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  1. Not sure I understand. I think Black Book is available to anyone. Go to the Chevy or GMC web page. If you 'build' a car and search for results on dealer's lots, select a car to look at it. One of the options is to check your trade in a value. If you select it, you can run your vehicle using Black Book.
  2. Go here, this is what the dealers use. It will cost you$10 for a week's access. Money well spent IMO if you're seriously looking to buy a car/truck https://www.galves.com/
  3. Not sure I agree. A lot of driving in snow has to do with stopping. You want a tire that stays pliable at cold temps ( 40 to 45F) and has deep(er) treads. Also, more sidewall does not hurt. BTW, the OEM 20's that came on my truck were horrible in snow. Admittedly, a 2500 handles differently than a 1500 in the snow, but when I put on a pair of AT's rated for snow duty the difference was night and day.
  4. Years ago, I had 1500 with the extended cab and the 6.5 bed. Then I got a 2500 with the crew cab and 6.5 bed. Next purchase I will be back with the extended cab. For me, I did not use the back see enough to offset the decrease in maneuverability. Parking lots became a challenge. I'll admit, I live in a congested area.
  5. Cabin site

    Very cool! What's it look like now?
  6. should i buy a shop-vac or rigid..?

    I have a Rigid that replaced an old Crafsman. The Rigid has not let me down. Used it for both water and solids. I wish the wheels were a little more user friendly. It struggles a bit on pavement and inclines. I am sure they all do. I notice the hoses are noticeably more flimsy than the Craftsman . This might just be due to time since the Craftsman was about 15 years old.
  7. Big Whiskey's 2016 2500HD

    This is a great thread. Thanks for taking the time to post this. Really cool to watch the evolution of your truck. Plus, you sharing some great Ideas. I now have Falken AT3W on my truck and love them. Also, think I will go will husky liners next BTW, your truck looks great!
  8. Big Whiskey's 2016 2500HD

  9. Which All Terrains for good mpg?

    I have Falken wildpeak at3w. On the highway, I notice less than 2 MPG loss. They have good road manners (quiet). Also, they have been very solid in what I consider deep mud. Disclaimer. I am in a 2500 Gasser. As a result, I am not focused on MPG Good Luck!
  10. On the highway, where I can do it without having to constantly tap the breaks, I set it at 73. Fast enough to keep up in the slow lane without having to switch lanes to often. With a trailer I never go above 65. I prefer to set the cruise and forget it rather than weaving in and out lanes
  11. Nice Truck Looks like a good time
  12. Yokohama GEOLANDAR A/T G015

    265/70 18. Came from the factory with 20'2
  13. Awesome views and great looking truck

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