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  1. Little spring in the seat belt retractor. IMHO, about as low on the 'invasive' scale as you can get.
  2. Clearly something is wrong with your truck. DEF is used continuously, not just during regen. DEF consumption should be in the range of 1200mpg, not 80mpg. And how did you figure out the the def mileage was 80mpg when it was trying to regen?
  3. Requires a GM laptop/software. Talked with tech while mine being done -- using the wifi in truck and wifi in shop. Interesting side note is that now when I look at the myGMC app on the phone, the 'recommended tire pressures' it shows are the ones we programmed, not the ones on the door sticker. And no, there are no tuners out for the L5P. There are 'foolers' out that plug into the harness and intercept sensor info send incorrect information in order to change ECM response.
  4. I'd be running the recommended 35 cold. Your using a WD hitch. Your tongue weight is below the max recommended tongue weight for a 1500, and well below the max recommended tongue weight for a 1500 with a WD hitch in use. (700 for reg hitch and 1250 for WD hitch with 1500, per OM)
  5. The GM moveable ones work great with the spray in liner. I can understand that with a slip-in there might be an adjustment in method required - or a snip to the liner.
  6. For tying stuff down, i still like the moveable rings that can replace the plugs on the inside walls of the box.
  7. Sure, Michelin's been around much longer than that, but in 65 they wouldn't have been radials on a NA production car.
  8. Rear ones are open and shaped as they are for a hand hold when using the corner step.
  9. And it would have been running on crappy bias-ply tube type tires.
  10. Cuz nobody ever had an engine issue with a HD. Ya right....
  11. Given the right conditions of ambient temp and amount and dampness of the snowfall this can happen with the old, hot sealed beams as well. Been there, done that. (yes, a long time ago....) One of things to be prepared for when driving in winter conditions. Colder temps and drier snow, not so much an issue.
  12. IMHO, a lot of the ride issues on the SUV's are also due to the 20's that are so popular.
  13. My 15 heated slowly, and could be left on high for a 'long' time. The 16 heat quicker and needed to be turned down after 15 or 20 minutes. The 18 gets hot fast. Usually looking to turn to low after 5 -10 minutes.

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