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  1. It's gasping for air because it's missing two cylinders lol... I never liked how mine sounded either....
  2. Detailing Supply Storage

    I have a couple of totes that I keep in the basement as my garage is not climate controlled and here in NE Ohio it gets quite hot in the summer and very cold in the winter which is not good for detailing supplies...
  3. The tires overall diameter are not any bigger than what he had...
  4. I have a chrome overlay on my 2016 LT, it's held up well for about 20k miles so far... I wanted to get an LTZ grille but, this was like $100 bucks and all the LTZ grills I came across were more like $400+
  5. That's a big hit for the 4x4.... Doesn't make sense to me...
  6. I had one for about 18 months. It leaked water like crazy. I sold it and bought a tonnopro hard fold that keeps my bed much drier. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Well that’s sweet I stand corrected! I think I’ll b ordering my next truck! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Bonus tags are put on trucks that have been sitting on the lot a while I believe, not one that is ordered in and never 'sits' on the lot waiting to be sold... Otherwise yes all incentives apply at time of delivery but, you can't really dig in for that extra discount at the end of a quarter or the end of the year when the dealer wants to get a vehicle off their lot... It's probably worth the extra cost to get the truck just like you want though.
  9. I'd say a little less... Bonus tags and what not don't get applied to ordered trucks...
  10. I am not sure how your truck got different MPG but, I had a 2014 with 17's and a now have a 2016 with 18's and the MPG has been the same.... My buddy had a 2015 with 20's and got the same MPG I did.... Roughly 17 around town and 21 on the highway... In the summer time I get 18-19 around town and 22-23 high way...
  11. My wife had a 2008 Honda Civic, compared to the 2005 my Father in law had at the time the '08 was of inferior quality no doubt... These entry level sedans are probably sold more on their low price than anything I suppose so the Manufacturers feel like they can let the quality slide and not lose sales, where as if they raise the price and maintain the quality the short term minded American consumers will still buy their cars.. Quite frankly we didn't much care about the quality we leased that Civic in 2009 because it was cheap and we didn't even concern ourselves with the long term durability or quality the car was in warranty the entire time we owned it and we tossed Honda the keys at the end and leased another economy car for even less $ for the next 3 years and have continued to lease cars based mostly on their price... We stepped up to a Mazda 6 on our previous car and now a Malibu but, the most I've paid on a monthly basis is $250 with no money up front.. I can't justify owning one for $350 a month over 5 or 6 years of payments and then have to maybe put $1000 - $2000 a month into it after the payments are over and have it be worth peanuts when it's 10 years old... The only reason I am currently making payments to 'buy' my Silverado is because I put about 2k miles a month on it and my employer makes about 95% of my payment for me... Otherwise I just lease 'em because quite frankly they depreciate so quickly it's a good way to protect your wealth by agreeing to only be responsible for a predetermined amount of depreciation over a fixed period of time and duration of use... I wish cars and trucks were built to last but, it seems to me that the market is geared towards a average ownership is 3 years and a long term of ownership is 5-7 years... Based only on the ultra thin sheet metal I don't see how these newer vehicles would last 20 years without being full of dents and rusting to pieces...
  12. Wheel size shouldn't really matter unless there is a drastic weight difference....
  13. Dealer screwed up.... Should have sold you power folding mirrors..
  14. Ah good point - I guess the cost of a new carpet OR an over the hump floor liner would have to be factored into the project... Thanks for the offer, if I decide to go that route I will hit you up. Right now it sounds like too much work to make the swap given the other things I have occupying my time at the moment...

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