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  1. Nitto EXO Grappler experience?

    looks good.
  2. thanks i have 1 i bought for last ride.
  3. for some reason i had to disconnect my phone from it then it was fine. downloaded the weather channel to it. wish there were more apps on it. maybe in the future
  4. i have a 2017 gmc hd 2500. it has commercial plates on it which limits me on parkways and some other roads. if i go into the nav menu and include towing a large trailer will it keep me off the roads im not allowed on? i had to buy a commercial garmin for my last ride. obviously only worried about planning a route im not familiar with. thanks
  5. Nitto EXO Grappler experience?

    thats the size i went with also and had that size on the truck i traded in.
  6. can never have enough money, breasts can never be too big, and can never have enough truck
  7. i picked up spare wheels on craigs list and put on dedicated snows at the first threat of real snow/ice conditions. went to a narrower tire and even though it looks a little off, the trade off for the winter performance is worth it. the cooper m&s snows are unreal in the winter mess. i slid off the road many years ago with a set of mud tires in the snow. i run 275 now and go to a 235 on my snows
  8. this is a long shot but any members in the mount pocono area that would be able to stop at a local dealer to look at a used truck for me? ill pay for your gas and time. its 3 hrs from me. ive been looking for a truck for my 17 year old and this might work. thanks
  9. Falken wildpeak A/T w3

    thats looks great. if i ever take off the stock wheels those are the ones i want. glws
  10. Leveling kit questions

    i had the ready lift installed in my 2013 but no blocks in the rear. i didnt have them crank the front up to the max and the ride stayed the same and truck sat leveled with my boat attached to it. just traded that truck for a 2017 and am trying to decide about leveling the front . just looking for an inch and a half up front
  11. duratrac takeoffs

    price lowered to 600. as low as ill go
  12. would like to bump this to the top. i bought a 2017 2500 hd all terrain package. would like to know how difficult it would be to remove the sport bar so so i can have it painted to match the truck ? is there a plug for the lights and where would it be located? i realize ill be without the 3rd brake light for a few days while its being done. thanks
  13. tpms tool for 2017

    i bought mine off ebay
  14. on my last ride(2013 sierra dmax crew cab long bed) i had a ready lift level kit installed. didnt crank it all the way just wanted a little more height in front. just traded it for a 17 sierra dmax crew cab standard bed. would like to do the same to it. any recommendations for a level kit for this one? sticking with 275 70 18 .

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