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  1. OP did you witness the truck falling off the lift? Makes you wonder if maybe someone might have been hurt in the incident? Some poor guy (maybe an illegal?) has like his arm half mashed off and the owner simply hauled him over to the local veterinarian to be patched up................................ THE PLOT THICKENS
  2. Favorite Songs

    My latest favorite (Tune is totally stuck in my head) after watching the 1st Episode of the new Jason Bateman series "OZARK" it plays right at the end................. RadioHead - Decks Dark
  3. The comment on Craig's list was good advice. I would be looking for at least 800 for the set in my area.
  4. I KNEW IT 30 MPG should not be a problem, the Grumpster has already done it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. X2 on the Laura recommendation. Yes skip the trade-in at Laura or ANY other dealership, sell your old vehicle yourself if you wish to maximize your deal. I will probably be back there next year for another new one even though I am very happy with this Denali Ultimate so far, I get bored easily...............................
  6. I cannot imagine this feature actually making a mpg difference but they sure talk a good game about it. https://gmrepairinsights.com/2012/07/how-smart-is-your-front-grille-gm-helps-improve-fuel-economy-with-active-grille-shutters/
  7. On the clunky 8spd I had a 6.2 8spd 2016 (drove for 20,000 miles) and now this 2017 6.2 8spd (6000 miles now) has been more clunky than the 16 ever was so I got the software update at first oil change at around 5000 miles. Seemed to have helped quite a bit, I would say that it is very comparable to the 16 now with only an occasional episode. Seems to be an issue that affects a good percentage of these trucks, some apparently worse than others. Only occurs at slow speed when decelerating. I never had a passenger even notice it but to me it is very irritating when it occurs. Once you notice it you will be attuned to it and if you are like me it will irritate the chit out of you every time LOL.
  8. #17-na-269 They will update the a22 radio controller with the latest software available Realeased Aug 22
  9. Yes I have noticed the backup camera having a washed out picture at night and it is pretty annoying. This software update is on my list for the next free oil change visit to the dealership. I had a 16 and it was not like this at all. Thanks for posting the info. I saw this TSB number in another thread #17-na-269 They will update the a22 radio controller with the latest software available Realeased Aug 22
  10. After a bit more research I see that the AMP step only comes out the biggest advantage of the factory trifold step is the ability to swing further out and back. Makes it super easy to reach the toolbox in the bed plus washing the top of the cab is a breeze with the step out and back to step up on. I think I will keep mine as long as the dealership can fix the ghost problem where occasionally the drivers side step will not extend out and will not close........ .
  11. What is a PDA Bonus Cash?? better watch those guys and their so called rebates, if you are working a tradein with your deal you might find that PDA Bonus Cash might be code for Poor Dumb Ahole LMFAO
  12. Noticed this recently myself when looking for touchup paint. GM Paint code WA409Y appears to be the same for Deep Ocean Blue / Sacre Blue / Stone Blue and Royal Blue.
  13. I have noticed a few times now that the step will NOT extend when the door is opened on the drivers side plus several times where it will NOT retract until I drive off and the failsafe forces it closed. I guess there is a door indicator switch or something that has already gone bad. Should be able to get fixed up under warranty but just makes you wonder how reliable the system is going to be down the road. Maybe Jeb1966 has the right idea to just trade them for some AMP steps. Jeb1966 do the AMP steps utilize the factory wiring?

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