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  1. My seats in my '17 are toasty after around 4 minutes. My steering wheel is warm after 2 minutes.
  2. The one that came in was the same 9 rib part my truck already had.
  3. Overall roughly 17MPG, and consistent 23.5 on highway trips.
  4. When I bought my '17, I specifically told the dealer that if I saw a dealer emblem on my truck when I came to pick it up, then they could keep the thing. Fortunately, they complied with my wishes.
  5. Your dealer can perform the work under Goodwill, which may cover part or all of the repair if they value you as a customer. This usually works if you bought the truck at that dealership. Be polite, but firm.
  6. Oil catch can

    I'm a big fan of Elite Engineering's cans. The catalytic converters will burn that small amount of oil away well enough not to leave heavy carbon deposits on the tailpipe. The engine is consuming(burning) it either through blowby, rings, loose tolerances, etc.
  7. What's not to follow? This parts information as listed answers the question. They both use the same radiator unless the Max tow package is selected.
  8. Only two choices listed: 23394782 5.3 & 6.2 LITER, W/ MAX TRAILER PKG 23378653 SIERRA, SILVERADO; 5.3L, 6.2L; W/ O MAX TRAILER PKG.
  9. Speed Limiter hides vehicle manufacturers defect from consumers

    My bet is that Bart does not even own a Silverado, or broke a tranny. He sounds like a Ford troll coming here to stir the pot.
  10. Speed Limiter hides vehicle manufacturers defect from consumers

    ............ The engine and trans are sourced from the US as per the window sticker..
  11. The main thing for fuel economy is to purchase non-ethanol fuel if you can find it. I run 91 octane non-ethanol, and my old '13 and my current '17 seem to like it.
  12. Speed Limiter hides vehicle manufacturers defect from consumers

    I'm willing to bet your ford wasn't able to exceed 98 MPH unless it was dropped out of a plane at 40,000 feet.. My '17 never had a limiter and has never been tuned by an aftermarket tuner.
  13. Only 3 springs available on these trucks per GM parts: Reg cab Max tow All others

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