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  1. Back to basics. Everything starts with power and ground. Lesson learned I hope.
  2. In Wisconsin, the written estimate is all you are responsible for. Without a call, anything over is free.
  3. I guess I don't get it. What's all the fixation on everything black? Inside, outside, wheels. Not a fan of black on black on black.
  4. Unless you tow/haul, save your money. You don't need any of this at 49k.
  5. 90% of p0455 codes are either the vent valve or gas cap. Take your pick and start there. The other 10% could a LOT of other things.
  6. It is evap system related. However, it is a sealed evap system leak. The test looks for vacuum decay after sealing the system. Not engine vacuum related. You should have a lean code if there is a vacuum leak at this spot such as p0171 or p0174.
  7. Is there vacuum at the port while running? BTW P0455 is not vacuum related.
  8. I can find almost nothing regarding the details of oil flow other than a generic flow chart. No real detailed description of the oil pump other than it is a two stage and the solenoid switches between the two. I do believe however that flow control is performed within the pump and bled off through out the engine as in the past.
  9. The engine oil pressure control solenoid valve is used to control engine oil pressure inside the mechanical engine oil pump.The control module controls the commanded state of the solenoid valve based on the following inputs: Engine Speed Calculated Engine Oil Temperature Engine Oil Pressure Engine Run Time When the solenoid valve is commanded Off, oil pressure is higher.When the solenoid valve is commanded On, oil pressure is lower
  10. I have about half an acre. Flat. Had a Scott's 42". Used it 10 years and sold it for a Cub. Have had the Cub for 5 years. Haven't spent a dime on either.
  11. The sad part is that the solenoid could be replaced from the bottom but for the retaining clip. Comes out forward behind the front cover.
  12. It's a pretty big job replacing that solenoid. Just did one. Oil pan, front diff, steering gear, ac comp, vac pump, water pump housing, balancer and front cover all have to come off or in some cases be unbolted and moved aside. Really need a hoist or be young and energetic. Took about 10 hrs.
  13. Haptic Motor Failure

    From my experience ( about 25 - 30 ) haptic seat/ Service Driver Assist , 100% have been haptic motors.

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