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    2016 Silverado LTZ Z71 4X4 CC Summit
  1. 40K and I just noticed seepage at the left rear backing plate. Going in on Monday for a look. (warranty hopefully)
  2. I installed mine yesterday and both mirrors are wired exactly as Bluestreak06 (see above) (also, the orange wire in slot 2 is actually yellow) Anyway....here is my electrical glitch: Everything works perfect except: When you lock the truck with the key fob, then unlock the doors with the fob, the mirror glass on both sides moves into a default position. It won't act up if you lock the doors from the button on the door panel, or unlock the truck with the key. It only screws up when you use the key fob. Anyone have an idea on what could possibly be going on? This happens every time you lock and unlock the doors with the fob.
  3. Chuck, just an FYI...they do make a BlendMount for the Escort MAX. I just ordered one. Thanks for the great write up as well.
  4. Thanks Moto, FYI to anyone interested, on the Sierra, its the fat brown with a yellow tracer and the fat grey with the green tracer. Also, locks and unlocks on one push of the remote.
  5. Jeff, I've been using the Privacy screen protector on my Intellilink for over a month now. It works awesome to darken up the screen. Is there anything in the works to make one of these privacy screens an exact fit for the MyLink or Intellilink?
  6. Ben, What is "HIM" for MyLink? Can't figure that one out.
  7. Works perfect! Can see everything. If you have sunglasses on during the day, it's a bit difficult, but soooo much better at night. Major failure by GM on that one!!
  8. Jeff from Tech Armor was great to work with. My main issue with the Intellilink screen was that it is way too bright at night, even in the night mode. I can't believe GM does not have dimming capabilities for the NAV screen that doesn't affect the main dash cluster. Anyway....Jeff from Tech Armor suggested I try a privacy screen protector to see if that works. Yes it does, it helps a great deal. He sent me one for an IPad Air and I cut it to fit. It is a high quality product with awesome customer support. Check out his website at http://www.techarmor.com
  9. Just got rid of the Goodyears and put on Michelin LTX MS 2. Huge difference in ride, traction and sidewall squat. Had them on my Duramax and they were awesome.

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