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  1. Nice, you will never want to go back to the 5.3L after driving a 6.2L for a while. Big difference, really noticeable under a load. Pretty much identical in fuel consumption, 6.2L will be better if you go from stock to big heavy tires.
  2. Ford front facia, Ford wheel wells, and the body lines that look like a '51 GM LaSabre concept car. GMC, please don't let me down.
  3. 33x12.5R20 Pro Comp A/T's. They rub the swaybar at full lock when you go over a bump because of the +27mm offset the stock wheels have, but I just avoid using full lock. A .25" spacer would fix it up. When you go from a 20" P rated car tire it comes with to a 10 ply LT E rated tire, they are about 20lb heavier per corner. I lost about 2mpg with a 6.2L, I would expect 3-3.5mpg loss on a 5.3L. You don't need an E load if you don't tow or carry weight. You would lose less and maybe have a better ride if you bought an LT D rated tire. Mine is 2.75" level up front with a 2" rear block and extensions.
  4. 2019 round wheel wells.

    True, the first Avalanche was 67% plastic and 100% ugly. We had a 2005, still miss the ride of that old girl, and laying the back wall down for sleeping on camping trips. To be completely honest, I made more love in that thing than my current camper but the relationship was newer! Cold beers in the side of the bed. A part of me wishes I could still get one for the wife.
  5. That sucks, always nice to own your own mini-ex. Still not as bad as the video I saw the other day of some guys launching a 2017 Super Duty 40 yards to the front end smashing into the pavement. They built a Mid-travel Super Duty but learned 8,000lb trucks don't land too softly. Might not have hurt it too badly, but I am sure that frame is out a degree or two.
  6. 2019 round wheel wells.

    . I wish GM didn't worry so much about trying to appeal to Ford customers. I know it is important to convert them to GM customers, but producing a truck that looks like a blatant rip off is not the way to do it. You gain their business by producing a better truck, which given the state of Ford's powertrain options shouldn't be all that difficult. Ford chased away a lot of customers going to V6's and aluminum, now Chevy is doing the same thing with a look-a-like truck. I will be keeping my 2015 I think. Let's hope the GMC kept the square wells, that way there is still a truck for the rest of us who don't want to pretend we are in a Ford.
  7. You could buy a length of 2.5"w x 1/2"d mild steel and make your own if you are sure the taper is the issue.
  8. Do not buy cheap Chinese garbage. I bought a box of 10 various light bars and those 27w led work lamps. The work lamps are good, but all of the light bars have most of the LED's burnt before a year. Sold a 30" to my friend $100 and it was done like 2 months later. I wont even put them on my summer truck, I run a Unibond brand 30" behind my grille. It is 2 years old now with no issues. I paid $330CDN with my company's discount, regular $400 + tax. Be skeptically of cheap amazon crap as it is all mass produced Chinese trash. Look for CREE LED's and not Epistar or Osram. If it has a removable lens face, and CREE bulbs, you are good to go. Most Chinese stuff also gets a ton of moisture behind the lens. If you are set on owning garbage that will fail prematurely and put out poor lighting, let me know and I will sell you one of my rip-off bars. I have 40" down to 12", $200cdn down to $40.
  9. Twins are alive again

    Are you building an LT family 427, or building off an LS or LSX block? I am pretty disappointed with tuners with regards to the LT engines. I would have expected much more coming from the LS family aftermarket, but I guess there was almost 20 years of LS domination. I am sure people will be making 1,500 with this family soon enough. Keep us posted!
  10. Can't say I blame you, the new style Chevy stole their design cues from a Honda CRV. I like the 14-15 GMC's better than the new ones, but I like the new Chevy front end over the 14-15 Chevy's. I like them all better than the new 2019 Chevy Forderado Tundra edition. Good luck with the swap, most certainly do-able.
  11. Wish-list: 1) Complete and total redesign to not look like a Fordyota, epic fail. Round wells and front facia ruin it for me. I was ecstatic about the 2014's design and still am. 2) No drivers "aids" or at least the ability to turn them off, like actually for realz though. 3) No vibration 4) Headlights that work, I cant see those little cubes even performing as good as the current models. 5) A true street truck version with a 7L or LT4. 6) Plastic bed liner. 7) Higher quality leather. 8) Fox coil-overs for the All Terrain. 9) And last but not least someone that has tuned a transmission before, or at least unlock the TCM so it can be tuned by someone that knows what they are doing. These transmissions are great probably some of the best in the segment, however the tuning is the worst in the industry by far which makes for an annoying shifting experience at times. If they put over a million test miles on the last generation and didn't solve these issues, they better put 2 million on this generation. Currently it seems like we are just getting a body redesign, and I am not a fan of it so I will probably play with my 15 6.2L for another 6 years and drive winter junkers.
  12. Oh well, gives me good reason to supercharge my 2015 6.2L and drive a junker in the winters. See you in 2026 maybe GM, if you aren't running V6's by then.
  13. Putting an 8" lift on a 2wd is like putting wings on a freight train. There is a reason you are having trouble finding one. Trade the truck for a real truck, then buy the lift you want. All you will get from a lifted rwd is a cool look while your stuck.

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