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  1. I think some flares like these and color matched would look great. https://www.carid.com/2018-chevy-silverado-fender-flares/bushwacker-oe-style-fender-flares-34455787.html?parentsubmodel[]=BED LENGTH|5' 8" (69.3") Bed
  2. Great looking truck. It looks like a short box instead of a standard box.
  3. Did you get the "it's just a truck" comment from her?
  4. Houston Auto Show

    Yes it is. https://www.facebook.com/HoustonAutoShow/
  5. At 28:40 of this video, he states that the 6.2 is only available on High Country.
  6. Double cab with Bose is this one, I posted on the first page. Cheapest price i've seen as well. https://www.shopchevyparts.com/electronics/2018-silverado-1500-double-cab-audio-upgrade-kicker-subwoofer-kit/19303116-p-92297291.html
  7. There are 2 different setups. If you have Bose it would be the Substage that has a 200W amp attached to the sub. The setup for non Bose has a separate amp that connects under the dash somewhere. The price for Bose is around $550 and non Bose setup is around $900. Just make sure you select the correct one, Crew cab or Double Cab as they are different.
  8. Here are the instructions to 2014 - 2015, same general idea. Might want to verify if the wire colors changed for 2018. It's a straight forward install. SSICRE14 2014 1500 and 2015 HD silverado Sierra Sub only Kit.pdf
  9. Here you go. I believe if you register your email you get an additional 5% off. This is where I ordered mine from. https://www.shopchevyparts.com/electronics/2018-silverado-1500-double-cab-audio-upgrade-kicker-subwoofer-kit/19303116-p-92297291.html
  10. Your truck is equipped with the 6 speaker Bose without the subwoofer. If you want plug and play I would go with the Kicker Substage. Look for a cheaper price though. I've seen them for $550 shipped on different sites.
  11. Another minor difference between the US and Canadian Spec is that the Pandora App is not loaded onto the Canadian trucks. Something to know and not be surprised by if you do get it and try to use it.
  12. Yes, followed the instructions on the kit. I used 1 coat of paint. I would do as many as needed to fill it in with the paint on the door.
  13. Yes, the brush part will fix it. I fixed a chip in the same spot as yours and looks like it was never there.

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