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  1. What do you race

  2. As I was reading this post, my wife grabbed mine from of all things, the Fed-X guy....hanging on the wall now...
  3. your new Forum Name is "Lucky Fuse Puller" Glad you got it working...
  4. Read your Manual under Vehicle Care - Electrical System
  5. and 13.8 VDC is nominal voltage for a current automotive system.
  6. I had the shock of a lifetime when I moved from California to Ohio, only $59 to register my Truck, prior registration in California, $519...
  7. 2003 SS, bedrug.... 2014 LTZ bedrug... Catchin' my drift...
  8. When that happens I hit the OnStar Button...
  9. what color was your 2004 SS? My 2003 was RED...
  10. The Diamond Back is an awesome piece of equipment if you can justify the cost. One of my racing cohorts has one on his Silverado and puts his ATV on top, which leaves more room on the trailer. Point being, it one tough mother and gives you the bed back on top of it for hauling stuff.
  11. Ok, Turbo's. They love Lift & Duration on the cam. Some say you have to go low compression...don't have to, you just need High octane to avoid detonation. You will need bigger injectors to avoid leaning out and going 100% injector duty cycle that begets a better (more LPH) fuel pump dual Fuel pumps are better (IMHO) and a variable watsegate controller is nice. You DO need very strong Rods and Crank, and everything else downstream(trans, driveshaft, rear end) depending how big you go. I was running 25lbs of boost on 10:1 compression in a 4 banger, I broke everything....got pix to prove it :-)
  12. Used to fix them in aircraft back in the 70's...but climb/dive angle, and aiming reticle with bomb fall line may be a bit overkill :-)
  13. Last Truck, 2003 Silverado SS hit 195K before I finally went for the 2014... was getting rust in the fender wells, and I wanted NAV, other than that I'd still be driving that truck.

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