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  1. Do you let the truck idle a lot? I have a new job and it's been colder so I sit for about 1/2 hour to 45 minutes with my truck idling at lunch time.. That drops my average to 13-14 mpg... When I was just running around on rural/suburban roads I was getting 18-20... I rarely get more than 20 hwy unless I keep it under 65mph... I have a 5.3L / 3.42 / 4x4 double cab and I am heavy on the gas...
  2. Looks OK to me. I should need a new truck in 2020 or so as my current rig should have over 120k on it by then...
  3. If I understand correctly if you use the plug and play harness on these power adjustment and heat will work but, not any lighting? I.E. if I don't care about the lighting the mirrors are plug and play?
  4. Stock 15 Sierra SLT

    Dang, low 14's with a tune is impressive.
  5. A good enough body man could surely do it but, I'd bet you'd have to do some sheet metal massaging.... No offense but, I think you should find something else to fool around with / blow some dough on...
  6. https://www.proclipusa.com/?gclid=CNS429nW7dYCFRBLDQodHugOCA I have the one that attaches on the passenger side vent, I've had a few other mounts but they all failed over time. I picked up a cheap stick on magnetic holder a while back so I reused that and it's holding up fine so far. The issue with a mount that sticks to the dash I've found is that there aren't any really flat spots to stick one in a k2 truck.
  7. best AT tires for winter?

    If they're going to be dedicated to winter use, I'd get winter tires... The compound is softer so you get better traction at lower temps. Blizzaks pretty much rule the winter tire world... If you want AT's so you can use 'em year round I believe Firestone had the best AT tire when I was looking a couple of years back.. I wound up with Cooper AT's and they've been OK, a little slick on the wet roads now with 29k miles on 'em.
  8. Check out the hopkins insight controller, it lets you mount the box in a hidden location and just toss the slider and display in better locations....
  9. Nah you just wasted some gas.... No harm to the drivetrain, it just gives like 2% power to the front wheels unless slippage is sensed. 4 high an you'd do some damage on dry pavement in tight turns.
  10. Is Waxing Necessary?

    Perfect example: a guy I work with bought a new Hyundai Tiburon, pretty loaded one, leather seats, V6 etc, it's a 06 I think... Guy never washes, never waxes, leaves it parked outside at home to bake in the sun, it only has 100k miles on it and it looks like it's ready for the junkyard... My dad has an '02 Crown Vic with 130k miles on it, keeps it in the garage, washes and waxes regularly and his car still looks really nice for the age and miles... A little bit of care goes a long way.. I can't imagine not taking care of the paint on my vehicle to me it's just the same as all the other regular maintenance....
  11. I believe you're correct.... To the OP, just look for one from a Silverado or Sierra.... Having had trucks both ways, there are advantages to both bench and center console with IMO the bench seat being more versatile.... I can't say that one is superior over the other without considering one's needs but, I do like the center console in my Silverado but, I miss the 3 cup holder setup and the lockable storage below the middle seat from my last truck...
  12. Is Waxing Necessary?

    Nothing wrong with that man, plus you stay cooler when washing too! I only bought silver cars but, it's so much more rewarding to clean up a darker color and make it shine!
  13. Is Waxing Necessary?

    My vehicles are both Dark Grey so I feel your pain, I wash in the dang garage half of the time....

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