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  1. Parts for sale CHEAP

    I have parts For sale cheap I only charge real shipping. I take paypal and have sold and bought on many forms and ebay. Even $10,000 out of country superchargers,engines and turbo kits. 100% no issue sales. ONE GM brand new unused tie down(guys use this in the center hole and pull up atv and such 250lb rated) $10+shipping Factory spindles 5k miles this is of my 2016 Denali stamped arms. $25+shipping Factory chrome side steps few chips and issues in chrome,and bolts and clip nuts, great for powder coating would look killer $80+shipping I have a brand new SILVERADO headlight bezel with switch and pocket. I paid $75+shipping let it go for $50+shipping Factory front emblem GMC $20 +shipping. Front shocks $60+shipping Factory all black plastic tailgate handle get to have painted $30+Shipping
  2. Dirtking upper alignment cam locks

    Interesting but what is it. Does it give more camber? If so how much? Thanks
  3. E2x catchcan and css

    this is Sold I bought it.
  4. 1SLOW1500's Turbo truck build

    Ok not much today. More money spent. When you think you have everything and then see you need to spend another $300. Lots more temp wrap tape and sleeve, more 1/4 hose, tap, drill bit, wire, grease, anti seize(O2's) and some cool black Miracle tape. Tape is rated at 500*F, you stretch it and it self heals to itself and cures. The other foil tape and sleeve is rated at 400*F direct and and 2000*F radiant heat. I'm sure I am going over kill on this but what the hell easier than removing the turbo and redoing it all, worst if it destroys something! So tomorrow I will redo a lot of the factory wiring. Starting with the huge power wires. Just temp wrap and relocate. I also need to rewire that MAF extension I made. and clean that up. run the new vacuum lines Tap oil pan then drain oil and install the oil filter adapter for the feed line. Worst part is the driver side manifold flange, air gun can't get it off. I will spray liquid wrench on it and let it sit then torch it and try my biggest Snap-on air gun. If all that doesn't work remove the whole driver side and work on it out of truck. but then a new header gasket form the dealer is needed. The plastic under engine guard need the far sides of the front, by the bolt holes that mount it cut out. I will post pic but the amount of Grill that needs to be cut away is crazy. I mean it is like 1/2" of plastic you never see but that amount over a large part of the whole gill. I have 80 grit roll lock on a 90* snap-on grinder but it still is a slow job. More pics tomorrow...
  5. Grumpy Bears 2015 Silverado 2WD

    Wow I would have given you Spindles if I knew you needed them. They have less than 5000 miles on them and no rust. I don't need them and was just going to trash them.
  6. 1SLOW1500's Turbo truck build

    Ordered dei heat tape,titanium boots and accel spark plug wires. Pics are my last of the season Oberon and maf wire extension. Sent from my SM-N950U using Tapatalk
  7. 1SLOW1500's Turbo truck build

    Ok big day and huge learning curve. Remember I'm one guy in a garage with no install instructions. I install a piece and see it hits 4 others. All in all this is a great kit and easy install. Only issue is the the manifold is so close to the a.c. and power wires. Waiting on another Amazon order. But think tonight I will order a roll of foil wrap and also a set of spark plug boots. Don't think boots are needed but I already burned one. So another on3 order for a set of wires. One pic is the temporary exhaust adapter. This way I get the factory first hanger. The battery cable will get a $8 battery cable then the covers will fit back on. Catch can had to move to the brake booster bolt. I like it there better. Easier to get to the drain. My biggest concern is the oil drain on the turbo that needs to be drilled and tapped into the oil pan. No one I trust and asked said the tapped fitting will work. Weld in is ideal. All jokes aside.....JB weld...after drill and tap??? Then have the fab shop weld a new fitting next week. Sent from my SM-N950U using Tapatalk
  8. Grumpy Bears 2015 Silverado 2WD

    You are right I did mean Caster. I will email R&D at Belltech and see what they say or can do about it. Thanks
  9. 1SLOW1500's Turbo truck build

    Intercooler and some coolant lines done. And the red top battery fit right in. More of those pics tomorrow. This intercooler is huge.and the 45* RUBBER couplers on the bottom just touch but clear the frame to bumper horns. The BOV is about center right behind the bumper. Got my clamp and it is going to work but I will order smaller one. Also the get wire and ends came so I will wire that up tonight. Sent from my SM-N950U using Tapatalk
  10. 1SLOW1500's Turbo truck build

