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  1. Apparently you "broke" it.
  2. Since 1999, I've purchased 4 trucks, and all of them had an "off-road" package. Not by choice, just that the rest of the options on the truck were what I was looking for. Z71, Z71, Z71 and now an FX4. The shielding underneath may help some, but the ride difference in a standard suspension and "off-road" suspension in a factory truck is negligible in most cases compared to the others I've been in .
  3. Congrats on the truck! Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  4. Nice truck. That color looks great with the body-colored grill and bumpers.
  5. Finally got my truck fixed. I had to take it back to them once the part came in, as it was no need for it to stay there when I could use it. As it turns out, the problem was cause by a corroded wire coming from the module. Apparently a rodent or other vermin nibbled at the insulation, possibly before I even bought the truck, and the wire finally corroded enough to break the circuit. All was repaired and it's driving like new. Side note, a friend of mine was telling the story of test driving a new truck, and when they opened the hood they found that something had been having a field day with the under-hood insulation.
  6. So, the service rep misspoke about the particular part ordered. No biggie. They had to order a new module for it. That came in and they went to program it, but after last evening and this morning, said that it wouldn't take the program. They are sending the "new" one back and having another new module overnighted to the dealer. I have the truck back now with the "Service 4WD" message and now a "Service Stabilitrak" message, as I had to have it for the next few days. They will call me when the module gets there and we will schedule an appointment to get it installed and programmed. Started to get a bit agitated, but realized that it's out of their control as far as a bad component is concerned. I truly hope that the new module comes in and can be installed and programmed correctly the first time.
  7. Yes, it's still under the B2B 3/36 warranty. At least for another year or 11k miles.
  8. Update: The 4WD Actuator was order Wednesday afternoon and was still in transit with FedEx yesterday. Hopefully it will arrive Monday and I will be able to get the truck early in the week.
  9. They told me they had to order a new actuator. It should be in tomorrow. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Hope to hear something late tomorrow afternoon or Wednesday morning. I'll be sure to share their findings. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  11. Got in the truck Sunday to go to church, and got the "Service 4WD" message in the DIC. It's in 2WD and the indicator light just goes off if in any position besides 2WD. I've used 4HI and 4LO a few times in the past and never had any issues. Did a quick search but the results were either for older 2500's or for 1500s. Didn't know if anyone up here has had this happen yet on the 2015+ 2500HD trucks. I do plan on taking it in soon and getting looked at. I have it scheduled to be looked at next week. Any ideas would be welcome, though.
  12. Best wishes to your wife on a speedy recovery.
  13. I've had the Fold-A-Cover G4 Elite for 4 years and have been very pleased.

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