyno tune and 91 non-ethanol, you may want to look into water-meth injection to keep the charge air temp down or go to E85 for resistance to heat and pre-det issues. E85 is alcohol based so it burns cooler than gasoline and has a good resistance to pre-detonation. This is the boosted guys new C15 race gas, for guys that don't want to spend $15/gal on race gas.
  8. I am not 100% on this but I believe that you have to get NHT to get a factory auxiliary cooler, they may come stock in LTZ and SLT trim levels with towing package? The integrated trans cooler is designed to maintain trans temps. at normal, in and around your gross vehicle weight rating. I have towed quite a few different items with my little WT 6L80e 5.3L and the trans has never went higher than 94 degree Celsius (201.2 F). Of course, in the mountains this can change. In my opinion, if you need more cooling because your trans is overheating you need at least an NHT or 3/4ton, preferably the latter.
  9. I have Morimoto's but they are more for a clean, factory style look than for lighting performance. They mounted with factory holes and used the stock fog's aiming system, and the wiring plug matches. You may have to hard-wire your Ridged's or buy an connector/adapter. It would be cool to have the Mori's and install cubes too but I have a 30" bar behind the grille and am out of room. Put some pics up when you get it done. (edit, disregard, you did already!)
  10. Do you have any Dewalt or Milwaukee power tools? I bought a Dewalt wet/dry 20v portable vacuum of Amazon for $80CAD (about $16USD lol) with no batteries as I have a few of their 20v tools. Works awesome, better than a household dust buster brand. A larger investment though if you aren't already set up with the batteries and chargers. That way your not limited to using it in just your new Chev, you can clean your classic truck and the boat with it too. I have had Dust Busters in the past for my business, they made a lot of noise and barely suck, like a few women I've known.
  11. AFE's kit came with a reducer-tapered 5.3L intake boot and a larger straight boot for the 6.2L. I am not sure how Airaid does there kit, but it may come with both but make sure. If it was a straight boot, you could just get a silicon boot at any auto parts store but you would need the diameter of the tube, and the intake to source a boot. I still have my 5.3L boot for my AFE kit I would give away, but the tube is likely a different diameter than the Airaid.
  12. I carry 20' top rails for fencing from time to time. It goes on the back-rack and over the tailgate, not in the cab where it can impale me. Just a thought though. Drive safe and secure your loads everybody Good luck on the window swap. Let me know if anyone installs a F150 panoramic roof in a Sierra, I would be more inclined towards that mod personally.
  13. That's a lot of money on a mod that rewards you with more room for your dog to stick his head in the cab and drool on your seats.
  14. I have WT's and they are decent but I want a set of the Lund carpeted liners for the dry season. There are about 10 companies besides Husky and Weather-tech putting out liners now. Many priced below the market leaders. Take a browse before pulling the trigger.
  15. AFE Momentum GT has the best dyno proven results for the 6.2L, not sure what the best one for the 5.3L is. More for a raw sound than true performance anyway.

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