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  1. They made a change on the 5.3 engine. They went from 8 1/2 quarts to 8. Maybe your dealer is stil putting 8 1/2 quarts in. They put out a bulletin on it after I bought my 14.
  2. Dinged mine a couple weeks ago. Might be swapping it out sometime. Would it be just as easy to loosen the hitch some rather than jack up the bed?
  3. Figured it out. I should have recognized it. Came off the underside of hood on my garden tractor. I have that hood up every time I get done mowing to blow it off. I thought it came off my truck for sure. I knew it had a vent on back of cab. Should have looked around more before I bothered you guys. Thanks for the replies .
  4. Found this on my driveway. Only thing been up it was my tractor and my 14 GMC.
  5. That's the one I'm looking at. I may go with this seller because its shipped from US and I can use my paypal. They are all made in china. http://www.ebay.com/itm/EL-50448-TPMS-Tire-Pressure-Monitor-Sensor-Auto-Activation-Tool-OEC-T5-System/162415702960?_trksid=p2047675.c100009.m1982&_trkparms=aid%3D888007%26algo%3DDISC.MBE%26ao%3D1%26asc%3D41375%26meid%3D7bea01f5e6d2442bb038fccd6c1cdd08%26pid%3D100009%26rk%3D1%26rkt%3D1%26sd%3D390831541471
  6. Thanks guys. Yeah, I may stay away from my impact on the GMC. May just let the dealer keep doing. Going to have to get the relearn tool also if I want to do it myself. Looked at the wife's Cherokee. You don't have to do anything to the TPMS on it when you rotate tires. Years ago I would have never took it to a dealer for something that simple.
  7. Helped my son rotate tires on his 2013 Silverado the other day. My impact socket wasn't deep enough to fit right. Got to looking at my 20" GMC wheels also. Need a socket with enough depth where the nut fits in so I don't damage the chrome cover on lug nuts. Looks like some deep sockets don't have enough depth where it fits onto lug nut. Any particular brand that works the best. What do you guys with the 20" chrome wheels use?
  8. Hackers take over Jeep Cherokee

    My wife has a Cherokee Trailhawk. Only has had it about 5 months. She freaked out when she saw it on the internet. We only live about 60 miles from St. Louis where they did it. I'm not worried about it. They were targeting a specific vehicle. Guy driving it was in on with them. They are sending out a USB stick to update the software or I can take to the dealer to have it done.
  9. You could do everything else. The only way anyone would notice is the missing button on the center stack.
  10. Couple other guys here mentioned it, the hill descent feature. That was the main reason I got the Z71 package. I have a steep driveway to go down in winter. Wife's new Cherokee has it also.
  11. Called my buddy in the parts department. My bulbs are in. Just have to set it up with the service department. He already printed out a copy of the document. I'll be the first one at my dealer.
  12. The recall was for where the lines snapped into fittings on transmission. That lower one in pic looks like it could be leaking from fitting end and running down onto line.Either way I would take it in and let them look at it. Should be covered under warranty.
  13. I have know the parts guy at my dealer for years. Stopped by yesterday and showed him the TBS number. He didn't know about it yet but had no trouble looking it up. He printed himself a copy of the TBS and ordered the bulbs. Give it a few weeks and the dealers will start stocking bulbs and know what your talking about. I didn't even talk to the service manager yet, but I'll bet he didn't know about it yet either. Small town dealer here.
  14. Guess I'm luckly at my dealership. The guy they have doing oil changes etc. is as good as they get. Have know him a long time.
  15. I know that guy that helped with the article. Lives just a few miles from me. Be interesting to take him for a ride in mine and get his opinion. Mine doesn't do it too bad but it's like magicgoats, kinda comes and goes. Has to have just the right load on it. I thought maybe it was the exhaust system at first. Just never sounded like a differential problem to me.

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