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  1. Was just looking at the GM owner center and realized that i still had my old 2014 SLT truck and my old 2016 Denali on there. I could be starting / stopping / locking and unlocking vehicles that I have not owned in a long time from anywhere in the world via onstar LOL. I removed the no longer owned vehicles. Just glancing at the site it looks like all you need to Add a vehicle is the VIN number and then BAM anyone can set up the smartphone app and control your vehicle anytime they want to if they go through the setup steps?? Hopefully there is more to it than it appears to be and there are some serious safeguards that are not obvious? Just asking the question here I am basically computer illiterate so not sure what is possible or impossible.
  2. Probably just a bad battery. My wife's truck (2015 Ford) had a warranty replacement battery installed by the dealer.. The electronics are very sensitive to dead batteries and it messed up something in the BCM on the Ford. The dealer replaced the BCM and had to reprogram keys etc etc last time the battery went bad. I guess when the warranty runs out I will invest in a better battery myself, no telling what a replacement BCM costs out of warranty much less the reprogramming. Ain't technology GREAT?
  3. I am pretty well pleased with the FoldACover so far, there is some minor leakage at the car wash but if does a good job of sealing up I had put the tailgate seal on but the silly thing came unstuck in spots and I pulled it back off. Great hardware package on these, it looks like it will last a long time, it can be pretty heavy to fold up all the way to the front if you were a smaller guy with low muscle tone........ Only aggravating thing I have found is when you close the tailgate with the cover staying shut the rear seal folds under and forward into the incorrect position to make a proper seal; and you have to lift the cover to let it fold (pop back) outward and properly seal. If you like to keep the foldacover locked that is can be quite inconvenient. I usually just keep the rear leaf unlocked and open it slightly before shutting the tailgate and then let it drop back down to get the seal popped out properly. If you leave it folded the wrong way for a long period it can be tough to get the seal to lay down the proper way. i would probably buy one again if I needed one on a trifoldstep equipped truck, the front independently folding leaf is pretty darn awesome.
  4. Might have been someone that test drove it and set the app up just playing around. Should be able to get a data log from GM remote app as to when the app has been used to send commands to the vehicle and from what smartphone number? That would be my first / second / third and fourth effort. Most likely you will have to try several times to get some intelligent life on the other end of the phone.
  5. Did you happen to buy this truck used? If so I would suspect that someone has the onstar remote app setup for it on their smartphone and never removed it. From the onstar phone app you can lock/unlock the doors - start/stop the engine - turn on the horn and lights If they never removed the app I could see this happening.
  6. If money is not a big factor, why not just go buy a new one? For around 60K you can get a lifted new HD diesel at Laura if that is what you want........ No way that I would roll the dice on a used diesel truck, just not worth the possible hassle to me. If that dealer is offering you 27k or whatever on trade you can easily sell your existing truck for much more. Sell the 16 for maximum value and take the money and buy a NEW truck BAM DONE drop the microphone like DaGronk .
  7. THREE BAD Injector's sounds a bit silly to me. There was some new doctor TV series show on the other day that caught my attention when a guy was doing an analogy trying to explain to the new kid at the hospital why the PIA doctor was in charge of the hospital. Went something like this. Lets say you have a rattle in your car and you have a couple of choices on where to take it, this one reputable place does everything by the book they will scan analyze test for days and then will do whatever the computer says and tell you it is fixed charge you thousands of dollars and send you on your way, well problem is that on the way home guess what, the rattle is STILL THERE. Now the other mechanic is rude obnoxious and does not test jackchit he just walks over to the vehicle looks it over for a few minutes and then tightens the loose bolt, charges you 5 bucks and sends you on your way. To bad that we cannot find a dealership (hospital) that has a mechanic (doctor) like that LOL
  8. If your truck has the dual controls and auto feature (LTZ should have that) just make sure it is set to auto and the computer will fire up the heat or AC automatically when you remote start as determined by ambient outside temp. If you have it set to auto (left knob at bottom punch that silly thing and it will light up) and the truck is running AC at startup in cold weather then you need the dealer to reprogram the system cuz that is not right.
  9. Most likely this is your tune causing this and it is probably not lifter click it is most likely "spark knock" See if this scenario sounds familiar - coasting along around 55 to 60 and rpm around 1500 1600 you give it a slight amount of gas pedal and the engine sounds like it is making a metallic clicking sound???? Your tunes spark advance curve is off under these certain conditions and yes if you continue to run with the noticeable "spark knock" it will shorten your engine life, possibly dramatically.
  10. Which cylinder is showing the misfire? That is the one that I would concentrate on. If you happened to have accidentally cracked the ceramic when installing the new plug in that cylinder it could be as simple as trading the plug out........ or a bad plug wire they are sometimes damaged when you pull them off the old plug. First step: buy another plug and carefully change out the misfiring cylinder one then try a new plug wire on that cylinder then a new coil if all else fails. GIT outta that chair and lets get this done Hahahaha
  11. How many miles and what is the service history? Is this a flood vehicle? Did anything unusual happen right before the symptoms appeared, maybe jumped another vehicle and crossed the cables or changed out the battery or alternator or something like that? If not just change out all the plug wires and then if it is still missing replace the coil on plug for that cylinder indicated by your code reader. If still missing then you need to do a compression test.
  12. Dang man, that is super bad news. Hopefully you can get a new engine but sounds like you have many hours of work and documentation to put in before that is approved. If they patched it and it was mine it would be sold immediately.....
  13. I am just glad that it generated some interest (good or bad interest) hopefully a lot of people will look it up and possibly listen to the entire speech. (doubt it) Did your ever see the Tonight Show "man on the street"? way too many people just drifting through life, they can tell you every move snookie makes but do not know who the president of the United States is and probably know little to nothing about MLK LOL.
  14. I friggin knew it. Sorry dudes I will try and find a Green truck thread and put it in there..........................
  15. Going to take a wild guess here cuz I seen this before in a Car. Alternator has a bad diode, causes a power surge through the system and the computer resets itself causing your gauges to act up and engine surge. If they have proper test equipment and are LOOKING for the issue the will see it swap the alternator and you can drive happily ever after..................................

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