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  1. Most of the "all hat and no cattle" crowd in my town throw their cowboy hats right in the center of the dash when driving their trucks just so they don't lose any credibility. I guess it still counts if everyone can see it even though it's not being worn.
  2. No, I think I'm ok with it for now.
  3. People are terrible some times

    No respect.
  4. Ford's, "I don't know how to back up a trailer knob" and GM's, "did I bring my kid or not" rear seat reminder has to offend all real men that drive these trucks.
  5. GM doesn't know how to fix it. There are still plenty of 8 speed owners out there not happy with how it shifts. To have a dealer tech say it's "normal", I wonder how normal it would be if it was their truck shifting like crap. And if you really want to dive into a GM boondoggle, go read about the failed AC condenser problems a lot of people are having. My dealer alone has 30+ Sierras and Yukons sitting with failed condensers with no eta of a redesigned part in sight. Dead of summer and AC failures left and right. That Is plain unacceptable.
  6. Sold mine on eBay. Nice little offset to the cost.
  7. Mine suffered from that downshift into 1st jump a few times. The first time at a red light. Thank God nobody was in front of me BC I definately would have rear ended them! I always have the 1st to 2nd delay shift first thing in the am. If I allow it to warm up longer than I normally do, then I don't get the delay.
  8. You mean, nothing they will do about it now.
  9. With ignition on, I went into Bluetooth connected devices. Select the " i " next to it and enable notifications.
  10. Thanks everyone. I got it sorted out. Just needed to adjust the setting in the phone.
  11. I know I had the ability to see text notifications pop up on my radio screen. I'm not sure when it stopped or what the deal is. Running iOS 10.3.2. Anyone know?
  12. Reading between the lines at GM's response...we really don't care that you or any other GM owner with this problem are out there cooking. We get it done when we get it done.
  13. This will sound pretty crazy, but I open my hood when I park in my garage to let the heat escape. I also run two floor fans to circulate the hot air out of the garage. I think it's good because my battery is still OEM and going strong at 2 and a half years old, lol!....knock on wood! I think heat is hard on everything.

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