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  1. got nailed in the passenger side corner of the Bumper...$2,400 later, looks like new! yes insurance paid. Yes several things underneath and behind were bent.
  2. What, you have a Steel Penny from WWII?
  3. A Magnet will not work with any American Coin
  4. What do you race

    Nice lookin' Sled...
  5. http://paintref.com/cgi-bin/colorcodedisplay.cgi?manuf=GM&year=2015&con=my&model=Sierra&rows=50 Says there is no Sierra Sacre Blue Metallic... there is a Stone Blue which is the same color code for Silverado Ocean Blue. But do your own research...
  6. What do you race

    I added a (big)Turbo, went thru the whole thing, broke everything at least once, found better parts, spent $$$
  7. What do you race

  8. As I was reading this post, my wife grabbed mine from of all things, the Fed-X guy....hanging on the wall now...
  9. your new Forum Name is "Lucky Fuse Puller" Glad you got it working...
  10. Read your Manual under Vehicle Care - Electrical System
  11. and 13.8 VDC is nominal voltage for a current automotive system.
  12. I had the shock of a lifetime when I moved from California to Ohio, only $59 to register my Truck, prior registration in California, $519...
  13. 2003 SS, bedrug.... 2014 LTZ bedrug... Catchin' my drift...

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