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  1. Steering wheel in locked position. If you try to turn the wheel right or left, that's where the play is. So, side to side.
  2. My Dad is experiencing a loose steering column in his truck. He says he gets a good 1/4" of play that is really annoying. He looked around to remove any column panels, but says he couldn't find any screws to remove the panels. . I told him it's prob the loose nut behind the wheel...haha. Seriously tho, has anyone experienced this and know the fix? I tried a search here, a Google search and a YouTube search that yielded nothing.
  3. 2019 GMC Sierra

    In true GM form, they'll roll with '19 and '20, and have their minions scour the boards for what everyone dislikes. The '21 will probably be closer to everyone's mark. We're the beta testers for the first few model years. At least the ugly front end rake is relatively gone.
  4. You can put me down for an Integrated wire harness once they're ready to go. 👍 Happy New Year and thanks for doing this!
  5. **Feeler - Trade Fuel Maverick for OEM 20's

    That is one good looking truck! Leave the wheels and get the '17 LED headlights on that truck for a more updated look. You won't be disappointed!
  6. I went from 2.5" to 1.5" and finally was happy at the 1" level kit. I can tell the difference from stock. I like a very slight rake and found that the 1" was the one. I actually use the truck for carrying things and towing trailers and I didnt want the nose pointed up and that's exactly what happens with the 1.5" or greater. You can start at 1" and drive it around for a few days to see if you like it. It's not like you need to rush right out and get it aligned. The 1" and 1.5" don't throw out the alignment as much as you might think. I wouldn't drive it around like that for more than a week though.
  7. Wanted! OEM Trifold Steps

    I went back about 3 or 4 pages searching and totally passed right over his post before I made my own. Thanks!
  8. Great job Phil and excellent video! (Xmas came early for me!) I've wanted to acquire and install these from the first time I saw them, but didn't think it was possible bc of the programming that everyone had speculated on. Don't take video down as I am now on the hunt for a set of these running boards.
  9. Wanted! OEM Trifold Steps

    I'm looking to purchase your GM trifold step take offs. Thanks!
  10. Most of the "all hat and no cattle" crowd in my town throw their cowboy hats right in the center of the dash when driving their trucks just so they don't lose any credibility. I guess it still counts if everyone can see it even though it's not being worn.
  11. No, I think I'm ok with it for now.
  12. People are terrible some times

    No respect.
  13. Ford's, "I don't know how to back up a trailer knob" and GM's, "did I bring my kid or not" rear seat reminder has to offend all real men that drive these trucks.
  14. GM doesn't know how to fix it. There are still plenty of 8 speed owners out there not happy with how it shifts. To have a dealer tech say it's "normal", I wonder how normal it would be if it was their truck shifting like crap. And if you really want to dive into a GM boondoggle, go read about the failed AC condenser problems a lot of people are having. My dealer alone has 30+ Sierras and Yukons sitting with failed condensers with no eta of a redesigned part in sight. Dead of summer and AC failures left and right. That Is plain unacceptable.

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