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  1. Active grill shutters, higher operating temps

    I fail to understand the concern. If it fails, you WILL get a SES light. No light.... No problem.
  2. Active grill shutters, higher operating temps

    The shutters on these trucks are not for engine heat. They are for aerodynamics. They open at times when the truck may overheat. The active grille air shutter system closes shutters in the front grille to enhance vehicle aerodynamics in driving situations where cooling and A/C loads are relatively low and high levels of front end airflow are not required. If high levels of airflow are required the active grille air shutter system will open one or both shutters. The control signal from the engine control module, ignition and ground circuits enable the active grille air shutter actuators to operate. If the conditions for opening the shutters are reached the engine control module commands the active grille air shutter actuators to open one or both shutters.
  3. You'll have to fight it unfortunately. Probably have to talk to the AVM (district manager). It absolutely should be covered. They may try to get you in a goodwill situation but that will cost you a percentage of the repair (better than nothing). It's getting to the point everything needs to be recorded. Sad.
  4. They are all GM rules. Not dealer rules. Dealer does not want to be left holding the bag. Your issue at this time is with GM. They should cover it but who knows.
  5. Ahh. No current R.O. That's a problem. Now you are GM's mercy. The dealer is correct. Out of warranty. Still should be covered in some fashion though.
  6. Oh yea. Comfort-ron. Complete with aspirator and vacuum lines as i remember. Hated those things.
  7. Warranty coverage is dependent on mileage and the date the repair order is written. If it is covered when the r.o. is written then it is covered. Period. Does not matter how long it takes to fix it. Parts shortage, busy shop, etc.
  8. Can't hurt to try but not likely to fix it. At that point it will need to be diagnosed ( by a different shop). To properly diag, it need to be cold started.
  9. P050d has absolutely NOTHING with tires. P050d will set without driving the truck. It is a cold start rough idle/misfire code. Almost always an injector(or 2 or 3). FYI injectors are not covered by Powertrain coverage. Although rare it could be coolant in a cylinder at start up. there is a bulletin for this.
  10. With all due respect to Carnau, he is wrong. GM auto climate control systems will blow as hot or cold air that is available depending on engine temp and ac system function. As an example. Temp is set to 70 degrees and it's 10 degrees outside. Truck cold started. As engine temp approaches full temp, the hvac system set on auto will blow full hot until the cabin temp approaches 70 degrees. Then it will back down the temp door and fan to attempt to attain and hold 70 degrees. As it is driven, it will raise and lower the output temp and fan if it has to to maintain a 70 degree cabin temp although they should be subtle changes. I love my auto climate control. Some times I disagree with it in which case I just kick it up or down a couple of degrees. The only time it's not in auto is for defrost.
  11. Fuel economy display readings WAY UP!?!?

    The purge solenoid is pulse width modulated. Not " on or off".
  12. Those are all heated oxy sensor codes. Issue with the heater portion not oxygen sensing. Look for a power or ground issue .Power from underhood fuse box. Ecm grounds as required.
  13. Oil cooler line block off plate.
  14. Have yet to see any issues in WI winters. The shutters are for aerodynamics and only open when the engine needs additional air flow.

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