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  1. 30 to 40 bucks for that piece ? No thanks. Mine can stay broken. I tore the whole cracked portion off of mine
  2. Muffler Delete

    The valve just adjusts for exhaust flow to help with the helicopter sound. it doesn't change anything with the engine or tuning
  3. Muffler Delete

    You don't need to do anything. It does slightly increase the helicopter sound in v4.
  4. Optimum no rinse. all you need are 1 or 2 buckets and a bunch of microfiber towels
  5. Muffler Delete

    I just went under the truck with a hose clamp twisted the valve open and clamped the 2 squares together to hold it in the open position.
  6. Muffler Delete

    I had mine done at B&B Muffler of Crosby and 35. I might need to go back because my exhaust is rattling when i rev it it up and then let off the gas. not sure where its coming from. could it be the flapper valve rattling ? Update : clamped the valve open rattle stopped.

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