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  1. It is nice to have options in the morning...
  2. I believe it has been stated in the comments of that video that the rock sliders are indeed mounted incorrectly. If you look closely there is way too much room between the rocker panel and the bar. All the LA test vehicles show a much tighter fit and in fact they are so close to the body some of the LA trucks actually have crushed rockers from significant impacts on the sliders. As to why no sliders on trucks in transit, these, along with the spare tire carrier, are a LPO option and will be installed at the dealer. I just hope my dealer gets it right. My spare tire carrier is not going to be mounted so that I can design a better method to quickly remove/install for the times I need full bed capabilities.
  3. All dealers here telling me they cannot order and have nothing showing that will allow an order. Today was suppose to be the order open date and in true GM fashion no one has any rock solid information. Lame!!!! Why do I continue to purchase a GM product?
  4. I totally agree on this! We/she has experienced the repair/service cost. I also find the Honda/Acura dealers here to be very full of themselves and try to "sell" all types of services to her unless I am present or they communicate with me. This is also why I am partial to GM dealers I use. They know if I am there I am only there for exactly what I am requesting...no more...no less. Thankfully, with that being said the MDX and TSX we have owned have been good to us and only required minimal dealer service.
  5. I think this is a winner. I have been looking/waiting for the wife's next SUV to replace our '10 MDX and this will get a serious look. I was really disappointed in the new Acadia Denali getting smaller and every other 3rd row SUV in the segment just felt or is small. Up until this announcement I was thinking we were left purchasing another MDX...not that that is a bad thing but I am partial to GM. Now I just have to convince the other half that she can do without the "Acura prestige".
  6. Duramax Colorado & Canyon- On Sale Or Not?

    I am 99% sure not a single diesel has been invoiced. See this thread on coloradofans.com http://coloradofans.com/forums/153-2nd-gen-colorado-canyon-purchasing-ordering/262289-diesel-tpw-117.html I am a member there and have been following the thread intently as I was hoping to pick up a used diesel colorado next spring once some earlier adopters get theirs and then decide it's good but on to the next best thing. At the rate it's going the guys over there will be lucky to have a new one by then. They have brought alot of attention to the web/media/blog with the thread over the last couple days.
  7. Dealer is telling me that it typically cancels out another offer or is less than current eligible offers. For me personally I would only get a 1400 cash and 1500 president's day/gm loyalty. He stated it would replace the 1500 rebate but of course you would not accept the private offer. So it sounds to me like GM is sending these offers this month knowing that it will get people to the dealership only to find out the offer is less than you would get with the others available. If it was any other month with the president's day offer being just gm loyalty then people would be eligible to use it. For example, if you were a dodge or ford owner without a loyalty rebate then it is great but everyone gets a president's day deal this month. Of course when that was not the case these private offers were few and far between popping up. Dealer told me straight up it is more marketing strategy nothing else.
  8. Just did t Just did this^^^^ and finally received the private offer too!! I actually used F5 key several times and it popped up. GM might be loosening up on this offer because I have been trying for weeks to get it to pop up unless the "refresh" thing is the trick. The offer says it is good until the end of March.
  9. Just saw this on CNN http://money.cnn.com/2014/01/10/autos/gm-truck-recall/index.html?hpt=hp_t2
  10. Just checked my card and I have been topped off to 2000 also. It says it is good til February 28, 2014. Come on GM throw some more rebates on top, a 6.2l at a local dealer and I might finally pull the trigger.
  11. You should contact these guys. http://www.mcgaughys-suspension.com/ When I was in the market for a '14 4x4 I contacted them and they told me their '13 3/5 kit should work on a new truck as the suspension is very similar. They did not get a chance to test on a new truck yet but told me if I purchased the kit and had any problems with the kit or install they would give me a full refund. I believe the guy's name was Sean. This was 2-3 months ago so they may have had a chance to install one on a 4x4 since then. Hope this helps.
  12. I would recommend a crew cab. My wife, son(2yrs old) and I went to the dealer to see how he fit in a double cab and it changed our minds quickly. With him in his child seat and my wife in the passenger seat they both were cramped. My wife is 5'-8" and her knees were against the glove box. My son is tall for his age (39") and his knees were too close to her seat for our comfort. Hope this helps.
  13. I am deciding in the next week to order or not. My dealer is telling me that GM shuts down for the whole month of December. They are saying it could be 12 weeks if ordered today!!! Is there any truth to this?
  14. The Chevrolet site is up and running also. You can now select the High Country and they have now added all the 22" wheel options.
  15. That is a sweet looking truck. I would only change one thing with the look of that ride...the GMC emblem on the grille needs some black Plasti Dip.

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