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  1. I understand that the transmissions technology is what makes it possible to use a dial instead of a lever to change gears this same technology allows them to use push buttons or any lever like device of their choosing... I think the dial requires too much fine motor control also I have to take my hands off the wheel to use it, I can operate the shifter on my Chevy w/o taking my hand off the wheel.
  2. I have no idea if he is full of it, clearly GMC's sell well, I don't know enough about the dollars and cents of running a car company but, it seems to me having 4 divisions is kind of impractical for GM. I could be wrong.
  3. One of my buddies who sells Chevys said that GMC is next on the chopping block and that GM is considering moving to just two brands Chevy & Caddy.... I think that GMCs almost always look better than Chevys but, from a cost perspective I can see why GM would want to pair down like Ford has... Fiat has Chrysler & Dodge (Rams are still Dodges in my book) Toyota has Lexus, Honda has Acura, Nissan has Infinity and so on I think it's matter of time before GM get's down to just two brands, this maybe the last Sierra reveal ever...
  4. I hear you IMO if they make the 5.3 the base motor they won't add $1000 to the price of the trucks, maybe $4-600, since they won't be offering the 4.3... I would love to see the 3.6, much better motor for daily driving based on the power band, I was really impressed with it in the Colorado and I think it had over 300 hp.... I think the 4.3 is a little better for towing as it has more torque maybe but, if you're towing much why would you get a V6?
  5. Yeah I dunno how many miles it starts to pay off I do 25-30k a year and even I can't save money... I would only keep it 5-6 years though so maybe on a 10 year run and 300k miles it pays off... If I am a contractor I dunno why I'd buy a 3/4 sized pickup though....
  6. I agree I was shopping Colorado's with the baby Dmax vs the 3.6 and with the extra cost of the diesel motor and the extra cost of the fuel, if you're after the diesel for savings in operating costs you just can't save any $$ running the truck year over year... I know you get an extra 700-1000# of towing capacity....
  7. It's a useless option IMO, for the $1000 they charge for a 5.3 and having owned trucks with both motors I would never even consider another 4.3... If the 4.3 got 3-4 mpg more than the 5.3 or cost 3-4k less than a 5.3 I would consider it but, even then I would really think long and hard unless they found a way to put another 20-30 hp into the motor.... I know it's reliable as dirt and it's sufficient for moving the lumbering beast but, if I wanted a sufficient vehicle I wouldn't be driving a full size truck..... It just doesn't make sense for me outside of fleet use because clearly when you're buying 20 trucks and you can save $1000 on all of 'em and the guy doin' the payin' ain't the guy doin' the drivin' it's easy to make that decision but, I bet the bosses truck has the V8 lol...
  8. As someone who gets in and out of their truck 16 times or more a day I would LOVE push button start, the connectivity with my iPhone is one of the reasons I bought two Chevy products this time around. I also am looking forward to auto stop, we have it in the Malibu, doesn't bother us a bit and it saves gas... Towing, hp and torque will all be the same or slightly better I would imagine....
  9. I'm a big fan of 9mm, used to be a huge 45acp fan but, I'd rather have the higher capacity and low recoil of 9mm than the tiny bit of extra 'power' of a 45.... I really like the S&W M&P's I have...
  10. I like the new '19 Chevy but, I am certainly going to test drive a Ram before I buy my next truck.
  11. Yeah, I have heated cloth in my 2016 LT... It's verrry nice this time of year.
  12. I can't believe that GM hasn't done anything to fix this issue. I hated driving my Sierra at night... Sure don't miss it for that.
  13. It's there because Dodge thinks it's a cool way to shift gears IMO all trucks should have column shift.. If it's fully electronic it means they can make the shifter any design they just think the knob is a better mouse trap... I'm fine with that it's their choice, I just prefer the ole tree shifter.
  14. I've been following the OLM, when it gets to 20% I schedule an appt. at the Chevy Dealer... I may go back to the 5k mile plan but, I'll still goto the GM dealer, I can take my laptop and work while they change the oil, much more pleasant than DIYing it plus I don't have to worry whether I did it correctly and maybe they'll catch an issue before I do.
  15. Also, I test drove a Ram last week and I did not care for the turn knob for the gear selector, I really prefer the shifter on the column to anywhere else, it wastes space in the center console and requires too much fine motor skill when it's a turn knob.

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