    Ok my local shop can do a MIG weld on the adapter. Then I will just have the Fab shop cut that off for the custom side pipe and muffler. It works and nothing damaged or wasted, plus I can heard the turbo before buying a muffler, as I have not picked one out yet. Anyone know if the Jones Turbine stainless stuff is any good? Also have answer from Bob about the spark plug wires and yes I screwed that up do I will switch them around tomorrow. Pic is the order they go in(thanks Bob). Wires on the front 2 passenger cylinders wrap all the way around the exhaust manifold then under and back to the front. I spoke with my engineer buddy I trust as I was just going to do stock length and 1800* titanium boot covers. he said it is best as long as wire in about 1/4" away from exhaust to not have boots. Air is a better protector then the wrap. Oh and what to do about the extra O2 bungs. I was going to just install the factory and bypass them in HP. but could also just block off, unplug and bypass in tune.... AND... I have many optima batteries. at one point over a dozen. I think I will try out the red top in the truck. It is rated at more power and is smaller. I have different types but a top post only reverse side is the one that fits. Smaller and maybe lighter? But more power and more room.
  11. Grumpy Bears 2015 Silverado 2WD

    Belltech and Bell tire say these numbers are good other than the camber. But state " camber doesn't matter at all with tire wear, only road fell". Bell tech R&D is getting a picture of my alignment sheet and come back with a solution. Don't see how any more camber would help me as that was the first thing they offered. We have a semi truck alignment and frame repair shop local that is amazing I may go there but shit I paid $100 to Bell tire. for these numbers. UGH the $2000+ lowering kit. Issue is also that the 24" rims, I drove to 6 shops and called another 4 and no one but this one place could do it. Well this is what they did. First time they tried I had -1.2 and -1.5 camber said that was fine. And it maybe but I see high tire wear at those numbers in my future. Odd thing is with the +/-2 offset bushings the guy said the cams are still maxed but that now we have the good camber numbers so we said oh well and moved on. Alignment shop said to get adjustable upper offset ball joints so he can change caster and then push the camber back out to fix it.
  12. Grumpy Bears 2015 Silverado 2WD

    Interest on the alignment specs. I was told different by R&D and the shop working on my truck. However I'm a crew cab . I spent more money and time then I ever thought on this. 3 days on parts and changes and 2 times to the alignment shop. They claim it is the best they can do. LEFT Right -.6 camber -.8 4.0 caster 2.8 .05 toe .03 Front .3 cross camber - in spec 1.2 cross caster -out of spec -.1 cross SAI .08 total toe- in spec I only need to fix the caster on the left side as spec range is 1.9-3.9 I have 4.0 but the cross caster is out 1.2 also. I have 1" lowering springs and a 2" spindle. Crazy it got so far out. also add 4955 +2 to -2 camber bushings It got camber in spec but caster is no good. May buy caster cam plates also as the factory plates are maxed.
  13. 1SLOW1500's Turbo truck build

    And now I can't stop thinking about having a little more. So alky/meth/water injection. Should have had bungs welded in before powder coat. Oh well. Still may need a stainless bung welded to the intake for the Elite EX2, I drilled a hole and hand threaded it down but not the quality I like, not that it matters pre-turbo to be air tight but still. So when the exhaust is built up I will have him change that. By then I will decide on the Injection. And this could change that gauge goes in the 4x4 hole in the dash, so I will wait to order anything for that now. It was going to be a oil pressure with the sensor on the turbo feed line, with peak,recall, data log, and warning. Can't wait till Thursday........
  14. 1SLOW1500's Turbo truck build

    So found out today I'm one clamp short. It is a smaller one that is the first clamp on the turbo. Also need to custom build myself a EGT extension so I ordered it all on prime, be here in 2 days. Plans is to start Thursday and take my time done by saturday. Still need to figure out the spark plug wires 2 are super long. I was going to run with the stainless exhaust adapter and plug that into the factory pipe. Because there is no other way to hold pipe up. My exhaust is cut right after that hanger anyways. Then get tune dialed in before going to fab shop. However the band clamp is lose on the adapter it falls right out.so that is a issue. Wondering if the super smallest amount of high temp gasket sealer on all exhaust would be a good idea. And one know? Sent from my SM-N950U using Tapatalk NOTE: Just found out that stainless band clamp isn't for that part of the pipe. I need to weld on the factory adapter if I want to use that. This causes a huge issue as I want to drive the truck to the fab shop.
  15. 1SLOW1500's Turbo truck build

    My truck or at least the idea for it all started because of Zach Wright's crew cab turbo truck. He was selling it and I tried to buy it but he wouldn't sell it as he wanted trade and cash. Very nice truck. Made 624rwhp on stock 5.3.

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