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  1. My '17 Sierra SLT with my friends '15 Silverado LT2..
  2. The oil leak if coming from a gasket should be covered by the 5/100 powertrain. If coming from a hose or cooler, no.
  3. The first time it happened, I almost lost control of the vehicle at 70 mph. It took a few weeks to figure out which part was suspect before the shake was gone.
  4. Wow, thanks for the wisdom.. The basic design of the front suspension that was first used on the Cherokee was used by RAM for years. It has an inherent design flaw, which is worsened by wear, or larger than stock tires. If you have experienced it, it is downright dangerous.
  5. The salt brine that is sprayed on road surfaces is completely destroying vehicles. Once the steel is exposed, this nasty chemical eats the steel until nothing remains. Being proactive is the only way to make your vehicle last more than a few years.
  6. Torque Converter. They may perform a fluid change, which has been known to correct the issue.
  7. It's one of the easiest mods out there, if the lower spacers are added. The front end alignment is more of a pain than the level install.
  8. Fluid Film Question

    I just use the aerosol version. 3 cans to do my truck..
  9. Chrysler products(RAM and JEEP) vehicles have suffered from a nasty "death wobble" for decades. It occurs when the axle drives over a surface such as a bridge joint that is at an angle. The shake is so violent, that it feels as if the axle will fall off the vehicle. It happened several times to my 1999 Cherokee.
  10. Fluid Film Question

    While I have not applied FF to fenderwells where high velocity splash regularly occurs, all of the undercarriage parts I sprayed have stayed protected. I resprayed my '13 every spring, and the undercarriage appeared as new after 4 harsh, salty winters.
  11. Fluid Film Question

    Not per the Fluid Film site! Will FLUID FILM adversely affect plastic or rubber? FLUID FILM has no adverse effects on plastics. Caution should be used around non oil-resistant rubber goods. May cause swelling. http://www.fluid-film.com/frequently-asked-questions/
  12. Fluid Film Question

    I have used this stuff for 4 years now. It works as advertised. It will soften the wax frame coating, so avoid spraying on it. It degrades rubber parts, so don't spray on brake hoses, body mount biscuits, and suspension bushings. Otherwise, spray away!
  13. 2007-2018 GMC Sierra parts for sale

  14. Which of These 10 Chevy Truck Designs Is the Most Iconic?

    1967-72. They were pretty, and can be worked. The '71-'72 has disc brakes, so they could stop.

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