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  1. ​ Yeah I don't think they like us posting other forum links. Keep us updated. My CEL has come on at 450 and 950 miles. Next time it will be going in. Also need to get the TCM updated, the thing can't decide if it wants the torque converter locked up or not during normal acceleration between 30 - 50 mph.
  2. This is an ongoing problem that GM can't seem to figure out. There is a 19 page topic on one of the other forums. It has hit me as well. 300 miles and CEL, P20EE code. Some people have successfully lemon-lawed their trucks due to this, others have had many trips to the dealer having sensors replaced, DEF tank drained and flushed, injectors replaced, etc. only to eventually be told by GM corporate that "There is no fix at this time". The "contaminated DEF" was an initial guess but turned out to be false. I'm very closely monitoring that other thread... a lot of nervous people who own trucks that this issue is affecting, on both 2017 and 2018 model years.
  3. Best post I've read on this argument in years. Agreed on ALL points. Complaining about a slightly more expensive oil change, or the price of a fuel filter, or DEF costs are ridiculous, in my opinion. If you're worried about those costs, just save yourself the headache and the calculator battery and buy a gas engine. If you need a diesel, then the choice is already made. Make it simple on yourself. I race, I travel (a lot), I camp, I haul, I snowmobile, and I commute. I love knowing that I can drive 10 hours and still be able to walk afterwards (I can't hardly say that with a car). I love knowing that any toy/hauler/trailer/load I want to move, I can. ....and I'm doing it while getting 20 mpg the rest of the time. I don't expect any regrets with my new Duramax. Edit: I will add... I loved my last half ton... 2014 with the 5.3. Kept it longer than any of my other trucks. That thing was so spunky and fun to drive, sometimes I forgot it was a truck! It towed well, but just can't tow what I have planned for the future, and so far I'm loving the 1 ton.
  4. Perfect. Thanks for the responses guys. I figured that was the case, but just wanted to verify. These days with everything being electronically controlled, I just wanted to make sure the behavior was normal. Looking forward to getting some miles on this thing.
  5. Oh agreed completely, just wanted to make sure it was behaving as expected. I only have about 300 miles on the truck so far, so still getting used to it. It's a beast, no doubt!
  6. Hello guys/gals. I've owned 6 half ton Silverados and loved them all. On Friday, I bought my first Duramax... a 1-ton crew Z71 LTZ. So far I am loving it. Got 19 mpg on the long drive home from the dealership while in Minneapolis rush hour traffic. Not bad considering it only had 30 miles on it when I left the dealer. I'm used to a "coasting" feel in the half-tons. For example, if I'm doing around 40 mph, and let off the gas, the RPMs drop, the torque converter unlocks, and the truck basically coasts with very little engine braking if any. On this Duramax, if I am doing that same 40-45 mph and let off the gas, the RPM stays up, and there is significant engine braking... it doesn't feel like the torque converter ever unlocks. I guess I would say it's like driving a manual transmission. Is this normal expected behavior? I feel like it's costing me MPG around town... if it's the expected functioning that is fine, but just something that really stands out to me as I get used to the new truck. Thanks!
  7. I've had my truck for three years and didn't know this. Thanks. LOL
  8. Seems a major shift in prices today. Laura was 13k below sticker on HD Denalis earlier this week (after the first of the month). Today it's down to 9 grand. One of the local dealers here had a HD Denali for 10k off, today it's down to 7k off.
  9. As stated above, the fuel system is covered under the 5 year/50k mile coverage, per federal law. Not sure that the standard 5/100k would be any better for you? I drive 20k per year, but I realize the national average is less than that. Point being, you'll likely run out of miles before you run out of 5 years.
  10. I did some research on my own, and I think you are misinterpreting the coverage. There is a 3/36k bumper to bumper. There is also a 5/100k powertrain warranty. The way I read it, is the fuel system is not included as part of the extended powertrain warranty... but still covered under the 3/36k. Additionally, when I looked up Dodge's warranty coverage, they state: 5.2 Federal Vehicle Emission Warranty - 6.7L Diesel Equipped Heavy Duty Truck A. Parts Covered for 5 Years or 50,000 Miles Diesel equipped heavy duty trucks are 2500 and 3500 models only. Federal law requires DaimlerChrysler to warrant the following emissions parts for 5 years or 50,000 miles, whichever occurs first. • Air system controls; • exhaust system (includes catalysts); • electronic fuel injection system, including injector; • exhaustmanifold; • exhaust gas recirculation valve and control system (includes EGR cooler); exhaust pipes (between exhaust manifold and catalyst); fuel pump, fuel lines and fuel injectors; intakemanifold; on-board diagnostic-system components; oxygen sensors and oxygen control module; positivecrankcase-ventilation(PCV)valveororifice; powertrain control module; transmission-control module; turbocharger. So I think we need to be careful in commenting on a lack of warranty on the fuel system... that simply is not the case. GM states: Defects and performance for heavy duty truck emission control systems including those found in 6.6L Duramax®Diesel Engines are covered for the first 5 years or 50,000 miles, whichever comes first.
  11. Wow. I am assuming that it's common amongst brands for the diesel 3/4-1 ton trucks? Scary. Yes, the overall number of problems is very low in comparison to the number of vehicles sold. However I can't imagine plunking down that kind of money and having a problem and then having to pay several thousand to fix it while still under factory warranty.
  12. They exclude fuel injectors from the warranty? Even during the first 3/36k? It's hearsay but I've heard of several people getting fuel system/injectors fixed under warranty. Although, the root problem was probably the pump or something else and the injectors were collateral damage.

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