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  1. I tried to get a quote from my local dealer on this system and was told it doesn't exist in GM's parts catalog. This was after emailing them the link to Echomaster's info on it saying it was only available from GM dealers. Does anyone have a different part number other than 19366657? That's coming up as a "rear" camera for them.
  2. Just did the same thing last night. Traded my 14 AT DC for at 17 AT CC.
  3. This. We paid a little more (not much) for our "professional grade" trucks and I think if the expectations are higher, the complaints will be higher.
  4. More spy shots https://www.autoblog.com/2017/10/18/2019-chevy-silverado-spy-shots/#slide-7127521
  5. Did not pull it, just stuffed it up there. I did remove the a pillar to run it inside that, but the headliner stayed put.
  6. Yes, people ready to drop $80K on a vehicle are looking at nice trucks and suv's. But, keep in mind that Cadillac is outselling Lincoln, Volvo, Infiniti, Acura, Land Rover, Genesis and is close to Audi, so they are getting some things right. When it come to $40K cars, yes, many are still looking at trucks and suv's. This a truck forum after all, but I do think Buick will find some buyers. And with this being a global platform and China leading the way for Buick, how many do they need to sell? I don't think GM has forgotten who they are, they are there to make money, and this GS will help.
  7. This is one of those things I don't think I would like, along with push button start. But, until I've lived with one for a few weeks it's hard to say. I know I drove a Pontiac back in the day with a HUD and during the test drive I turned it off because it bugged me but once I got used to it I wanted every car after that to have one. I'll just have to wait and see on this one.
  8. "Finally"? I love my GMC, but let's acknowledge that RAM has had this option for at least five years, maybe more.
  9. Tough Month Of Sales For GM Pickup Trucks

    I'm going off memeory here, but didn't gmc.com say "20% off select trucks" in January, "18% off select trucks" in February, "17% off select trucks" in March and "16% off select trucks" today. I realize that this is just marketing, but still...sales couldn't have been that bad last month or they would have increased the discount, not decreased it.
  10. That sucks. I had a Grand Prix that was vandalized in the first month of ownership. I went to a high school baskeball game with a friend who had a son playing. In other words, I didn't have a kid on either side and no stickers identifying a school! I parked way out from the school directly under a light (again, new car) to come out and find it keyed and spit on. Life goes one, it's all fixable but it still sucks.
  11. Every word you wrote is true. But, a) I don't have a wife to nag me about it and b) I've said the same thing about buying a Camaro every year since the 5th gen has come out (2009) and still haven't done it, so a allow me a little internet fantasy now and again ;)
  12. Well, I wouldn't rush out and buy three of the SAME brand of receiver, I would imagine they're all on the same frequency. I just know each homelink is separate and a single receive receives different signals depending from the remote depending on what button is pushed, so it's possible that would work, but again, I wouldn't know. Also, many of the brands out there are just relabeled versions of the same wireless receiver as they all look identical. So...yeah, I don't know the answer to your question other than to say experiment.
  13. Yes, each button on the homelink can be programmed to a different receiver signal. Also, a single receive can receive different signals For example, the one I have uses a) for on-off and b) for strobe.
  14. The link I posted is a receiver you connect up to the wiring harness under the hood, then you just follow the normal homelink setup sequence to program one of your switches to the receiver. Look it up on-line but it's basically just pressing the button until it blinks and then press it until it works if I recall correctly.
  15. I used to own a G8 GT and found myself driving faster that I should all too oftern. I had a truck at the time also (a mid-level RAM 1500) and noticed that I drove much more reasonably in the truck. Eventually I got rid of them both so I could get an upgraded truck. There are days I miss it, and if things stay on track I'm going to get a Camaro next year when the truck's paid off, call it a late mid-life crisis (I'm 51) as I had a Camaro at 17 and think it would be nice to have one again, as one of the posters above said, life is short, enjoy it.

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