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  1. Nobody said anything about the Diesel engine. The integrated exhaust comes standard on the higher trims. Wouldn’t know about the lower trims since the order sheet isn’t available yet.
  2. Highly doubt the exhaust will get in the way of the bumper seeing as how it’s tucked in. The regular exhaust pipe actually sits lower than the new integrated exhaust. Unless you plan on abusing the hell out of your truck and smacking the bumper up you’ll be fine. I use my truck as a truck everyday and it’s still spotless with no dings besides regular expected wear. Use and abuse are two very different things.
  3. I've driven GM through just about every generation. 97, 05, 07, 11, etc... I've NEVER seen an all black headliner in the trucks. In the cars sure, but never the trucks. I saw in the spy shots the T1 series would have a black headliner, but unfortunately it seems to be exclusive to the lighter colored interior which imo blows. I want an all black interior and never had the option. Ford has had it for a while though, so maybe GM will offer it next generation.. Oh well, back to the crazy idea of one day getting it wrapped in black suede. Can't believe they still don't offer this basic option.
  4. Personally I really like the Sierra over the Silverado. Usually always do. The fender wells look great, although they’ll probably reduce tire sizes like in previous years. The circular fenders are a turn off to me IMO. I like the concept of the tailgate but as others said, what about hitches? I have a hitch on my truck 99% of the time. So does that mean I can’t utilize that feature? Who knows. The interior looks great too. Similar to our current Interior but I think the gmc looks a lot more upscale this time due to aluminum knobs etc. Now the long wait until we can see them in person. Love the hud and all the cameras, especially that Cadi rear view mirror! Maybe I can finally tint my windows dark again and not be afraid to smack something. Its not not all perfect though. I don’t like the mirror placement nor design. Gross. I get the functionality but it looks like crap tbh. Maybe painting things will fix that. I don’t like the badging arrangement on the rear end either, looks very out of place. Wouldn’t be a bad idea to debadge that “Sierra” badge this go around. I’m 50/50 on the 6.2 badge. I kinda like the Silverado idea better, simple chrome badge on the hood.
  5. OR like the current gen Camaro already does? I wish GM wouldn't be so selective when adding features (i.e black headliners, keyless entry, hud's etc.) It always seems the trucks get everything last. Oh well. I for one prefer the red interior over the new blue so I wish we'd at least have the option. We shall see.
  6. Can't wait. Was going to miss this due to my schedule today, but I woke up feeling a bit blue. So I'll be in bed today watching the reveal live.
  7. I noticed a rougher idle on my 14. Truck would subtly vibrate, nothing violent but enough for me to notice. I swapped out the spark plug wires for msd racing wires. Been smooth ever since.
  8. I had mine done. Colormatched tow hooks look nice, if they're for display only. I can't imagine pulling much of anything out with them, they'll scratch & chip fast. I think the ones you have on now look out of place due to the different shade of red. I'd say go maroon like your truck or go chrome/black.
  9. The only thing that throws me off is the grille & bumper. The grille has a design similar to our current Denali yet the bumper is chrome. I took the liberty of editing (poorly I might add) the render and adding in the colormatched bumper portion. What do you guys think?
  10. I haven’t had that specific problem in my 14 however I did notice a change with my iPhone X versus my old phone. While streaming music through Bluetooth it occasionally cuts out randomly. Usually does it once or twice then stops but it’s completely random. Maybe this new phone has a newer Bluetooth that isn’t completely compatible with that year?
  11. What do you carry for your CCW?

    My .02 for what it's worth. Nothing against glocks per say, however if you're going to carry with one in the pipe I've always been a fan and recommended an XD. Reason being I personally love the grip safety similar to the 1911's. It can be discerning to carry with a loaded firearm pointing at your precious jewels (assuming you carry AIWB) so the added grip safety brings a bit of comfort in an otherwise uncomfortable situation. This is simply a personal preference and I know there are guys out there that can't stand the grip safeties and regardless practice is the key when carrying. However, I personally don't own any glocks and will probably keep it that way. Beretta's, HK's, XD's etc. all have a place in my safe but for carrying I think the XD is a cheap (glock pricepoint), extremely reliable, safe and effective tool. For those living in free states, if the standard XD doesn't tickle your fancy, you also have other choices such as XD mod 2 and XDS. Not the case in California unless your pockets are deep and don't mind traveling around the state like a lunatic to find a specific firearm for PPT. As far as holsters go, again in my opinion, a lot of them are the same. You have low-end and high-end. Low end being the walmart $20 holsters you can buy off the shelf, and high-end being reputable custom holster makers such as Alien Gear, JM Custom Kydex, Harry's Holsters, etc. Just find what you prefer, I love my JM Custom Kydex.
  12. I'm really hoping the Sierra's get more cadillac-like rear view mirrors, which can be seen on the render. Those LED spotlight mirrors the silverado has are hideous imo.
  13. The more spy shots I see, the more the "carscoops render" looks legit. I'm not crazy about the new look, but I think it'll grow on me. I think I like the headlights on the Sierra more than the Silverado, which has always been the case for me.
  14. It sounds really cool, but I hope you can disable it if it gets annoying. Even at least with a plug in module like the Range. My truck is tuned and has had the AFM removed for over 15,000 miles. I absolutely love that it has 0 drone and constantly stays in V8. However, if you're keeping your truck stock it shouldn't be too much of an issue, but we'll see.

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