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  1. I just pull the antilock brake fuse. Dash is lit up like a Chrsitmas tree but no more computer driving for me
  2. I put a small plastic container in there to hold my change. It also holds all my gift cards against the front of the area too. Then my lanyard with all my misc keys sits on the other side holding my lottery tickets against the front on that side. I dont put much else in there but for me I have made it work ok. I do miss my 2014 console that had the removable cup holders with a hidden area below. I liked that feature. All my other stuff goes inside the main compartment
  3. The Fast Lane truck on you tube just did a test on one of these
  4. I had them both. They run within 1 mile per gallon empty. Pulling a cargo trailer the 6.0 is worse. My 8.1 had 3:73's though.
  5. I had one. Overall it is only 3 litres per 100km worse than my new 6.0. And pulling my cargo trailer the 6.0 is worse. I would have gladly gotten another 8.1. Wish i hadnt gotten rid of the old one
  6. Check under car seats in the manual. That is what they are for.
  7. Yes I had to pay for mine as it was past warranty.
  8. Yep two alignments. First one was out. Second ine was good but that was 35,000 km ago. . Will try the shake pull method
  9. I have a 2016 2500 crew cab 4x4 6.0. It has 48,000 km on it. It has the torsion bars cranked 1.75 inches since new. Aftermarket wheels with Duratrac tires. Other than that it is stock. About 5000 km ago it started to make a noise that seems to be coming from underneath in the front somewhere. I notice it when the window is rolled down. It only happens between 50 and 54 km per hour. I can only describe it as a whistling/harmonics type sound. I rotated the tires recently and it never changed so it isn't a tire issue I don't think. I tried sitting in park and revving the engine but no noise. I also just had the differential and transfer case fluids changed and nothing unsual there. I took it to the dealer but they can't find anything wrong either. I was worried it may be a hub but they said no. Has anyone else run into this issue and possibly figured out what it was?
  10. I cranked my torsion bars 1 3/4 inches. Got a wheel alignment at kal tire. It had a lot of bump steer and seemed to pull to the rght a little. Got another alignment at the dealer and the bump steer went away. It seems the wheel alignment is critical.
  11. I always get the front of the hood and fenders done as well. This time they did the front cab posts and 6 inches on the cab over the windshield too which is probably a good idea.
  12. Good Year Wrangler DuraTrac

    I have tried to post pics but they are always too big
  13. Mine is leveled with 275/65/18 duratracs. I always let it warm up and quite a bit in winter (-35c). Over its 43,000 km life it averages 20 litres per 100 km. That is with pulling trailers about once or twice a month. On a normal day on the highway it averages about 16 l/100 km.
  14. It is a long story as to why, but I pulled the fuse in my truck for the antilock brakes to disable all that crap and my trailer brakes work fine. Just like normal.
  15. No, I don't like direct injection. Had it on my 2014 1/2 ton. Nothing to clean the oil mist off the intake valves when the fuel is direct injected. And gm wants $200 every 40,000 km to fog the intake to do it. We just need the old tried and true big block again!

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